Backstage Beauty: 3 Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

How now, brown brow? Debra Redmond here. If you think about it, eyebrows have a lot of power. If properly accentuated with brow-enhancing tools, they can shape your face, give you an instant eye-lift and even make you look younger. But what are the best ways to make sure your eyebrows are looking their best?

Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to get a little one-on-one time backstage with makeup artist Tom Pecheux, and I picked up a few pointers that I found VERY useful! Have I piqued your curiosity? Here are his three tips for achieving perfect eyebrows.

1. Shaping: When shaping with your brow brush, follow the bottom of your brow instead of the top–this will give you a more natural line to follow and prevent you from over-arching.

2. Filling: When using a brow filler, it’s important to draw from the middle to the end of the brow; this is where the brow can be the most sparse of hair. The intent is to fill in for a more natural look, not to over-define.

3. Lifting: Don’t bring the brow line down, take it out just past the end of the eye; this will help frame your face and give an instant lift to your eye.

Merci Beaucoup, Tom!

–Debra, Nordstrom National Beauty Director

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