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This weekend I headed over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Whether I’m traveling back to the eighteen hundreds looking at historical costumes, or wandering through halls filled with modern art, I always leave the museum feeling inspired.

To show a simple daytime outfit, I thought I’d share my OOTD from my recent visit to the art Museum.  For a modern look I paired an army green silk top with a leather mini skirt. Leather is possibly one of my favorite trends right now.


The adorable backpack trend is growing on me too! This teeny tiny black backpack was easy and convenient while walking through the museum.


To finish off the simple look I added some chain accessories, black booties, and little black socks.


Stay tuned for my next post: Street style shots of stylish art lovers at the museum!

xo ॐ
- Amber


Hey, Chicagoland friends and DC-Metro friends! Starting tomorrow, you can check out a FREE screening of this kick-ass documentary about kick-ass women doing awesome things.

Chicagoland: October 20 (that’s tomorrow)-October 24
D.C.-Metro area: October 27-31

Here’s a complete list of screening times and locations.

The summary:
Five funny, smart women drive 7,000 miles from Los Angeles to New York in 30 days, meeting and interviewing positive and powerful women leaders across a variety of lifestyles and industries. To name a few:

  • • Astronaut
  • • Mathematician
  • • Pilot
  • • Professional Athlete
  • • Chef
  • • Architect
  • • Social Entrepreneur/Founder of Girls on the Run
  • • The First Female Four-Star Admiral in the U.S. Navy
  • • Miss USA 2012

Along the way, they share their insights about how women define their success, what it takes to be a woman in a position of power, and valuable advice on how to improve the female role in the workplace. They also turn the cameras on themselves, capturing their transformational journey and letting us get to know them as artists, as professionals and as people.

Sounds amazing, right? If you’re interested, learn more about the filmmakers and the project, and maybe you can bring the film to your school or town!

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It’s finally starting to cool down here in SoCal which means it’s time to bust out the layers. Sweaters on scarves on dresses on tights—the list goes on and on, and the possibilities are endless.

Outfit 1

Dresses are easily my favorite type of clothing, so I’m always looking for ways to wear them all year round. This plum cardi and adorable Army vest complemented my breezy cream dress perfectly.


This floral print scarf adds a fun pop of color, while my Alex and Ani bracelets and antique hand chain add a more boho feel to the outfit.


Like Amber, I have been completely obsessed with boot socks lately.


Outfit 2

I’ve struggled to find a way to wear this floral tunic for the longest time, but when I threw this black sweater over it looked so effortlessly cute. Success!


My burgundy (oxblood/maroon/wine/deep red) jeans (how many names does one color really need!? haha) and grey suede booties went flawlessly with the outfit.


I finished off this look with my new favorite watch. Can we just take a minute to admire the amazing sparkliness of it? I’M IN LOVE!


How are you layering up for fall?

Yours truly,

October 17, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! If you had to pick between a roller skating video and a cannibalism video (you know, for Halloween), which would you choose?

Yeah, we couldn’t decide, either. You’re welcome.

Fall is a time for unpredictable weather: One minute it’s cold and damp, the next you’re sweating and pulling off your layers as fast as you can. On those perfect, warm days when I want to look cute and enjoy the sun while it lasts (Oregon is notorious for our rainy weather), my go-to outfit is simple: comfy, casual bottoms with a cute blouse.


Sam Edelman Booties | Levi’s Leggings

These pants are my new favorites. Since they are made out of stretch denim, they’re super comfy. And the dark wash guarantees that I’ll be wearing them with all my fall and winter outfits.

Back view

The cutout back is my favorite thing about this shirt. Unfortunately it isn’t available in most stores right now because everyone is focused on fall sweaters. But come springtime you should be able to find a ton of cutout tanks all over the place.



The weather is definitely getting chilly here in Seattle. We’re already beginning to don last year’s coats, but we’re craving a lightweight jacket to transition us from summer to winter. Enter the field jacket.

herohooded field jacket | $64

Why we love it:

 The weight. The lightweight feel of this jacket makes it the perfect layering piece for fall. It adds just enough warmth to combat the chill but not so much you’ll overheat.

The hood. We love that this jacket has a hood! It gives the look a comfy, casual vibe, plus you’re set if you get caught in the rain.

The versatility. This jacket seriously goes with everything. And, even if it doesn’t, look! More amazing colors. One of these is sure to do the trick.


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Today, I’m focusing on knee-high socks. Whether they’re a classic black or have a quirky kittens on them, knee-highs add adorableness to any outfit! Their extra warmth during the colder months doesn’t hurt, either. To be honest, I haven’t quite figured out how to wear jeans or pants with long socks yet, so here are three different takes on knee-highs with skirts, dresses and a whole lot of layers.

 1. Casual Layers
From the earthy tones to the loose layers, this outfit screams fall. The incorporation of knee socks here is subtle—they just peek out of the riding boots. A denim jacket adds a casual feel for an easy, everyday look.



2. Feminine & Chic
Not only is this outfit warm and fuzzy (this Topshop pullover is fluffy heaven), but also delicate and girly…which is different for me. This slip might be the only piece of pink clothing I own, to be honest. With some tall black boots, pearl necklaces, and (of course) knee-high socks, this feminine outfit is complete.


3. All-Black Everything
Like the Olsen twins, my go-to color is always black. It matches everything, and has an edgy-yet-classic vibe. To mimic the fashion-forward sisters, I went for an all-black ensemble including a black headwrap (which I’m obsessed with), and a chunky silver necklace. I’m used to wearing tall socks with tall boots, but here I thought I’d experiment with some short ankle booties.


Let me know which look is your fave!

xo ॐ – Amber

October 15, 2014

Girls’ Night In

Besties+delicious food+favorite romcoms=Perfect Girls’ Night In! My friends and I decided it was time to have a night to ourselves where we could take a break from everything and have a relaxing, yet totally fun, night. I mean everybody needs one every now and then. :)


You can’t have a sleepover without the essentials: the latest issues of “Seventeen” magazine, this season’s hottest nail polish colors, and (of course) every season of “Gossip Girl.”


My friend Ellie has an amazing tree house in her backyard, and for the past four or five years my friends and I have been lucky enough to make countless memories up there. This is our go-to setup for any sleepover we’ve had.


A delicious gourmet s’mores bar is a super easy and inexpensive way to to elevate your usual sleepover snack selection.


And that’s a wrap! Hope y’all enjoyed what my friends and I like to think of as our perfect night in. I’d love to know what some of your sleepover traditions are—let me know in the comments below.

Yours truly,

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Here it is: my guide for dressing in theme for football games. Unlike basketball games (indoors, with a stable climate), football games can happen in any kind of weather—and we want to make sure you are having fun, not suffering from a heat stroke or frostbite!

Step 1: Keep tabs on the weather. Start watching the forecast up to a week in advance, and continue to check on the weather the day of the game. (There is usually a 50-50 chance the weather will change.)

Step 2: Find out the theme for that game. At my school we have a calendar of all the game dates and themes so the students can arrive in full spirit.

Step 3: Enjoy your fellow fans. The joy of themed football games is that there will almost always be someone dressed in a more extreme outfit than you.

For colder games, I suggest layering a long-sleeve T-shirt under a short-sleeve T-shirt, then wear a sweatshirt, vest, jacket and so on. When layering, you want to do lots of thin layers so you don’t get that “chunky” look. Here is a FBF (Flashback Friday) picture of some friends and I in our junior year. As you can tell it was a Pink Out and we just wore whatever warm, pink things we could find.


For warmer games, wear running shorts that are in theme paired with a plain T-shirt. That’s always a good g-to for those super hot and sweaty nights. (Especially if you have hundreds of people surrounding you with their body heat!)

Here are some outfits I have worn for themed games:

Black Out

    Black pant  Converse  Black top

Articles of Society ‘Halley’ Jean | Converse High Tops | BP. Ballet Tank

Camo Out

    Camo pant  Converse Camo top

STS Blue Cargo Pant | Converse High Tops | BP. V-Neck Tee

Pink Out

 Pink top  Pink bottom  Pink shoe

BP. Scoop Neck Tee | BP. Undercover ‘Skinni Mini’ Sweatpants | Nike ‘Air Pegasus 31′

Remember, football games are very casual. This is not the place to dress to the nines and look super fab. Simplicity is key and will always look cute. Have fun with your outfit!



October 13, 2014

Mani Monday: Nailed It

I’ll admit it: when it comes to painting nails, I’m quite awful. But despite my shaky hands and tiny fingernails, I’m addicted to pulling out all my polishes and painting away. For each season I like to choose my favorite trends and colors in the nail art world.

My three favorite colors for this fall are:

1. Golden Girl
My favorite nail polish color is Gold. Metallic Gold, Shimmer Gold, the Gold Leaf trend thats huge right now… I love it all. Wearing gold polish creates little parties on your hands!  Warm golden tones are also the perfect parallel for the beautiful golden light and warm hues that come with fall. Here I used a subtle shimmer gold.

 Gold-nails copy

2. Red, Red, Red
Wearing red nail polish makes a girl feel extra classy. I love to stick with the traditional cherry red, but for Fall its fun to channel darker tones. A deep blood red is awesome for Halloween, which is oh so soon! I went straight to thanksgiving with a cranberry red.


3. Cafe Chic
 This creamy color reminds me of warm lattes (a fall necessity). :) Head on over to Starbucks with your creme colored nails—the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back, y’all!

  Creme-nails copy

I apologize for my non-existent nail painting skills. I have a mad amount of admiration for all you nail gurus out there!

xo ॐ
- Amber

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