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August 21, 2014

Decorate Your Dorm Room

One of the things I’m looking forward to most  this fall is decorating my dorm room. I think decor should accomplish two things: serve as a creative expression of the decorator (that’s you!) and serve some sort of functional purpose.


For the cork board, you’ll need an old picture frame preferably with matting (the card stock-like material that is used to mount pictures) in the back, and a roll of cork. I found the picture frame at GoodWill and the cork in my basement; however, I’m sure that rolls of cork are available at craft stores. All you do is remove the glass of the picture frame, disassemble the picture frame, cut the cork to fit the frame, and then hot glue the cork to the matting. Once the glue is dry, reassemble the picture frame and you’re ready to decorate. I use mine to hang inspiration, concert tickets, and notes. For push pins, I just use old earrings that I don’t wear very often—repurposing AND more importantly, so much cuter than thumb tacks. I also stick the rest of my earrings in the cork, so that I don’t lose them!

To hang the necklaces, I just used Command hooks. These little guys are especially great for the dorms because they’re extremely strong, but don’t ruin the walls!

Can’t wait to get the rest of my decor figured out and move in!



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 Happy August! I can sometimes feel sort of apprehensive and sad for school during this month, but I have decided instead to live a glorious dance-filled four weeks. And what better way to do so than to immerse myself in music and sun? The Bumbershoot festival comes to Seattle every Labor Day weekend, featuring tons of amazing artists—a perfect event to fulfill my glittery August wishes.

For any of you attending Bumbershoot in the Emerald city, get familiar with both the fashions and musicians!


For music festivals, it’s always key to dress for the extreme heat. Flouncy dresses and lightweight rompers are wonderful when shuffling through big, hot crowds. For Bumbershoot, add some Seattle flare with ’90s floral print dresses or overalls. You gotta embrace the grunge!

Need to familiarize yourself with some Bumbershoot artists? Check out two of my favorites that are playing this year:

This lovely video from The Head and The Heart features Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars fame. I adore the vintage looks and antique cars.

Hurray for the Riff Raff is Alynda Lee Segarra, a very talented American folk artist whose voice and style remind me of a California breeze.

For the entire Bumbershoot lineup, head to their website! And then hit BP. and Topshop for your festival looks. :)

Stay golden,



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August 19, 2014

My Fall Fashion Favorites

Besides new Starbucks drinks, the pumpkin patch and Fashion Week, my favorite thing about fall is fall clothing. As much as I do love dressing for cold weather, September can often be a tricky month. It’s not quite cold enough to wear a sweater, yet it’s definitely not so hot that I’d need to wear shorts. I put together this collage of perfect September pieces to add to your closet!


I’ve been basically living in dresses this whole summer (I think I added about 5 new styles to my wardrobe in the past month alone!) and I don’t see my dress obsession ending anytime soon. I love this sheer tunic dress because it incorporates autumnal colors and a lightweight fabric: perfect for September weather.

I’ve been lusting after a black felt hat for ages. They’ve been on trend for the past year and I think they’re so versatile for any season whether it be fall or spring. A hat like this is definitely a good investment!

I’m really feeling silver jewelry for autumn. I think this color adds a nice contrast to a warm toned outfit and I’m loving the tribal/bohemian style of this beaded statement necklace.

One of the most agonizing feelings is having new sweaters to wear but not being able to wear them because it just isn’t quite cold enough yet. The solution to this problem is wearing a short sleeved sweater style shirt. The material is thick, but the short sleeves and boxy cut of this top make it more breathable.

Y’all, I’m completely obsessed with suede. I think it’s such an interesting texture, especially paired with contrasting textures such as silk or mohair. This perforated faux suede skirt is such a perfect color for fall. I’d pair it with a denim shirt and some oxfords for a preppy ensemble.

I’m a huge fan of Sam Edelman shoes and these booties are no exception. I love the subtle print on the back as well as the small studs on the heel. The low heel actually makes these shoes perfect for back to school, paired with some relaxed boyfriend jeans and a slouchy gray tee.

What are your fall fashion faves? Leave a comment telling me what you’re lusting after.


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August 18, 2014

Monday Dance Party

Guess what? T-Swift dropped a new video this very morning and it’s too good to save for Friday.

August 18, 2014

My BP. Back-to-School Picks

August is here! For many of you, that means the first day of school is just around the corner. I know I’m dreading it and my school year doesn’t even begin until September 29th! However, I’m already trying to figure out my fall wardrobe. Since I’ll be living in the dorms, I won’t have nearly as much spare closet space as I do at home. Taking that into consideration, my style statement will be focused on versatile separates in a neutral palette. This plays nicely with my boho chic aesthetic while also saving space for shoes, shoes, and more shoes! Here are a few of my favorite picks from BP.:



Happy back to school shopping!


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My friends and I recently decided to take advantage of a beautiful Northwest day to shoot a celebratory August lookbook out on the beach. What were we celebrating? Friendship, sunshine, adventure and wild beauty. Some of my favorite photos of the day feature our loose, individualized clothing and penchant for barefoot meandering.







I adore Andrea’s delicate, ethereal dress- fitting not only for occasions, but also for contemplating life and seashells on the beach.


Get out and enjoy the last lovely summer days with your friends. In your wildflower shorts and stripes, admire the simple amusement of wandering and laughter.

And after you have your adventure, share your photos and stories with me. :)

Stay golden,

August 15, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Summer’s winding down here in the Pacific Northwest, and although we know that lots of our readers will be hot until late October, we can’t help but frantically try to cram in every summer thing ever into the last couple of weeks of August. In Seattle, the clouds close in promptly on August 31 and don’t part again until July 4 of next year. Which makes today’s video extra-inspiring, because we have exactly two weeks to go outside in shorts, crop tops and roller skates and pretend to be roller goddesses from a higher dimension.

Roller deities aside, we hope you enjoy this latest single from Australian up-and-comer Chet Faker as much as we do. He’s one of our superstar faves right now.

P.S. Kids, don’t try this at home without elbow and knee pads and a helmet. For reals.

August 15, 2014

My Senior Portraits

Gosh, time flies. I can’t believe I’m preparing to be a senior in high school next year. Between working on my college essays, studying for the SAT, and finalizing my senior year schedule, it’s been a whirlwind of activities to prepare for the next 9 months. Last week, I checked something off my senior year list: getting my senior photos taken! I don’t know how it works at other schools, but at mine, we’re required to have senior portraits taken over the summer so they can be published in the yearbook by the end of the year. I’ve  been looking forward to this ever since I started high school, and I’m very pleased with how my photos turned out.

Take a look:



I decided to go with a reddish colored top for my photos because I like the way red looks with my skin and hair. I went with simple, neutral makeup and straightened my (short!!) hair. My best pal Will Nielsen photographed my senior portraits, of course. When choosing a photographer for your senior pics, I would recommend going with someone that you’re comfortable with. Will and I have done photo shoots a million times, so I knew I would be comfortable around him and in front of the camera.



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Only 40 more minutes to save! Want to score a pair of skinnies for cheap, cheap, cheap? For every 10K likes this post receives on Instagram, we’ll reduce the price of these jeans by 10%.

Voting ends at 5pm PST, so get to clickin’!


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Okay, we seriously love this coated shift dress. As we gear up for fall and back-to-school, this little number has the perfect edgy tone to send you strutting through the halls in style.

herocoated shift dress | $48

Why we love it:

The color. This deep, purply burgundy is great for cooler weather. It offers a nice alternative to black and grey, but still is dark and easy to pair with other colors.

The coating. The shiny topcoat gives you that edgy leather look without being so hardcore.

The casual look. It’s great for casual outings, like school! Just throw on a chunky scarf, denim jacket and some sneakers like these amazing Converse x Missoni high-tops.


scarf | sneakers | dress | hat | denim jacket

The cool look. This dress is so fun for formal occasions, too—just grab some sparkly earrings and your cutest heels, and you’re ready for a night of fun!


earrings | shoes | dress | bag | jacket

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