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Supermodel, tsunami survivor and founder of the Happy Hearts Fund Petra Nemcova has partnered with Clinique to help children around the world. Together they’re promoting a limited-edition Clinique Happy Heart Perfume Spray and A Different Nail Enamel in ‘Happy’, with a portion of the proceeds for both going toward rebuilding schools in communities devastated by natural disasters.

This week, Petra stopped by our Bellevue Square store near Seattle to meet with customers, talk about her program’s successes and goals, and autograph products. Literally glowing, gracious and exuberantly affectionate with the throngs of fans who lined up to see her (she gave each a triple cheek kiss when they reached her signing table), Petra won lots of hearts—including ours.

In keeping with the theme of the day, we asked Petra to share a few things that make her heart happy:

Happy time… “Being with my family, walking through the forest in the Czech Republic.”

Happy place… “Haiti. It’s the place I feel most alive because it’s where I can make the biggest difference.”

Happy song… “It’s a tie between two songs by (Haitian singer) J. Perry: ‘Enjoy’ and ‘Dekole.’ There’s no way you can hear those songs and not feel happy!” [We listened—she’s right.]

Happy color… “The tangerine-red of my ‘Happy’ nail polish. It’s so bright and joyful! It’s what I imagine the color of children’s hearts to be.”

Happy nails: Petra models her favorite color

[Note: The limited-edition bottle of A Different Nail Enamel in ‘Happy’ is available in stores only. The color sold online is the same; the only difference is in the bottle’s appearance.]

“My heart is happy when I’m helping other people.” —Petra Nemcova

[Story & photos by Stefanie Frank]

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  • Petra+ December 16, 2013, 9:46 pm

    I am sooo impressed with what you’re doing for the children…I really wish there were some whay I counld lelp out…I am a semi-retired RN who worked 30 years in maternal-child health, then had to slow down d/t my own physical limitations. But to help these adorable children would be a dream come true…I have long been a fan of MAC cosmetics as is my 24 y/o daughter just finishing her rn nursing progrem. We both buy MaC products but would be delighted to do more…Victoria

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