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April 17, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? We’re looking forward to some delicious brunch, then a little yoga with Janelle Monae. She promised to show us some new moves and we’re super excited about it.

Recently, wearing a matching set or two-piece has become a major trend. Lily Collins and Taylor Swift are two celebrities who are well known for wearing a two-pieces to red carpet events.

This year Sherri Hill has been the main brand (that I’ve noticed) to really commit to designing two-pieces for glamorous events. Here are two of my favorites:

If you have a more girly and flirtatious style, I would totally tell you to rock this awesome chiffon, “tu-tu esque” maxi skirt with the matching embellished top.


Sherri Hill: Embellished Crop Tank & Chiffon Skirt

 If you have a more edgy and boho style, like myself, this slick maxi skirt and detailed, embellished top are a great choice.


Sherri Hill: Embellished Crop Halter Tank & Jersey Skirt


April 16, 2015

Yoga for Beginners

Everyone knows that yoga is a relaxing way to get in shape for summer, so I enlisted the yoga expert in my life, my sister Deonna, to show you some simple poses you and your friends can try at home.


Check out her top five favorite beginners’ poses—if you see one you like, click the title of the pose to for a step-by-step tutorial.

1. Upward Bow: This pose helps strengthen your arms, legs, abdomen and spine.

IMG_6364 copy

2. Seated Pose: This post is great for strengthening the abdominal area. It also helps relieve lower-back pain.

IMG_6346 copy copy

3. Pigeon Pose: This pose increases the external range of your hips and prepares your body for backbends.

IMG_6353 copy

4. Reverse Plank Pose: Strengthens the arms, length and wrists.

IMG_6343 copy

5. Warrior II Pose: This pose helps strengthen and stretch the legs and ankles. It also helps to increase stamina.

IMG_6320 copy copy

Getting fit doesn’t always have to be stressful. In fact, with the help of yoga it can be quite soothing. Try some poses out by yourself or with friends and enjoy getting in shape!

Credits Photography: Nicole Kudrav Model: Deonna Gandy


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Festival season has begun! Now whether you find yourself in the desert or basking in the fresh springtime air, we think this cold-shoulder blouse is a wardrobe essential.


soprano cold shoulder blouse | $36

Why we love it:

The paisley print. The muted hues and small paisleys give this top some instant boho style. Perfect for an outdoor concert, art festival or just lounging in the backyard.

The cold-shoulder cutouts. Come on, how cute are they? We love that you can show off some peekaboo skin without going too far.

The breezy fit. There’s something about the loose fit of this top that has us anxious to be outside. It’s light and kind of romantic—not to mention super comfortable. Enjoy!

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Starry summer nights, endless dancing, and magic everywhere… From SXSW to Coachella to Outside Lands, festival season is here.

I’ll definitely be dropping some more festival outfit posts…but for now, here’s a few things every gal should bring for festival days ahead. Even if you’re not heading to Bonnaroo, these items are perfect for any spring and summer festivities.

1. Statement Bags


Tote | Backpack | Crossbody

Whether its a tote, purse, or backpack, one thing’s for sure: You’ll need something to put all your other necessities in. Why not opt for a festive one?

Now we get to the things:

2. SUNSCREEN. LIPBALM. MOISTURIZER. (Caps because this stuff is important!)


Sunscreen Lotion | Zinc Oxide | Chapstick

3. A Pair of Sunnies


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

4. A Floppy Hat


1 | 2 | 3

Ok, yup, I’ve definitely just listed all the things you’ll need to protect yourself from the sun…all the stylish things, at least. ;)

xo ॐ – Amber

The May 1 deadline for the 2015 Nordstrom Scholarship is right around the corner. That means you have just a few more weeks to pull together your application for a $10,000 college scholarship! Making your application stand out from the crowd can be tough, so we decided to get some tips from the experts, previous Nordstrom Scholarship recipients Tiara Jones and Hannah Yoo.


Nordstrom Scholarship Winners Hannah Yoo and Tiara Jones

What made you want to apply to the Nordstrom Scholarship?

Hannah: I learned about the scholarship on the Nordstrom website. I was so happy to see the video of all those deserving people being rewarded for their service and hard work both in and out of school. The Nordstrom scholarship seemed like a great opportunity, but being selected as one of the 80 recipients out of thousands of applicants made me believe my chances were microscopic. But, as quoted in one of my favorite movies, “A Cinderella Story”: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Why do you think your application stood out?

Tiara: I think my application stood out because of the details I was able to share about my involvement with community service organizations, the extracurricular activities I’ve participated in, and my academic achievements.

Hannah: Throughout the entire application and interview process, I wanted to be genuine. I wanted to accurately paint the picture of who I am as a person by sharing details about the activities I loved to participate in, as well as being extremely truthful and honest in my personal statement, which described my lowest as well as the highest points in my life.

What was the most memorable part of the application process?

Hannah: The whole journey was unbelievable. The interview was fun—I was eager to answer questions and even made them laugh as I reenacted the celebratory dance I did when I got the finalist notification email. The interview was definitely the most memorable part because I loved that I got an opportunity to show them who I am.

What tips do you have for students who are planning to apply for the Nordstrom scholarship?

Tiara: My first piece of advice would be to apply early so that you have more time to work on your essays, which are important since they’re a reflection of who you are as a student. Have an updated resume close by as you’re working on the application so you can include information about all the things you’ve done in your school and community. Lastly, it’s important to believe in yourself—you can do it!

Hannah: Don’t make excuses. Just apply! Take a chance. You’ll never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be. In fact, applying for this scholarship (writing a personal statement, interviewing and asking for recommendations) helped me a lot with my college application process. Even though this may seem a little clichéd, it’s true: be genuine and authentic. Write about something that you are passionate about. Show who you are. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be in my shoes, writing for the Nordstrom BP. blog and giving advice to hopeful Nordstrom scholars.

Tell us about your plans for college!

Tiara: I love fashion and design. I’m planning to attend the University of Cincinnati to study Fashion Design and Makeup/Wig Design.

Hannah: I plan on majoring in business and perhaps getting a minor in social entrepreneurship. I’m interested in a lot of subjects and activities, such as mathematics, writing, fashion, and different cultures and perspectives. I would love to pursue social entrepreneurship. No matter which college I end up at, I know I’ll have a lot of fun seizing opportunities, meeting new people and learning so much.

Want $10,000 of your own for college? Applications are due May 1. Learn more and get started!

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April 14, 2015

OOTD: L.A. Style

Hot weather calls for breezy clothes, which my sister and I were happy to wear when we visited Los Angeles over spring break.

My sister has an edgy style that I always think of as California style. In this outfit, her long flannel vest and extra-high Converse add the edge, while her high-waisted shorts and cropped tee deliver the laid-back California vibe.

Speaking of breezy and laid back: I am in love with light-weight joggers. Mine are printed, which makes them even more fun and interesting. I paired them with an oversized blouse, and went with red Converse for that all-important pop of color.


Get My Look: Blouse (not available yet, but coming soon from LUSH) | Joggers | Converse


April 11, 2015

Spring Lookbook

Now that spring is in full bloom, what better way to get outfit inspo than from a superquick lookbook video? The video includes three looks inspired by lots of florals, light denim and a delicate color palette.

My friend Brittney and I had so much fun filming this little lookbook, so we hope you guys enjoy!

Nordstrom BP: Spring Lookbook from Amber Iman on Vimeo.

xo ॐ – Amber

April 10, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Remember how we were talking about Shamir and how much we love him? It’s still happening. Love. Love. Love.

Wishing you a weekend full of dancing Muppets, classic cars and endless horizons.

My grandparents recently celebrated 50 years of marriage by renewing their wedding vows.


Me, my mom and my sister before the ceremony.

As I packed for the trip, I realized that styling outfits for weddings is extremely difficult, especially spring or summer ceremonies when weather can be unbearably hot. So here are a few tips I came up with for styling an outfit:

1. Light Colors and Pastels
Light, pastel-colored outfits are best for spring and summer weddings. In a traditional wedding, the bride will white or cream, and pastels will perfectly complement her dress. Bonus: pastels are super trendy right now. I love them for weddings because they give off a joyful, cheerful feeling.

J.O.A. Floral Print Dress


2. Minimal Accessories
Remember that the bride is the star of the show! This is her moment, so you don’t want to outshine her. Keep your accessories simple and minimal.



Girly Plated Drusy Pendant Necklace


BP. ‘Mallory’ Ankle Strap Pump

3. Only Buy if You’ll Wear Twice
When I go shopping for special events, I only buy things that I’ll wear more than once. For instance, I plan to wear the dress I wore to my Baccalaureate mass to my graduation ceremony.