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Unfortunately I don’t have tickets to any music festivals this spring or summer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress like I’m going to one. Instead of attending Coachella or Lollapalooza, I’ll be daydreaming about what I’d wear if I were going to these outdoor concerts.




Both Bella and I are rocking breezy, spring dresses from Mimi Chica!


This spring, clean out your closet AND earn Nordstrom Notes to revamp your wardrobe with Watch the video to find out how:

If that isn’t an incentive to rid yourself of all your grandma’s “vintage” (okay, save the Chanel), I don’t know what is! Happy cleaning! :)


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April 12, 2014

Inside the BP. Prom Truck

Most high schools are heading into their fourth and final quarter of the year, which can only mean one sparkly, bejeweled, glamorous and awkward thing: prom. That’s right, mom-who-loves-to-scrapbook, your time to bombard your teen with photos has nearly arrived. I would say the best part about prom is choosing the look—specifically, the dress! Shopping for a prom dress is a pinnacle process in a high school girl’s life, and should therefore be as fun as possible.

This year BP. has done their best to turn prom dress shopping into the most adorable and fun activity around. If you haven’t heard, BP. has sent a “Prom Truck” from coast to coast, showing off the latest prom dresses and accessories. The “truck” is really a remodeled VW Van, furnished and painted pink and blue! Take a look:


I mean, how amazing is that? The van made its final tour stop this past weekend in Seattle, and I was able to check out the secret world concealed within its retro doors.



My friends and I looked through the dresses on display, all of which were beautiful, vibrant and unique. Our favorite was this detailed ball gown:


The van also carried prom accessories, everything from rhinestone pumps to statement necklaces and clutches. I couldn’t believe how many charming secrets were concealed within the prom truck!


I absolutely love that blue bow clutch.


There was room for my friends and I to sit inside and admire the enchanting interior of the van. One Direction was playing through the speakers when this photo was taken, so it was truly a beautiful moment. If you had the chance to see the prom truck, #nordstrombp and #countdowntoprom on any photos you upload to Instagram!

Check out The Prom Shop to see all of BP.’s prom styles. :)

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April 11, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! There’s not one single thing we don’t like about today’s song or the video that goes with it. In fact, there’s not one thing we don’t like about this band, period.

Check ‘em out:

Love them? Rolling Stone just did a great profile on them and you should go read it right now.

In terms of shoes for formal occassions, I tend to go very simple, allowing my dress to take the spotlight. If you’re like me and love to rock fabulously patterned, brightly colored, or glitzy dresses to events such as prom, then these heels are for you!


Topshop ‘Sunny’ Platform


‘Cayna’ Suede Ankle Strap Pump


Jessica Simpson ‘Calkins’ Pump


Topshop ‘Giddy’ Pump

Besides the fact that all of these heels are both unique and wearable, they’re also under $100. So feel free to grab a pair without worrying about blowing your budget!


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April 10, 2014

Effortless Waves


GET THE LOOK: BP. ‘Basic Denim Shorts | Hinge Chambray Shirt | BP. Undercover Bandeau

These days, I’m so over perfectly coiffed hair. Instead, I’ve been lusting after the effortlessly disheveled look. For some girls, this is just how their hair naturally is– if this is you, I am very jealous. Personally, this look takes me about 10x the amount of work of getting sleek straight locks (my natural texture). However, after about two years of experimentation, I think I’ve finally cracked the code on how to obtain unnatural “natural” waves:

1. While your hair is still damp, spritz PHILIP B ‘Maui Wowie Beach’ Hair Mist throughout your mane. Then air dry or if you don’t have enough time to air dry, blow dry using a diffuser

2. With a flat iron, twist random sections of hair to create big loose waves. I use a flat iron because I feel like it gives me more control than a curling iron.

3. Work ALTERNA ‘Bamboo Beach- Mango Coconut’ Refreshing Dry Shampoo into your roots to create lift.

4. If your hair doesn’t hold curl well (like mine), flip your head upside down and spritz some BloPro ‘after blow’ finishing spray or any other strong hold hairspray.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that even if you spend an hour driving down the highway with your windows down, it still looks good (maybe even better)!


P.S. I just want to clarify that I am wearing a bandeau in the above picture! I’m not just standing out in the breeze… Haha.

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 When the weather (finally) gets nice in the Pacific Northwest, people emerge from their umbrellas and head up to the mountains for hiking adventures. My friend Leah and I put on our traditional PNW garb and went exploring in Olympic National Park. We found the Vance Creek Bridge: the second highest railway bridge in America that was never completed. We walked along the bridge (carefully), thinking of Stand By Me and Twin Peaks.


 I wore a short-sleeved floral dress and wool-lined jean jacket.


 We managed to get our feet (donning Mary Janes and oxfords) close enough to the edge to feel like we were dangling in the air above the river. The adventure was a perfect way to kick off the spring season PNW style.

Stay golden,

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Something we don’t talk about very much here on the BP. blog (though we should) is our talented BP. fashion designers. That’s right—we have our very own in-house design team, and we thought it would be cool for you to meet one of them and learn how each season’s new styles go from concept to your closet.

Tracy Griffith has been an in-house fashion designer at Nordstrom for eight years, and has spent the last two of those years designing clothes for you, our BP. friends. We asked her to describe the process of creating a garment, and she said it all starts with an inspiration board that she and her team put together with some help from our Trend Forecasting department. Once she’s got a solid feel for the trend, she starts drawing!


After the drawing has been approved, it’s time to start looking for the perfect fabric. The design team receives fabric samples from all over the world, in every color and texture you can imagine. Tracy sorts through all the samples until she finds the perfect one.



Fabric in hand, it’s time to take her drawing from a dream on paper to the reality of the dressmaker’s dummy. Now she creates her initial sample garment.


That sample garment then goes to market with all the other clothes the designers have dreamed up for the coming season. Buyers from the BP. department will come to the showroom and place their orders for the items they want to see in the stores and online. Once they’ve placed their orders, the patterns get sent to the garment factory for a full production run.


Tracy was nice enough to answer a few questions for us about how she found her career and what it takes to be a working fashion designer:

BP.: How did you get to be a fashion designer? 

TG: I decided at 13 that I wanted to be a fashion designer, I deviated from this plan a couple times along the way, I majored in fashion merchandising for a minute, and also worked as a costume designer for a year but ultimately ended up where I was meant to be, as a fashion designer.  A lot of my friends who are designers have similar stories.  It’s usually something you know you want do from a young age and then it takes a lot of work and dedication but you just work hard and make it happen.

BP.: What’s your favorite part about your job?

TG: My favorite part of the job is that each season there is something new!  I love how fashion is ever-changing, new trends, silhouettes, fabrics, even the change from designing Spring seasons to Fall seasons is an exciting one. It never gets old, it’s always fresh.

BP.: How long does it take between when you design something and when it hits the stores?

TG: It typically takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months.  There are many aspects; designing, sampling, meeting with the buyers, fit, production, and shipping. Each part takes time.

BP.: How do you know what’s going to be in style by the time your designs hit the stores?

TG: There is a lot of research and forecasting involved.  There is a whole part of the fashion industry that is dedicated to trend forecasting.  Nordstrom has their own team and they present to my team and then my Design Director drills it down further for the Juniors Market and presents to me and then I research from there.  I look at what is trending on the runway, in vintage, on the streets, and on blogs. Even though runway shows are more high-level and maybe it doesn’t seem like they directly apply to the juniors market, they do. It is important to look at Runway because it influences what’s trending next across the industry.

BP.: Who are your main inspirations or role models and why?

TG: There are a lot of designers I admire and feel inspired by. Like fashion, the list changes constantly.  My favorite designer right now is Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent. He has really updated the house to look super cool, grunge, and rocker, but he always references something from the original YSL looks in his collections to tie it to the house’s origins.  I’m a huge fan and can’t wait to see more!

My mom is my role model.  She is a very strong and successful business woman and has always empowered me to be and do whatever I want in life. That kind of support and example has been invaluable.

BP.: What’s your number one wardrobe essential right now?

TG: I am loving the combination of crop tops with high waisted bottoms right now.  It feels new, and so right.  A little gratuitous self promotion of a product I designed: this crop tank is great for wearing under cardies and button-downs, with a pair of overalls, or on its own when it’s warm out, I love it!

BP.: If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring fashion designers, what would it be?

TG: Believe in yourself.  Being a designer requires putting yourself out there—your ideas, your creativity, it’s what it’s all about.  Don’t be afraid, go for it! If something you’ve designed doesn’t work out, don’t take it personally or get discouraged, just move on to your next great idea.

I joined the BP. Fashion Board when I was a sophomore in high school. I had always loved fashion,  and I obviously love Nordstrom, so I thought it was a perfect fit. Since I’ve completed almost two years on the Fashion Board I thought I’d share what a typical meeting is like.


This is the whole Fashion Board for my region at our holiday party in December. At most meetings there are typically around 25-30 members and the manager of the BP. department. I’ve gotten to know a lot of these lovely ladies and have made a few new friends who love fashion just as much as I do.

Each meeting is different and we cover a new topic each time we meet. We’ve had guest speakers from companies like Me to We, who come and talk to us about their jobs in the fashion industry. Sometimes we have more hands-on challenges, such as dressing mannequins as a way to learn about visual merchandising. Another thing the Fashion Board does is discuss trends we love and clothes we’d love to see in BP. The manager takes notes on the trends we’re liking and sends them to Nordstrom buyers so they know exactly what their customers want.

If you’ve already applied, I’m so excited for you to experience Fashion Board for yourself! You’re going to have a blast learning about fashion while surrounded by people who love it just as much as you do. :)



Recently, the funky fun jewelry brand, BaubleBar, was introduced to Nordstrom. BaubleBar was founded by two besties that wanted super trendy jewelry at guilt-free price points. Since then, the brand has become known for its “more is more” attitude. I’m personally a huge fan of bright statement jewelry, so I’m really excited to start shopping this brand.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection:


SHOP: Blue Pendant Necklace‘Peacock’ EarringsBracelets and CuffPink Pendant Necklace