Stylist Spotlight: Cory Treadwell

Acquaint yourself with Cory Treadwell, a Beauty Stylist at our flagship store in Seattle. Last month, Cory captivated us with his artistry for our Halloween makeover feature, and now he’s sharing a few skincare tricks and tips.

Which skincare product would you say is a winter necessity?
CORY: During the winter months, it is important to hydrate and hydrate some more! I absolutely recommend AMOREPACIFIC ‘Moisture Bound’ Rejuvenating Creme. Not only is it a lightweight crème, but it also has a time release of 24 hours! Meaning that once you put it on, it’s there to stay and you cannot wash off the benefits, which makes this product from AMOREPACIFIC not only effective but also simple.

Fact: Cory has been doing makeup since the tender age of 16 and, while at Nordstrom, has worked for such brands as Kiehl’sM·A·C and Trish McEvoy.

New Year’s Eve has to be one of the busiest times for Beauty Stylists. Any makeup party trends you’re excited to try?
CORY: Being a fan of extremes, I have to say it’s one of the only times I’d suggest dipping your face in glitter. The look is both playful and sexy if done right. However, not everyone is up for it, so something clean yet powerful is always a makeup “do.” You cannot go wrong with a rich matte lip in a red shade like Bordeaux or Crimson, with winged liner and perfect skin. Graphic eyes are trending now, which opens up a wide array of smoky winged options! Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection is a sultry collection to try for NYE.

A face chart created by Cory, who enjoys sketching personalized looks for his clients and then turning the inspirations into reality.

How would you describe your point of view on makeup artistry?
CORY: Artistry is something that is always changing, always evolving. Whether you are sketching on a notepad, painting on canvas or doing a smoky eye, it’s all artistry. Personally, I love skincare, because the better your skin looks, the less Halloween makeup you actually need. If you maintain great hydrated skin, you literally need a sheer foundation, a little eyeliner and your favorite mascara and then you’re ready to go. You have to be able to tailor the cosmetics routine to each customer—not everyone wants to have layer upon layer on her skin, so you have to be really well rounded in order to speak to your customers’ specific needs.


A before-and-after of a satisfied customer

Tell us, why do you find being a Beauty Stylist so rewarding?
CORY: As a Beauty Stylist, I get to build a close bond with my clients. I get the opportunity to really know them and their families, and I am truly part of their lives. I love making a difference in people’s lives, and it is usually the smallest thing you do for them, like showing them how to fix their liner or how to contour their faces. It gives them the confidence to accomplish it themselves. But to be perfectly honest, you don’t need to be a Beauty Stylist to have this effect on people. Just be yourself, listen to your customer and recommend the best products for their needs.

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