Last Dance

Happy Friday! Sort of. We have some sad news for you, friends. Not only are our four beloved bloggers moving on to the next phase of their lives, but…we are, too.

Yeah. The BP. blog is closing its doors forever.

It’s been an incredible run. We have so loved sharing DIY projects and OOTDs and prom inspirations and travel pics and hair tips and every other wonderful thing with you. We’re going to miss you so much.

The good news is that the Thread is still going strong—stronger now than ever before. So if you want to read awesome interviews with hot designers and musicians, if you want to scoop the latest trends, if you want to see luscious photos of crave-worthy fashion, well, Nordstrom has got your back. There’s even a Friday music feature every week called Listen Up!, so you can still get your dance on.

So let’s have one last dance together and let’s make it good. Lion Babe seems like the right lady to take us into the end zone, don’t you think?

xoxoxo forever
-the BP. blog crew


Alas, the time has come. And no I’m not crying, I just happen to be chopping an onion as I write this post. I mean when you think about it, we’ve done a lot together this past year. We’ve been back to school (twice), gone to New York City (twice), made numerous beach trips, had countless cooking frenzies and DIY-ed basically everything possible.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity to share a little bit of my life with you guys. Your support has meant the world to me and this blog has pushed me to become a better person, one who chases her dreams and isn’t afraid of what others will think. For that, I am forever thankful.


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I can’t believe the time has come to write my very last Nordstrom blog post. It seems like just yesterday, I was boarding a flight to Seattle, where I would meet the amazing BP. team and my fellow bloggers. It’s all been such an incredible experience, and I’ll hold onto these memories forever. Boo—this is so sad to write!

Let’s make this last post a bit sweeter by looking back at some great memories.


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Farewell from James

First and foremost, this experience will forever be one for the books: from the trip to Seattle to the blogging experience to the monthly meetings. Let’s stroll down memory lane with a look at my three favorite posts.


Meet BP. Blogger James

Of course, my introductory post is one of my faves. Traveling to Seattle and meeting the other bloggers and the friendly people at Nordstrom headquarters was definitely a moment for life. Nothing can compare to it!

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Bye-Bye from Bella

Sadly, all things come to an end. For me, not only am I saying goodbye to all of you and this amazing experience, but also to my friends and family as I start the next chapter of my life as a college student.

This past year has been wonderful, and I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity to meet my fellow bloggers, Amber, James and Caroline, as well as the great people at the Nordstrom Corporate Office, including my amazing editor Amy and the marketing whiz Whitney. I have learned so much, not only about myself but also about the ins and outs of the fashion industry.


I wanted to share with you some of the blooper photos from the past year to show my goofier side.

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What’s in My Backpack

Backpacks: also known as the container of all things crucial during the school year. They are basically my life and they keep me sane, so I figured I’d show y’all some of the things I like to carry in mine for school. (Cue the “Backpack” song from Dora the Explorer. Haha.)


makeup bagwater bottle, some notebooks and headphones are just a few of my essentials.



 Yours truly,



Pumpkin spice lattes, plaid everything, the crunch of crisp fall leaves … wait, what? It’s only August—and 90 degrees out!

This pretty much sums up my current state of mind, absorbed in everything autumn but conflicted because it’s still summer. So here are a couple of outfit ideas to help you transition from summer to fall and get excited for the upcoming season.

Outfit #1


I think this is a pretty good balance of summer and fall. The denim skirt adds an autumnal touch, but it’s still very summery with its A-line cut.


Plus the colors in this top remind me of falling autumn leaves. Just remember to keep cool with lighter fabrics when wearing deep fall colors.

Top | Skirt | Boots

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Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Summer’s flown by and we can hardly believe that the countdown for going back to school has started. Argh!

Fortunately, we’ve got a new drop from One Direction to help you savor the last precious days of freedom. (We’re not gonna lie: we have Very Strong Feelings about post-Zayn 1D. However, we still have a soft spot for our boys. And it’s a good video—1D in space!)


End-of-Summer OOTD

Just because the season is coming to an end doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing all your favorite summer clothes at once. In fact, I’d say you should wear them as long as you can—soon enough it will be time to start layering for the cold.


Tees | Shorts | Platform sandals

Clare (pictured here) and I are all about sticking to a neutral aesthetic when it comes to a go-to outfit. The weather this day was just warm enough for shorts but not too hot for a comfy tee. Plus, her chunky sandals are both fashionable and comfortable for walking around town.




So, last night was really a “Moment 4 Life.” Seriously, the Nicki Minaj concert was AMAZING! On top of that, I waited three hours to meet her. (I still can’t even believe it all happened, tbh.)

James at the Nicki Minaj concert


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