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September 20, 2014

Fall Chic in the Summer Heat

Fall. Over sized sweaters, cozy scarves, beanies galore, these are easily the best part about the Fall time…unless you live in SoCal of course. What is a girl to do when her closet screams for knits and layers but the sizzling summer temperatures are still lingering?  Well don’t worry ladies I’m here to give you all the tips and tricks to turn your outfits “Fall Chic” while still enduring the Summer heat.

Fall looks for hot weather

My number one tip when trying to make an outfit look more “Fall” inspired is to really play with color. When I think of the Fall time I think of burgundy, olive, rust, teal and plum so try and and incorporate some of these colors into your outfits. My jewel-toned teal dress and multi-colored floral kimono are extremely breathable and easily transitioned into the Fall time.


My next tip is to experiment with different textures and lighter layers. I have lace, army, stripes, leather, and knits all in one look which helps to create a more laid-back fall time feel.

So happy awkward transition from summer-to-fall! May the weather gods be ever in your favor…but if not, you can hopefully use these tips.

Yours Truly,

September 19, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! We spotted this new release from Treasure Fingers (and BOSCO) over on the Vogue website and of course it’s impeccable. Here’s to a weekend filled with ’90s house music, shiny shoes and visions of rainbows dancing through your head.

The jogger trend is at its full height right now, so I thought I’d show you how to add a little “Bella Twist” to your everyday jogger look.


This look is perfect for hanging out with friends or going on a casual date. The comfort in the pant-and-shoe combo makes it easy to wear all day pain-free, while the leather jacket and necklace keep it looking stylish not sloppy.


Do you love Pretty Little Liars? Have you ever wondered how to achieve the perfect smoky eye? Are you now wondering what these two things have in common?

Our friends at Teen Vogue got PLL star Shay Mitchell’s makeup artist, Daniel Martin, to show us exactly how to create Mitchell’s casual, beautiful smoky eye—with bonus tips for creating a gorgeous red lip. Check it out:

What you need to achieve the look:

• Lancôme Le Crayon Kohl Eyeliner in Black Coffee
• Dior 5 Coleurs Designer Palette in Nude Pink
• Dior Diorshow Mascara in Black (this is a great substitute for the Revlon mascara Martin mentions)
• M·A·C 31 Lash false eyelashes (another great substitute)
• We’re sold out of Nyx matte lipstick in that luscious red, but we like this Bobbi Brown matte lipstick just as well
• M·A·C Lip Pencil
• Koh Gen Do Natural Lighting Powder

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September 18, 2014

5 Favorite Looks for Homecoming

Today I played dress up with a few friends to find the perfect homecoming outfits.


1. Brittney’s look is quirky and fun in her seafoam daisy dress.


2. Eliza kept it simple with a classy black velvet dress and turquoise necklace.


3. Brittney’s look is fierce and edgy with a red and black printed dress and jewel necklace.


4. Caroline looks girly and sweet in her pink & lace maxi dress with pearl accessories.


5. I went back to black like Eliza, but switched it up with a fitted velvet skirt and lace babydoll top.


Whatever you wear, don’t forget to have fun!


xo ॐ – Amber

September 17, 2014

3 Ways to Wear It: Plaid Shirts

With the return of school and fall creeping around the corner, plaid shirts are once again making a comeback. I think we can all agree that plaid shirts are a must-have for everyday wear because they can be worn countless ways with almost every style. So today I am showing you guys how to style one plaid shirt three different ways.

1. The first way I styled my plaid shirt is the good ol’ tie around the waist. This is definitely the easiest way to incorporate plaid into your look, and it adds a laid-back vibe to your outfit.


 2. The second way is a bit more on the preppy side. I started by throwing a simple grey sweater over my plaid shirt. I dressed up the outfit with a pavé statement necklace and some lace-up booties.


 3. The third, and final, way I styled my plaid button up is by far my fave, and that’s to just layer, layer, LAYER. I paired my shirt with a breezy olive dress and a denim vest for a girly twist on a somewhat rustic look.


So the next time you’re in a fashion rut and just can’t find something to wear, throw on a plaid shirt and put your own unique twist on the classic clothing piece.

Plaid Shirt | Booties

Yours truly,

September 16, 2014

Isabella Rose Taylor at NYFW

One of our favorite new fashion designers, Isabella Rose Taylor, just survived her first runway show at New York Fashion Week! Lucky for everyone, she kept a video diary to share with her fans:

Want to learn more about IRT? You know you do.

I’m starting a new series called Sporty in September to show you guys how to style sporty outfits.  For my first look I thought we would start with a very basic outfit.

track pantsConverse

I kept the outfit monochromatic to highlight my green snapback. To add a little girly flavor—but still keep it edgy—I went with a darker lip color. (Rebel by M·A·C)

Do you like the idea of having monthly series posts? LMK in the comments!


September 15, 2014

OOTD: Farmers Market

Hello, hello! Sadly school has begun, which means homework, studying and lots of stress. To take away school stress, I took a trip to a local farmers market.

There’s something so relaxing and comforting about the farmers market. Maybe it’s the fresh flowers, the delicious smell of croissants, or the juicy samples of peaches and strawberries. Nevertheless, going to the Farmers market has become one of my favorite Saturday Morning activities.

For a farmers market OOTD, I decided to wear something comfy yet stylish (always the perfect combo). So I kept it casual with a pair of boyfriend jeans and paisley printed tank. I slipped on some metallic sandals and was ready to go!


As you can see, coffee was a must to start the day!

I went light on the accessories with a dainty necklace and brown satchel.


I’d love to hear where y’all go to escape on Saturday Mornings!

xo ॐ – Amber

It’s one of the best times during your high school experience, and what we look forward to at the beginning of every school year: Homecoming. Now that you ladies have gone through hundreds of dresses and maybe even hundreds of dollars to ensure that your night is perfect, it’s time to think about what your date will wear. Some may argue that it’s more difficult for ladies to get ready for formal events, but us gentlemen don’t fall too far behind. It’s tough for us, too.

Nordstrom Homecoming for Him

Let’s break down a homecoming look that anyone’s date will look like a king in:

Nordstrom Homecoming for Him

Topman Skinny Fit Cotton Flannel Trousers (on sale right now!) | Calibrate Dress Shirt

Whether your date is a traditionalist or a guy who thinks outside the box, this look is fantastic. I paired a classic slim-fit black blazer with comfortable Topman Skinny Fit Trousers, then added a pop of color with a vibrant purple dress shirt. For guys who like to keep things more low-key, a white dress shirt would look just as sharp.

Nordstrom Homecoming for Him

To finish off, I opted for a silver watch and a Ted Baker bow tie. A colorful bow tie definitely separates you from everyone else in the room and really solidifies your individuality.


For a stylish twist on the classic tuxedo, leather sleeves and lapels take things to the next level. I chose a cream-colored shirt and my favorite python dress shoes to complete the look.


You don’t always have to conform to society or play by the rules: The best part about fashion is there aren’t any rules!

Enjoy your homecoming!
- James G.