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November 25, 2014

Black-and-Grey OOTD

With all of the rainy weather in my town, I find myself gravitating towards grey, a touch of white and especially black. Over the weekend Clare and I went shopping during a thunderstorm, here is the outfit I wore:


It wasn’t that cold out, just rainy more than anything. I wore a “muscle tank” shirt dress, grey hoodie and leather jacket, and accessorized with riding boots and my black hat. I attempted the “Kylie Jenner” lip and I think it turned out pretty good. Comment below if you’re interested in learning how to do it.


November 24, 2014

Cara for Topshop Holidays

The holidays are finally here! My favorite part about this wonderful time of the year is dressing up for holiday parties. Especially this year, I find myself drooling at the gold, lace and sequins.

Seeing Topshop’s holiday campaign made me even more excited to cover myself in glitter and gold this season. Check out the crazy cool, quirky, and not-to-mention flawless, Cara Delevigne in Topshop’s dazzling holiday video.

Shop Cara’s holiday looks here!

 xo ॐ – Amber

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Alas, the final look in my Thanksgiving outfits series and I definitely saved the best for last with this ensemble!

So your family goes all out for the holidays—nothing to stress about. I mean, c’mon, deep down inside you know you secretly love getting all dolled up for an extravagant holiday party filled with family, food and fun. For my glamorous Turkey Day look I went for black and white with a pop of color.


I’ve been loving velvet this season and the deep wine color paired oh-so-elegantly with my houndstooth shorts.


Accessories were kept to a minimum to help support the classy feel I was aiming for. This vintage flower choker added just the right amount of sparkle.


Floral Statement Necklace

Now, let me just say I am NOT a heels person, but these heeled, black combat booties were too cute to pass up.


Black Booties


Although it’s easy to get wrapped up in the more commercial side of Thanksgiving, don’t forget the most important part of the day…TO SAY THANKS. Text/email/call/tell anyone and everyone that you’re thankful for. And remember, “Gobble ’til ya wobble!”

Yours truly,

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (next week!), and we love the idea of having a cute accessory for those sure-to-be-taken family photos. Sound appealing? Try out this super-cute fedora.



David & Young Felt Fedora | $28

Why we love it:

It’s cute, but not over-the-top. Adding this hat to an outfit can really bring it all together. It’s such a cute accessory, and it complements what you’re wearing without distracting too much attention. If you’re looking for that understated finishing touch for your look, this is it.

Wear it anywhere. This fedora is so versatile. Wear it out on a brisk and sunny fall day, on a grey and misty afternoon, to the mall, to school, or even to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. This little thing will go anywhere with you.

Of course, the many colors to choose from. This seems to be a theme: We love options! Check out the stylish selections below, pick your favorite, and get ready for compliments.


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November 21, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Last week we got the new TSwift and this week we get the new Marina & the Diamonds. If this is what the holiday season’s gonna be like, we are so. Ready.

November 21, 2014

The Alexa Chung Movement

Alert! Alert! it’s sweeping the nation and highly contagious!

Okay, not actually. But beachy bobs and simplistic makeup have become quite the trend and I like to credit this to the oh-so-glamourous Alexa Chung. Her favorite fall look is an oversized turtleneck sweater with slim fitting pants—usually monochrome.

One of the girls at my latest Fashion Board meeting looked just like a protégé of AC, so naturally I had to snap a pic for you:

She is not only rocking the long bob, but also a sweater and pants following the monochrome trend.


Oversized Turtleneck | Cigarette Pants


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November 20, 2014

Trend Spotting: The Turtleneck

Every year there seems to be an argument over one clothing item: turtlenecks. Some love them and some hate them. Those who love them probably already know that the high neck is huge this season. It’s making appearances as a looser cowl in knit fabrics and the classic thermal. For those who are still unsure about the turtleneck, here’s a little lookbook to hopefully inspire a little love.:)

For a simple modern look, pair a classic turtleneck with a leather mini and black flats. The ribbed fabric also adds some subtle texture. Also, I’m utterly obsessed with polka dot tights.



This second look is much looser than the first look. If you have a more bohemian style, wear your favorite harem pants and a loose, chunky turtleneck. Printed or even plain black harem pants would work here.



This last look is probably what I’ll wear on Christmas day if I don’t end up slipping into an ugly Christmas sweater. I love this oversized turtleneck because it feels like a cozy blanket. I also added an intricate necklace; don’t be afraid to add necklaces or accessories with your turtleneck!


Happy fall!


Happy Fall!

xo ॐ – Amber



My next Thanksgiving Day outfit is for all you girly girls out there. I’ll most likely be seen sporting something similar to this on Thanksgiving Day because it’s easy, comfy, cute, and slightly dressy—all wrapped up into one look.


Every outfit needs accessories and in most cases my go-to accessory is a statement necklace. Speaking of go-tos: When in doubt layer it out! Knits, denim, and floral are easily layered, and my sparkly necklace helps tie everything together.


Statement Necklace

A fun little fact about me is that I very much like to associate colors with seasons and occasions. My corduroy skirt is (1) absolutely adorable and a must…I mean helloooo?..It’s freaking corduroy!!! And (2) the color kind of reminds me of a turkey, which I thought was totally cute and festive.


Grey slate riding boots pull the outfit together and mine just so happened to match the stripes in my cozy cardi perfectly.


Riding Boots

If any of you are wondering, I did, in fact, dye my hair. It’s a lot darker than I expected, but I’m actually kinda diggin’ it. It makes me feel edgy and mysterious, haha. :)


Don’t forget to “Gobble ’til ya wobble!”

Yours truly,

November 18, 2014

What to Wear: Winter Formal

While watching “Gossip Girl” and searching the deep depths of my mom’s closet, I came across this lovely maxi skirt. I immediately imagined myself wearing it to a glamourous event like the MET Gala. Since the holiday season is arriving soon, I thought I would give you guys some inspiration.



With this nationwide cold front chilling us all out, I think you’ll agree that staying warm has become everyone’s number one priority. But how can we stay stylish while we’re busy being cozy? I’ve got a couple of ideas I think you might like:

Look 1: Neutrals
Fall is all about earth tones. Navy blues, moss greens and deep burgundies are great colors to help you transition from fall to winter. For this first look, I opted for simple, modern styling, perfect for any casual occasion.


Cowl-neck sweatshirts are in the trend spotlight right now. They’re not only comfortable, they’re a little out of the ordinary and lend a fashionable edge to your everyday, casual look. Pair your cowl-neck sweatshirt with colored denim for a look that’s thoughtful without trying too hard.


These chocolate chukka boots are like the sweatshirt in that they lend a subtle, unexpected twist to the outfit.


Look 2: Pop of Color
This look is a little more edgy than the previous one. I combined dark pants with a pop of red, a printed button up and a grey knit moto jacket. 


The trend spotlight here is on the red UGG moccasins. These should be every guy’s best friend for the simple reason that they make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, and they score 10′s across the board when it comes to being stylish! Whether you prefer them in a neutral color or you want to go bold with a vibrant color like I did, these shoes are essential for Fall/Winter 2014. (Shopping tip: I picked mine up at the Nordstrom Rack. They have great deals on UGGs.)


No matter if you’re aiming for understated or edgy, keep your style influential!

- James


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