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October 1, 2014

3 Ways to Wear Denim

Besides freedom, football and apple pies, one of the first things that pops into my mind when I hear the word “America” is denim. It’s not only a classic piece of American culture, but a fashion essential that can be styled any way, in any shape, and comes in many forms.


Denim skirts may seem soooo early 2000′s, but with the recent skater skirt craze a simple denim circle skirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.



Why settle for a plain denim jacket when you can have an adorable dip-dyed one instead? This unique take on an American classic is an easy way to add a a fun pop to any outfit.



And of course we can’t forget about the most basic incarnation of denim…jeans! Whether they’re skinny, flared, boyfriend or bootcut, jeans (and lots of them) are a must-have.

Yours truly,

September 30, 2014

Beauty How-To: Game-Day Makeup

I love experimenting and trying out new makeup looks but, for game days I always stick to the same neutral smoky eye, simple liner and “better than your lip color” lipstick. Whether you’re in the stands or cheering from the sidelines, this makeup look will work for  you.

Performance/show makeup is slightly different than everyday makeup because it needs to be visible to a lot of people from a long way away. So here are some quick tips that I use to get ready for games:

1. Always wear eyeliner. I am not saying wear extravagant winged eyeliner, but at least add a little line on your lid to define your eyes and help them “pop” from the stands.

2. Always wear a lip color. Regardless if it is lipliner, tinted lip balm, or full-on lipstick, like the eyeliner, it will help add definition to your face.

3. Blush and contour. This is not as essential as the first two tips, but I would suggest it. Again, when viewed from the stands, your face will look pretty and well-defined.

For everyday makeup, my biggest recommendation is to wear what you are comfortable with. If you like doing your makeup and wearing a neutral smoky eye is comfortable for you, then do it. If you only want to wear concealer and mascara, then do it! I am the biggest believer in the philosophy that makeup should highlight your natural qualities, not mask them. So be you and stay true!


September 29, 2014

Travel Diary: From the Woods

Hi! We’re driving my sister  to Oregon this week to start school at the University of Oregon. To break up the long drive from Los Angeles to Eugene, my family decided to spend a night in the majestic redwoods. If you live in a desert like L.A., it’s highly unlikely you will see a forest or any lush greenery at all!  So, seeing these ginormous trees was absolutely breathtaking.


Honestly, I couldn’t be in a better place to kick off the first official weeks of fall! Going deep into the forest as trees were slightly turning orange was incredibly magical…

To complement the beautiful woods, I decided to wear very earthy tones. I kept warm with a pair of sage green cords, a cream sweater,  my favorite brown leather boots and denim jacket.


Hit refresh to see the .gif

xo ॐ
- Amber


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Fall is finally here and besides the leaves changing colors, nothing screams “fall” like attending a football game. So whether you’re going to support your school or just to have a good time, these three looks will surely intercept all the attention.

1. The Influencer
This look is one of my favorites. The hoodie combines classic elements (ribbed trim, front pocket) with trendy elements (tie dye, high neck, snaps) for a look that is totally now. It’s not too loud, but it’s definitely not bland. A simple khaki jogger pairs perfectly, and we finish the look off with these epic red Nikes. These shoes score a complete touchdown when it comes to being fashion forward. The Influencer takes risks, is always a trendsetter and does not follow fashion rules—he creates his own.


Hoodie | Jogger | High Tops

2. Shades of Grey
The color-blocked hoodie offers the perfect blend of simplicity and edge. Pair it with black Levis and grey Nikes, and you are game ready. The Shades of Grey guy is a minimalist who doesn’t go unnoticed. He’s not concerned with the latest trends, but wears what he likes and what is comfortable.


Hoodie | Jeans | Trainers

3. Subtle Roar
Last, but surely not least, comes this combination of a subtle hoodie with a loud cammo pant. For extra style points, he can pick a hoodie in his school colors to show team spirit on game day. To finish it off, I threw in low-key chukkas that look seriously sharp without being too flashy. The Subtle Roar guy tends to play it safe, fashion-wise, but he still wants just a touch of uniqueness to his look.


Hoodie | Cammos | Chukkas

So there you have it. Ladies, which style do you like for guys to wear? Guys, let me know which style identify with most!

September 27, 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Teenagers often find ourselves needing money for things like clothes, going out, and what my friends and I spend most of our money on: food. A couple of years ago I discovered consignment shops, which are basically higher end thrift stores that buy and sell your clothes. It’s a really easy way to make some quick cash and cleanse your closet at the same time.

I love my local consignment store

While going through your closet, keep in mind what season it is. They aren’t going to want sweaters in the summer time. Also, only try to sell clothes that are in good condition. If it has holes, stains or a funky smell, they aren’t going to take it.


So find your nearest consignment shop and start cleaning out those closets! I guarantee once you try this easy road to fast cash, you won’t be able to stop.

Yours truly,

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September 26, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! We’re feeling nostalgic today, so we jumped in the Wayback Machine and turned the clock back to 1993. Where we promptly rocked all the way out with some of the decade’s fiercest, foxiest ladies.

Put on your boots, sharpen your attitude and get your sneer ready. It’s on.

September 26, 2014

Sporty in September: Date Night

This outfit is probably the least sporty outfit of the four and one of my favorites. This outfit is perfect for a girls’ night out or a date night.


This is the last post for my Sporty in September series! I hope you all had a great September and a great first month of school.


September 25, 2014

OOTD: Plum Perfect

Today’s OOTD is purple. Not a color that I tend to lean towards (I blame Marie), but I saw this fabric and just had to make a little dress. This is my first time sewing a full dress, but luckily it turned out wearable. This soft blend of cotton and rayon is comfortable, light, and airy.


I paired the dress with a pair of suede booties and a crossbody bag.


What colors are you rocking in these final days of September?

xo ॐ – Amber


It’s officially fall! We are so ready to finally transition into brisk, cooler weather with scarves and sweaters galore. And what better to pair with boxy fall sweaters than some trendy leggings? That’s where our favorite moto leggings come in.

heropintuck panel leggings | $38

Why we love these leggings:

The moto details: The pintuck pleats and vertical seams give unmistakable moto style to these updated leggings. We love the edgy look that makes—it’s perfect for fall.

The easy comfort. We all love leggings for exactly this reason: They’re comfy! Throw ‘em on in the morning and your both comfy and cute for the rest of the day. Now, these bad boys give you the comfort of leggings paired with the look of moto skinny jeans—it’s the best of both worlds.

The amazing colors. Can’t get enough of these leggings? Us, either. Check out all the great color options (we’re definitely thinking about getting more than one).


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September 24, 2014

Head Over Homecoming

Between balancing out your crazy class schedule and attending all the Friday night football games, there is one particular event that will be lingering in the back of every girl’s mind…homecoming.

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Now I love a form fitting, head-to-toe sequined dress just as much as the next girl, but that isn’t exactly practical for endless hours of socializing with your besties and breaking out into spontaneous dance parties. That’s why this simple, yet sophisticated, navy blue ensemble is the perfect choice. Its tiny crochet cutouts and darling diamond detail give the dress the prefect amount of elegance.

image from

When it comes to heels let’s be honest here, they end up coming off half way through the night. These sparkly pumps add just the right amount of glamour to the outfit even though they aren’t the most comfortable. I mean sometimes beauty is pain right?

image from

When deciding on jewelry to pair with your outfit, remember to choose pieces that will enhance your dress, not upstage it. I kept it simple with a pair of diamond tear drop earrings that perfectly complements the belt.

image from

And of course, we can’t forget about this absolutely adorable clutch. (It was my great-grandmothers from the 40’s…can you say vintage?) A few essentials I would make sure to have with me is gum, lip gloss, and of course my cell phone. You want to make sure to take tons of pics because trust me, it will be a night to remember!

image from

No matter what you wear to homecoming remember to make it your own, and most importantly…HAVE FUN!

Yours truly,