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July 31, 2014

Clean Up with CLARISONIC

Every year for our Anniversary Sale, CLARISONIC comes out with an exciting new pattern for its incredible skincare devices, which are exclusive to Nordstrom. This year, there are bright summery solids and pretty tropical patterns to give your skincare regimen a pop of colorful energy. We have a handful of different devices to choose from (including the coveted PLUS device), so you can pick one that’s right for your skin’s specific needs, and every set comes in a splashy travel bag to store your device and accessories.

CLARISONIC takes cleansing to the next level by using sonic technology to gently yet deeply cleanse pores without abrasion or harsh chemicals. It’s like a mini-massage for your face every morning. The devices remove six times more makeup than manual cleansing. This allows products to absorb better, meaning that your skin gets more from the skincare ingredients you already use. With consistent daily use, the CLARISONIC device will reduce dry skin patches, oily areas and blemishes, and it will instantly leave skin feeling and looking smoother. Like a mini spa treatment, it’s the perfect way to give yourself a little daily indulgence.

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With brighter days ahead, now is the time to prepare your skin to be luminous, using our top-rated masks.


Our most popular face masks.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask: No time for a facial? Use this at mask at home to give your skin a boost of hydration that will leave you glowing.
Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask: This whipped, buttery texture feels amazing to apply and gives the skin a healthy re-do as well as softening, firming and hydrating.
Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask: Gives skin an instantly noticeable plump, smooth finish. Your skin will appear more youthful and lustrous.

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The start of the new year is a perfect time for turnover—we’re talking about the skin-cell kind, of course! Resolve to find your skin’s natural luminosity with products that give you a healthy glow, starting with the tools that make treatments even more effective to deliver clear, soft skin from your head to your heels. Your radiance begins now!

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Change up your beauty routine with high-tech tools designed to invigorate and pamper your skin.


1. LANCER Microcurrent Power Boost Device (Nordstrom Exclusive)

A FIRST-OF-ITS KIND TOOL: Designed to optimize the skin’s electrical potential while gently massaging facial muscles and stimulating the deep layers of the skin, where collagen and new skin cells are produced.

How to Use: Glide over the contours of your face and neck. Each glide should be about 5 seconds long. Repeat 3 times in each area. For specific target areas, hold the device in a stationary position for 5 seconds. Treat the affected area for up to 10 minutes. Rinse after each use and dry with a cloth. Use daily or as needed.

2. me smooth Hair Removal Device

PRO RESULTS/AT-HOME CONVENIENCE: Me is the only at-home hair-removal device to use patented elos technology, which is clinically proven and FDA-cleared to be safe and effective for all skin types.

How to Use: To prepare the skin for a me treatment, first you need to remove the hair from the surface of your skin by shaving or waxing. This will ensure that the elos energy is focused on the hair follicles beneath the surface for optimal efficacy.

3. CLARISONIC ‘Opal’ Sonic Infusion System

THE 30-SECOND EYE LIFT: Opal helps infuse serum more effectively than manual application for younger-looking eyes. Just 30 seconds around each eye immediately firms, hydrates and refreshes skin.

How to Use: Following the rim of bone outlining the eye area, gently glide the applicator tip over the skin using small, overlapping circular motions. Do not use on the soft tissue under the eye or on the eyelids. The sonic infuser will automatically turn off after 30 seconds. Gently tap any remaining serum into the skin using your ring finger. Apply additional serum to the applicator tip and repeat on your other eye.

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Iconic fashion house Marni, recognized for its eclectic clashes of prints and textures, has created its first fragrance: Marni. With a logo that mirrors the label inside all Marni clothes, the fragrance’s unexpected combination of spices, raw woods and a hint of floral reflects the same quirky sophistication found in all Marni creations.


The Marni fragrance bottle evokes colors of the fashion collection, seen here in the Treescape Print Dress and Heeled Moccasin.

Marni founder and creative director Consuelo Castiglioni (above center), her daughter Carolina (left) and Estée Lauder fragrance division head William Lauder (right) collaborated on the Marni design to reflect the brand’s identity. “We spent two years creating the scent, first trying out all the possible raw materials until we narrowed it down,” explains Carolina. “We wanted it to be unmistakably Marni, so we took a clean, simple shape for the bottle, then we added the polka dots–our signature.”

The fragrance starts off with an almost masculine air, with top notes of ginger, pink peppercorn, bergamot and black pepper, elements that evoke the look (above left) from Marni’s current collection.

The mid notes of cardamom, black rose and cinnamon bark are warm, rich and whimsical, like Marni’s Romina Quiros Bubble Gum Tote (above left).

The earthy base blends notes of patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver and incense, a woodsy mix similar to the Forest Print Radzimir Crop Pant from Marni’s fall ’13 collection.

The Marni woman is all about effortless cool and chic individual style; she’s sophisticated, low-maintenance and worldy. As Lauder fragrance spokeswoman Veronique Gabai-Pinksy says, “Wearing Marni is like wearing a piece of art.” Wearing the fragrance carries you away to the bel mondo of Marni.

Marni fragrance is also available in a Body Crème, Body Lotion and Shower Gel. Plus, check out our exclusive gift with purchase, a gorgeous cosmetics bag in Marni’s signature polka dot print—free with your $105 Marni fragrance purchase.

(Images courtesy of Marni Fragrance)

—Stefanie Frank

Need a little inspiration in finding the perfect gift for your dad? Four of our Beauty Stylists are giving us a sneak peek at what they’re giving this year. (Here’s hoping their dads aren’t reading, and we don’t ruin any surprises!)

Alesha Gerner, The Mall at Wellington Green, FL

My father is an entrepreneur, business owner and a father of 4 girls who keep him on his toes. For him, Terre D’Hermès is the perfect cologne. This fresh scent is wonderful for a crisp Northeastern Ohio day, beginning with orange, grapefruit, spices and ending with cedar and vetiver. The Terre D’Hermès Gift Set is a great value at $110 and includes a cologne spray, after-shave balm and shaving foam, all in a beautiful box. This gift set would brighten any Father’s Day!

Cassi Coulter, Mission Viejo, CA

I love my dad! I want him to be around for many more Father’s Days to come. So, in light of his recent skin cancer diagnosis, I would buy him Kiehl’s Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+. It is oil-free, water/sweat resistant and fragrance-free; it’s also light on the skin with no greasy residue. I would also love to lavish him with Bond No. 9 Bleeker Street—a fresh and masculine scent that wears well all day.

Duncan Smith, Westside Pavillion, CA

The perfect gift for Father’s Day this year is the new Kiehl’s Facial Fuel “Heavy Lifting” Moisturizer for men. My father has never been one to really take care of his skin. Just recently he has started to complain about “looking old.” So, when this product launched, he is the first person that I thought of. This multi-tasking cream addresses moisturizing, firming, lifting and anti-aging; it’s also lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of steps to see dramatic results. PERFECT! And when paired with a black Clarisonic Aria, this will get him looking and feeling younger in no time.

Megan Dugan, St. Louis Galleria, MO

My dad is the hardest guy to shop for! He’s a business owner and farmer. His motto growing up was that he would “never have a job that required him to wear a suit,” and it worked out for him! Every year he would be happy just to get some new Gold Toe socks, but I keep finding ways to sneak in some of my personality into his everyday, simple style. I’ve never seen him without a mustache, but the rest of his face is always clean shaven, so I always like to get him new things to use to shave with.

This year I’ll be putting together a goody basket with some Clinique Cream Shave, Kiehl’s After Shave (an alcohol-free herbal toner), Kiehl’s Hand Salve (“manly” hand cream that doesn’t feel greasy and lasts through washes) and some Jo Malone Amber & Lavender Cologne. Jo Malone made this scent specifically for her husband for their 10 year anniversary. If someone makes a fragrance for you, that must mean you’re a pretty great person; I think it would be perfect for my wonderful dad!


Since my recent re-lo to Seattle, I’ve discovered there’s no need to get away during the summer. With the sun finally shining on nearby mountains, lakes, beaches, waterfalls and brilliantly blooming backyards, a Northwest staycation hands-down beats the hassles of long-distance travel. And while I love getting back to nature, I do have my limits with going au natural; luckily, I’ve found the perfect, portable beauty companions for each of my favorite staycation destinations.

Boating on Lake Washington. When you’re jumping in and out of the water, you need makeup that’s waterproof and towel-proof, like stila lip crush lip & cheek stain. This amazing product reacts with the pH levels of your skin to create a perfectly natural and unique pop of color that stays put, and the brush on the pen makes application a breeze. My favorite water-sporting color: Pomegranate Crush.

Camping near Mt. Rainier. My husband always challenges me to get everything I need into one backpack, so multipurpose items are a must. The answer to all of my skin needs (healthy, protected, natural-looking) comes neatly packaged in one tube of Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35. This wilderness wonder product covers and smoothes imperfections, provides an anti-aging serum and protects with a higher SPF. The silky formula is a treat when I’m roughing it.

Hiking on the Olympic Peninsula. When you finally reach the summit or waterfall, it’s nice to look (and feel) fresh for a picnic and your Instagram-worthy pictures. To keep sweat at bay, I always carry a few packets of DERMAdoctor MED e TATE Hyperhidrosis Control Wipes. Specially medicated for extra sweating, this handy product can still be used on your face, underarms and even your feet, and helps you stay drier on any trek.

A day at Alki Beach. Sunscreen is a no-brainer, but I also like to keep my hair from looking like it’s been through a hurricane. Salt water is so drying, and the breezes from Puget Sound can whip tresses into a frizzy tangle—unless you come prepared with a leave-in conditioner in your beach bag. My favorite: B. the Product Leave It In Conditioner. This lifesaver doesn’t weigh down even fine, thin hair like mine, and the spray pump helps the product reach your head instead of blowing in the wind. It’s great for kids’ hair too, and makes comb-out time much less painful.

Spa time at home. Why deal with traffic when you can simply lie back in the tub with a good book, a glass of Washington wine and some Aveda Stress-fix Soaking Salts? With lavender and sage essences infusing mineral-rich salt and sugar, this total-body indulgence is my go-to remedy for relaxing and unwinding—especially after days spent hiking, camping, boating and playing on the beach. (Sometimes I need a staycation after my staycation…)

I hope wherever you live, you’ll take some summer staycation days of your own. A little downtime is one of the best beauty treatments out there!

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Images courtesy of Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission

Jack Black Epic Moisture Nourishing Oil is now available, and we’re giving it high marks. This lightweight, unisex gem is a hydrating heavy-hitter with a blend of 10 natural oils.


10 ways to use it for him and/or her:
1. Pre-shave oil
2. Shave oil
3. Beard moisturizer
4. Facial moisturizer
5. Lightweight body moisturizer
6. Body lotion booster
7. Dry Hair treatment
8. Dry cuticle treatment
9. Dry elbow moisturizer
10. Dry feet moisturizer

Expert Tips:
For shaving: Spread a thin layer on slightly moist skin. Shave. Rub residual oil into skin for deep penetrating moisture. Or, rinse oil off with warm water and a washcloth.
As a pre-shave oil: Spread a thin layer on slightly moist skin, allowing oil to penetrate beard growth for 10 seconds. Apply Beard Lube Conditioning Shave or Supreme Cream Shave Lather over oil. Shave. Rinse with warm water.
As a facial and skin moisturizer: Apply a thin layer to slightly moist skin following bath or shower. Perfect for rough patches on feet, elbows and cuticles.
For hair: Apply a small amount to clean, towel dried hair from mid-length to ends. Blow dry or let dry naturally. Apply to dry hair to tame fly-aways or condition dry ends.
As a beard conditioner: Dispense 2-3 pumps in palm of hand, rub through beard, working into hair and skin underneath.

The long weekend ahead has us daydreaming about spending some extra time in the sun (if the weather here in Seattle cooperates, that is!). Wherever your Memorial Day or summer travels may take you, stay protected from the sun’s rays. Our Beauty Stylists are here to help, sharing their head-to-toe selects for sunshine-ready SPF.



Aveda ‘Sun Care’ Protective Hair Veil: I am obsessed with this spray because it protects my hair from UV damage and prevents my color from fading. I love it for those reasons, but even more for the smell; it’s impossible to not get addicted. —Meredith Christian, Online Beauty Stylist

Shiseido Refreshing Sun Protection Spray for Body & Hair Broad Spectrum SPF 16: I use this spray to extend the life of my expensive salon color, which the sun tends to strip. It leaves a subtle sheen in my hair, almost like a shine serum but not as greasy. Plus, you can use it on your body, leaving your skin silky soft. —Elyse Reneau, Costa Mesa, CA


Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Primer SPF 50: As a runner, I suggest this lightweight and water-resistant SPF primer because it does not run into your eyes while sweating. Don’t forget the tops of your ears, a high-risk spot! —Iris Brostowicz, Michigan Ave

AMOREPACIFIC ‘Color Control’ Cushion Compact SPF 50: AMOREPACIFIC makes wearing sunscreen so easy with their new SPF 50 CC compact! This sheer, long-lasting makeup protects against UVA and UVB rays and provides all-day hydration for a luminous glow. It’s great alone for my days off or with a little loose powder to add coverage while at work. —Allyson White, Walnut Creek, CA


Supergoop! Lip Balm SPF 30: This product is always in my handbag. It has a light pink tint and shea butter to keep lips hydrated. I love that it is paraben- and fragrance-free. Skin cancer should be a concern for everyone—I don’t worry about my lips when I have my Supergoop! —Alesha Gerner, Wellington, FL

LORAC ‘Breakthrough Performance’ Lipstick SPF 15: Lipstick junkies like me can get ignored when it comes to sun protection. When my tan is on and my beach-waved hair is perfect, the last thing I want is a bare pout. These LORAC lipsticks are packed with pigment, but have SPF 15 so you stay protected. —Meredith Christian, Online Beauty Stylist


Clinique Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream SPF 15: We forget that our hands are directly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays while driving. Clinique was smart to design a product that helps fade dark spots from past sun damage while preventing future damage. —Allyson White, Walnut Creek, CA

La Prairie ‘White Caviar’ Illuminating Hand Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15: With a mother from Lithuania and a father from Ireland, I can burn in the moonlight. Not wearing sunscreen, even on my hands, is not an option. This hand treatment not only protects, it brightens and hydrates for younger-looking skin. Plus, it strengthens nails and softens cuticles, essential to keeping my manis looking fresh! —Alexa Kehoe, Michigan Ave


Kate Somerville ‘Body Glow’ SPF 20 Sunscreen: Not only does it provide protection, it also has caffeine to tone and mango butter to moisturize. —Allyson White, Walnut Creek, CA

Sun Bum Sunscreen Spray (SPF 15, 30, 50 or 70!): Sun Bum is based out of Cocoa Beach, Florida, so you know they mean business when it comes to sun protection. And, if that’s not enough, they are endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This spray is just one of those products you can’t go wrong with. —Meredith Christian, Online Beauty Stylist

To give you that extra boost of confidence, our Beauty Stylist Tannah Ives from Thousand Oaks shares her favorite skincare tips to get ready for bikini weather.

Tone. Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control Treatment targets cellulite before it starts, leaving your skin looking smoother and firmer. Pair the treatment with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads for Body, which enhance your natural curves by adding a golden, tan touch.

Remove unwanted hair. The Bliss Poetic Waxing At-Home Hair Removal Kit is amazing! It comes with its own microwavable cup, along with a calming pre- and post-waxing oil, making at-home head-to-toe hair removal simple, comfortable and convenient. Also by Bliss are Ingrown Eliminating Pads, which fix lumps and bumps on legs and bikini areas.

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Simply Mahvelous Legs Shave Cream is perfect for the lady who doesn’t want to wax. Its rich and creamy formula contains moisturizing essential oils and herbal extracts. The brand’s Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub contains aloe vera and chamomile to help calm skin, smooth, and exfoliates dead surface cells for after a shave.

Exfoliate. Do this regularly with Clinique’s Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream. It ‘s oil-free and stimulates, invigorates and refines rough skin. Use in the shower; the refreshing menthol scent will stay with you all day!

Be sure to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. L’Occitane Certified Organic Pure Shea Butter comes in a beautiful tin that travels easily. This wonderful product glides onto skin in one swipe, and it replenishes moisture and calms skin in no time.