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July 26, 2014

Royal Tea

If you have been on the Internet in the past, like, two months, you’ll probably have seen something about HRH Prince George‘s first birthday. That amazing picture of him in overalls is actually everywhere you click. Of course, this glorious birthday occasion calls for an equally fancy royal tea party! Whether or not you’re as intrigued by the royal family as I am (Kate is one of my style icons), you can still flaunt your favorite summer dresses and vintage hats and have yourself a get-together this summer.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits and shots from my recent Royal Tea (get it?!) celebration:

Leah channeled her alter-ego, a distant cousin to the royal family, and wore my favorite celebratory look. I love her sleek jumpsuit and floral headband.



Half the fun of the afternoon was setting up the dining table! It was delightfully festooned with wildflowers and nameplates for the gathering.


My friends and I threw on our favorite party dresses and hats, drank Earl Grey and ate cucumber sandwiches all afternoon.


So we’ll never really be royals, but I’ll always enjoy an afternoon of tea and crumpets with my best pals. :)

Stay golden,

July 25, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! The Anniversary Sale is going like woah, things are selling out left and right, and everyone’s running around like mad trying update the website fast enough to keep up with all you crazy shoppers. Keep up the good work!

All in all, there’s no place we’d rather be…

July 25, 2014

Bronze Beauty

If you’re in need of some summer beauty inspiration, check out this neat video I found on Nordstrom’s YouTube channel:

I absolutely love a more bronzed, natural look during the summer whether that includes adding shimmer to my cheeks, a wing of sultry bronze eyeliner to my eyelids, or coating my nails with glittery bronze polish.


Chanel eyeshadow | Smashbox palette | NARS bronzer duo | Essie polish | MAC polish


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July 24, 2014

A Day in Mystic, CT

I know I said I’m headed to New York soon and that’s true, but we still have a couple days left in Connecticut, so I decided to share a little bit about my time here (wedding pictures will be coming eventually, I promise). I personally love Connecticut because, at least from what I’ve seen of it (We’ve stayed mostly in the New London area), it reminds me a lot of a smaller and slightly more nautical version of my home in the Northwest. It’s pretty relaxed and far less preppy than I expected. Oh, and everyone just has a West Coast accent, which in my opinion, is non existent. Haha. Anyways, here’s a look at Mystic:


For some reason, my parents were very excited to have us pose in front of the Mystic Pizza sign. I think it was featured in an old movie or something. Haha. As far as my outfit goes, I was feeling comfy and casual, so I threw on some fun sunflower shorts, a croptop, sandals, round sunnies, and a crossbody bag.


This is what Mystic Pizza looks like! I couldn’t resist the temptation of the slice of the day which was spaghetti and meatball. That might sound disgusting, but it was actually sooo good– basically the equivalent of eating spaghetti with a slice of cheesy garlic bread.


Then we headed to Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream which was right next to the drawbridge (how surprising). They claimed to have the best ice cream in the New England area. It was good and all, but I definitely prefer homemade ice cream!


Of course, I had to take one of those typical “I’m eating ice cream pictures”. Pardon my awkward thumb– I was really nervous that I would drop it into the water, so I was gripping the cone pretty tight. Haha.


Then we cruised around the bridge and dock for a bit. Steamboat Inn is actually where the bride and bridesmaids got ready for the wedding. It’s pretty cool because you can just dock your boat right at the Inn (which is what Jenna’s dad did). It’s also way prettier when a thunderstorm isn’t about to hit!

Hope you’re all having fun on your summer vacays or stay-cations, and are taking a bunch of pictures!


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We love a good faux-leather skirt, and this Faux Leather Skirt from the Anniversary sale is no exception. It’s flirty and cute, and you can wear it all year long.


Pleated Faux Leather Skirt | $31.90

Why we love this skirt:

The texture. Have you felt this skirt in real life? It’s so smooth and soft, not like a plastic faux-leather. Need we say more?

Wear it now. While technically the Anniversary sale is fall fashion, this skirt is great for wearing in the summer, too. Above, it’s styled with this floral print tank, which makes for a sweet warm-weather look with some faux-leather edge.

Back to school. You may be wearing this skirt for the rest of summer, but you’ll also wear it for the rest of the year! It’s so versatile. It isn’t too early to plan what you’re wearing on the first day back to school, is it? Here we have it with paired with a plaid shirt for a cute fall look that’s perfect for walking the halls on your first day back. Throw on some tights with that baby and you’re ready to face the winter cold.


Bonus: It comes in Violet, too!


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July 22, 2014

Camp Blues

For any of you who, like me, have experienced the wonderful, magical world of summer camp, you are probably reminiscing about camp memories (and making new ones!) now that it’s summer vacation.

What’s strange is that this year I won’t be returning to camp, as my graduated-senior self is moving on to bigger ventures. It’s quite strange—I won’t be seeing old friends or counselors or making friendship bracelets or sneaking out of my room in the middle of the night. I have so many incredible memories from camp, I thought I should make my overwhelming nostalgia into something tangible, an homage to some of the greatest weeks of my teen life.


My family-friends live on this Parent Trap camp-esque lake: a place for canoes and campfires, crushes and disappointments.


Sitting on the dock, in my vintage denim jacket, daisy choker and Converse, I thought of myself  on the last night of camp, reflecting on my week, taking in the scene, ready to move on.


For those of us who’ve fallen in love with camp, we know it’s more than just a week or two away. It’s a week or two that changes you, matures and immatures you, reminds you how to be yourself and put that true, honest self into the open. Camp is a safe haven of teenage beauty/angst and…secret twins.


It’s easier to paddle away from high school. I’m ready to say goodbye to linoleum cafeterias and pep rallies. But camp, it’s harder to say goodbye to camp. I will forever love and laugh about my experiences there and always thank my friends and counselors who put up with me and my excessive Wet Hot American Summer references.

If you have any camp stories/poems/songs I would love to hear about them. I’m in that sad, happy, nostalgic zone. :)

Stay golden,

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally here! My mother is twitching because she is aware of the Anniversary Sale’s effect on Lily’s sanity. There are dozens of wonderful things on sale that will breathe life into your fall closet: back-to-school (I know, it’s too early to mention it) pieces, scarves for chilly days, muted tones for fall makeup and tons more.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Anniversary Sale pieces. I’ve decided that, this fall, I am going to live and dress boldly, so all of my picks support that theme!

1. Faux Fur Coat


Please tell me this isn’t the most fabulous coat you have ever seen. I am obsessed! If you’re looking for a statement piece to turn heads as you strut the city streets this fall, this leopard print coat is literally calling your name. Wear it, be brave!

2. Wingtip Oxford

I adore these classic oxfords. They’re more feminine than some of the clunkier oxfords from last season, but they still communicate power and boldness. (Because what’s more powerful than femininity?) They’ll be perfect for fall nights out and city adventures.

3. Pleated Skirt


I love the structured pleats and faded colors of this wonderful skirt. Because it gives a vintage schoolgirl sort of vibe, it’s excellent for those of us headed to high schools or universities. And nothing is better than being able to channel Cher and Dionne on a daily basis.

Start browsing the Anniversary Sale to see more adorable looks for fall, then tell me about your favorites. :)

Stay golden,

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A couple of days ago, we took a train to Boston and spent the day exploring the Freedom Trail. At first I had horrible flashbacks to AP U.S. History, but then I realized that history can be pretty cool when you’re not reading about it from a 20-year-old textbook.


Since we planned to spend a lot of our day in the sun (Boston is really hot and humid this time of year), I decided to wear a loose floral dress, a comfy pair of sandals and some sunnies. My lovely sister is sitting next to me and wearing a similar outfit, but she went for less of a boho vibe and more of a girly feel.

Here are a few pictures I took around town (I snapped a couple hundred, but obviously I can’t share them all. :( )


I fell in love with all the old architecture. Since I’m from the West Coast, I was also really impressed with the brick streets—I twisted my ankle a couple times, but oh well!


The new part of Boston was also beautiful.


Before we left, we had to get some REAL Italian food in Little Italy. Let me just say that this is the one kind of food the West Coast just can’t do right. We stopped at Mike’s Pastry and I got a delicious cannoli. I tried to tell myself that I had walked off all those calories during the day (I definitely didn’t), but who cares? Vacations are a great reason to eat a ton of yummy food and not feel bad about it.

Can’t wait to share more of my travels with you girls! I’m headed to New York soon. :)



After a month of sightseeing and eating and journaling on trains, my time abroad has come to an end. Tomorrow I’ll board a 747 and fly back to the ol’ U.S. of A. To wrap up the final days, my friend and I devoted ourselves to the beaches of the Riviera—soaking up the last salty sundrops of the Mediterranean. The beaches here are pure color, striped umbrellas and bold bikinis, like a mosaic of pastels and frills.


I lay on the sand and wrote postcards and read Tender Is the Night and listened to “The Lucky One” by TSwift: it was all tres chic and bonne.


My Mediterranean OOTD consisted of a crop-top lavender jersey and yellow-and-white striped shorts. I was inspired, of course, by the classic playfulness of the Riviera and old Hollywood color. Please also note that blue sky.


Essential for the hot sand: black sunglasses and white sandals. The Riviera can be intimidating, with its miles of high-fashion stores, but once you embrace your happy, sunny style nothing can stop you from frolicking.

It’s been real, Europe, see you soon? Please comment about where your summer adventures have taken you!

Stay golden,

July 18, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday and happy Anniversary Sale! Today’s band is playing the Capitol Hill Block Party next weekend(!), and might be lending a little rock-star sparkle to a top-secret Nordstrom project in the near future.

We dare you to watch this video without running to the mirror immediately afterwards to practice your perfect cat eye and pouty red lip. (Lucky for all of us, there are some seriously sweet makeup deals in the beauty department right now.)