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It’s that time of year again: prom! I’ve put together a three-part series to get you ready for your night, and this post is all about finding the right blazer.

The Edge
Whether you’re attending your prom solo or going with a date who is wearing a solid color, you can add some edge to your look with one of these blazers. One of the easiest ways to jazz up your prom look is by wearing a blazer that puts a witty twist on  traditional style.


Blue Skinny Fit Tuxedo Jacket | 2 Faux Leather & Wool Sport Coat  | 3 Animal Print Suit Jacket  | 4  Tartan Check Blazer


The Basics
Not into the edgy prom look? No problem. These traditional blazers are a great choice for prom and easy to match with your date’s dress. The traditional cut looks great on most guys, but if you’re curious about fit, I included a chart below to help you figure out which fit is best for you. 


Textured Tuxedo Jacket | 2 Grey Jacket | 3 Camel Suit Jacket | 4 Off White Tuxedo Jacket



Check back next week for part two of the Style for Guys: Prom Edition series.

- James

April 24, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! We’re not sure how we missed this video when it dropped, but we are so making up for lost time now. Upside to the delayed discovery: Maybe Queen B’s fancy dress will give you the prom inspiration you’ve been looking for!

April 24, 2015

OOTD: Farmer’s Market

In addition to blogging, I also work at my local farmer’s market on the weekends. It’s a seasonal job, so I only come when I’m needed and the weather permits. Last Saturday, Portland finally decided to have some decent weather, so I headed in. It’s still chilly here in the morning, so layers are crucial.


Last week I went with leggings, my favorite “100% Organic” tank (available at Nordstrom soon!) and Nike Roshes. To stay warm in the morning, I threw a fleece-lined windbreaker over a jean shirt.


Who needs a boyfriend when you have boyfriend jeans? It makes sense that boyfriend shorts are also a thing for this spring. Bella and Amber already have you covered when it comes to styling boyfriend jeans, so I decided to show y’all how to style some slouchy boyfriend shorts for the warmer days ahead.

Boyfriend shorts can easily be dressed up or down. I kept it casual here with a flowy olive blouse and an oversized knit cardi.


Boyfriend Shorts | Olive Green Top | Cream Cardigan | Necklace

I’ve fallen completely in love with these shorts and just adore the way they fit my body. They have just the right amount of slouchiness and are so comfortable. I mean, you can’t even tell you’re wearing denim. Ah-mazing!


My long, tribal-inspired necklace adds a little something extra to the outfit, while still keeping that laid-back vibe.



Hope y’all enjoyed this look! If you have any OOTDs you’d like to share, just tag them #nordstrombp because I’d love to see ‘em. And who knows? They just might end up on the in-store video walls or elsewhere in the BP. universe.

Yours truly,

April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

As April is Earth Month and today happens to be Earth Day, today’s post is all about appreciating nature and finding ways to help our planet.

Be One with Nature
In today’s technology-filled world, some of us (myself included) find ourselves retweeting gorgeous sunsets or liking landscape photos instead of actually going outside and seeing these things for ourselves. So… first things first, lets interact with the Earth! Soak up the sun, dance with the flowers, gaze up at the moon.


Go outside! Explore! Adventure!


Appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer. :)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
C’mon, guys, we all know the three R’s from kindergarten, possibly even preschool. Nothing has changed, they are still key factors to follow.

Reduce: Spring cleanout anyone? Go the minimalistic way and reduce the amount of unnecessary stuff you have. You and the Earth will both be happier in the end.


Reuse: If you’re hopelessly attached to unnecessary items and you just can’t seem to throw them out, reuse them for something else.


Recycle: Get rid of waste the right way. Even though it’s almost too easy to just throw your trash away, just remember that you are helping humans, animals and the environment when you recycle.


One last note: It seems silly to just do these things in April, or just today, and I don’t think that’s what Earth Day is about. Let’s use Earth Day to discover what more we can do for the environment. Let’s treat every day like Earth Day.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to help the Earth. :)

xo ॐ
- Amber


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Sunny weather and all-day outings are just around the corner! Whether you’re on a day-trip to the beach or jaunt to the farmer’s market, you’ll need a handy catch-all for everything you need to take with you. So with that in mind, may we present the pineapple tote:


tri-coastal pineapple print tote | $12

Why we love it:

The playful print. Need we say more? We love the quirky pineapples on this tote. They’re fun, super cute, and we love how they add an instant tropical vibe.

The cotton canvas. No need to worry about how you treat this bag. The canvas is super durable, so you can stuff it full of essentials or fold it up when it isn’t in use. Get splashed by the pool? No worries, it’ll dry like it never happened.

The size. Not too small, not too big…juuuuust right.

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I love to use minimal, versatile pieces as the foundation of my wardrobe. I often find that if I buy a simple dress, I can accessorize it in a variety of ways and it becomes almost unrecognizable with each new twist.

For example, here is a simple navy dress:


JS Boutique Strapless Ruched Chiffon Gown

Look 1: Edgy
For an edgy look, I would wear ear cuffs or ear crawlers. They lend a subtle edge factor without committing to something totally out there, like a crazy statement necklace.

   Nordstrom_BP_Blog_Prom_Accessories_Ear_Cuff   Nordstrom_BP_Blog_Prom_Accessories_Ear_Crawler
Topshop Rhinestone Ear CuffBaubleBar ‘Zelda’ Ear Crawlers

Look 2: Feminine and Flirty
For a feminine, flirtatious look I would accessorize with jewelry that has color in it—maybe even with a floral motif.

_10470532 _10404105

BP. Fan Statement Necklace | BP. Fringed Statement Necklace

Look 3: Boho
For a boho look, I would accessorize with a lot of layers. Texture is your friend when it comes to the ’70s-retro trend.

_10486898 _10520287

Topshop Tassel Drop Layered Necklace | BaubleBar ‘Zelda’ Fringe Bib Necklace

I hope I gave you some good ideas to polish your prom look to perfection.


April 20, 2015

That ’70s Style: Part 1

They say fashion has a way of repeating itself, and who doesn’t love time traveling? Bellbottoms paired with crop tops, fringe on everything, funky florals, and non-stop gypsy vibes. My best friend Eliza and I went back to the ’70s to express our inner Stevie Nicks,  and shot a two-part lookbook while we were there.

Look 1: Boho Shorts




Blouse | Shorts | Sandals

Look 2: Suburban Dream



Top | Shorts | Sunglasses

Look 3: Fringe Factor




Top | Sweater | Shorts

Look 4: Shine On





Blouse | Pants

Three more ’70s-inspired outfits coming up in the next post!

xo ॐ – Amber

April 17, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? We’re looking forward to some delicious brunch, then a little yoga with Janelle Monae. She promised to show us some new moves and we’re super excited about it.

Recently, wearing a matching set or two-piece has become a major trend. Lily Collins and Taylor Swift are two celebrities who are well known for wearing a two-pieces to red carpet events.

This year Sherri Hill has been the main brand (that I’ve noticed) to really commit to designing two-pieces for glamorous events. Here are two of my favorites:

If you have a more girly and flirtatious style, I would totally tell you to rock this awesome chiffon, “tu-tu esque” maxi skirt with the matching embellished top.


Sherri Hill: Embellished Crop Tank & Chiffon Skirt

 If you have a more edgy and boho style, like myself, this slick maxi skirt and detailed, embellished top are a great choice.


Sherri Hill: Embellished Crop Halter Tank & Jersey Skirt