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Happy Halloween, fiends!

Clare is wearing a simple striped shirtdress, her must-have Chelsea boots and a military-style jacket.


Field Jacket | Chelsea Boots


November 1st is Día de Los Muertos or the Day Of The Dead. This traditional holiday from Mexico is celebrated to honor lost loved ones and ancestors. Here is a Day of the Dead calaveras make-up tutorial to replicate the beautiful Mexican sugar skulls.

Here’s what you’ll need:

• Assorted colors of Halloween crème makeup
• Face paint (black and white)
• Face powder (white)
• Eyeshadow (matte black)
• Liquid eyeliner (black, plus any other color your heart desires)
• Assorted brushes/sponges
• Makeup wipes (lots of them)
• Rubbing alcohol (optional: I only used the rubbing alcohol to make the makeup thinner)


Say hello to my gorgeous friend Olivia who agreed to let me cover her face with makeup, and photograph the process.


Step 1: Apply white face paint with a sponge, covering the whole face. For more coverage, add another coat with a white powder.



Step 2: Draw two large circles around the eyes and over the tops of the brows. Outline with a black crème makeup or eyeliner, then fill in with black face paint. I also used a matte black eyeshadow in some areas.   Step-2


Step 3:  To create sunken cheeks, use your liquid liner to draw a harsh black line that curves in the middle. With a matte black eyeshadow, lightly blend the lines.  Step-3


Step 4: Connect the cheekbone lines with stitches across the lips. This part is a bit tricky, so I held my hand in place to make the lines more steady. Here you can use the liquid eyeliner again.Step-4


Step 5: Use your black makeup to draw a spade/upside-down heart onto the nose.


Step 6: Add some color by adding petals around the black eyes with a creme makeup. Using a round tip brush makes this step so much easier, because you can simply stamp the petals on. Step-6


Step 7: Get fancy with some designs.I used a gold liquid eyeliner to draw thin lines within the petals.


Step 8: Draw a lotus flower on the chin. It’s up to you whether you want to add some designs or gold liner.


Step 9: To finish up the look, touch up your make-up, add a flower crown, and voilà!


For more inspo, check out some more sugar-skull makeup designs!

Huge thank you to Olivia for being such a gracious model and Bella for snapping these photos!

xo ॐ
- Amber


Look no further! Your perfect fall sweater is right here. We’ve totally fallen for this go-to marled sweater—let us tell you why.



BP. marled sweater | $38

Why we love this sweater:

The marled yarns. Different colored strands are twisted together to form yarns that give this sweater its cool speckled look. We love how that gives the look visual dimension rather than being one flat color.

The front-curving seams. Raised seams subtly curve from the sides toward the front, giving this sweater a super-chic shape. It’s comfy and flattering—what more is there?

The undeniable coziness. This sweater is definitely one you’ll be reaching for day after day. It has a nice wide neckline, long sleeves and the perfect length for wearing with jeans or leggings. You’ll really nail a cozy fall look with this one!


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October 29, 2014

Come to the Dark Side

Normally my outfits consist of a variety of colors with occasional hints of black here and there, but recently I’ve been really diggin’ the whole black on black look or even black and neutrals. These two outfits bring out my inner edgy diva and I couldn’t help but share my nocturnal silhouettes with you guys.

These pleather leggings make me feel completely cool. I started by styling my leggings with an oversized t-shirt and open knit sweater for an effortless street chic look. My black biker boots and dazzling statement necklace add an edgy/glam contrast to the ensemble.


I based my next look around this amazing studded bomber jacker. Layering is always a must, so I added a heather grey sweater and denim button up for some texture. My maroon tights give the outfit a bit of color while still maintaing my dark, vampy vibe.


Overall, I’m pretty much obsessed with these looks.


Yours truly,

Michaela’s style is strongly influenced by her California heart and her love for New York. In this look she is rocking a simple black dress, flannel around her waist, a crochet hooded cardigan and cutout ankle booties.



October 27, 2014

Bonus Dance Party

Oh, hey! New 1D video came out this weekend, so of course we’re dedicating it to Lily.

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October 27, 2014

3-Step Fruit Parfait

Parfait. Isn’t that a funny word?

As I was making this delicious concoction, I struggled with the name of what, exactly, I was creating…smoothie in a jar…berry bowl…sorbet and granola blend? I finally settled on parfait: a dessert consisting of layers of ice cream, fruit, etc., served in a tall glass. Except my dessert can be eaten for breakfast, has no ice cream, and is served in a li’l Mason jar.

What you’ll need:

• Almond/coconut/cow’s milk
• Granola
• Vanilla yogurt
• Frozen fruit (I used mangos, strawberries, blueberries)
• Fresh fruit (I used peaches)
• Honey


1. Blend your frozen fruit.

2. Add your yogurt and milk, then blend away! (But first,  make sure your blender lid is secure…berry hair is not a fun time.)



3. Layer up!
Granola-honey-smoothie (repeat)…then top it up with some fresh fruit.


That’s it! Super easy parfait/non-parfait deliciousness.

Let me know how this recipe goes for you!

xo ॐ
- Amber

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October 25, 2014

My Top 6 Fall Faves

 As we progress further and further into the fall, I find myself reaching for certain clothing, makeup, food, etc… more than others. And although I love anything and everything to do with fall, these particular items seem to hold an even more special place in my heart. So here they are, my fall favorites:

 1. Wool hats


2. Booties


3. Red nails


 4. Oversized sweaters


5. Patterned pants


6. Cuddle weather, rich colors and the overall feeling of fall!


Yours truly,

October 24, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Just one week left until Halloween. Are you ready?