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This week we’re stoked to bring you interviews with five social media stars who just so happen to also be the stars of our BP. summer trend guide, the insta-cool life. We invited each one to nab her favorite BP. summer goodies, then style them with her own personal twist—with great results.

Today’s featured fave is Olivia Lopez, better known to her fans as @lustforlife (Instagram), globe-trotter, fashion plate and all-around girl crush. This L.A.-based fashion maven is one of the fashion world’s go-to girls when it comes to festival style, and she’s been featured in Teen Vogue, Vogue Japan, Vogue Spain, Nylon and about a zillion other cool magazines. We love her BP. Summer Essentials picks, mixing and matching unexpected styles that look effortlessly cool together.


crochet-trim tee (now on sale!) | embroidered cut-offsstraw fedora

How would you describe your style?
Classic with an edge, and always subject to where I am in the world.

What’s your trick for taking great Instagram photos?
Lighting and location are key components of a compelling Instagram photo. Choose places that are unique. Whether it’s a landmark, architectural site or a building that is beautifully decayed, exploring a new city or even a route you don’t usually take in your own neighborhood is always a great way to inspire and stay inspired.

Where would you wear this outfit?
I would wear this outfit en route to the airport with an oversized anorak and carry-on suitcase on tow, or grabbing coffee at Alfred’s on Melrose Place at home in L.A.

What are your tips for styling this outfit?
Sometimes the most minimal outfits make the strongest impact, so I would accessorize with dainty necklaces and a pair of nude sandals.

Please share one surprising fact about yourself.
I can’t deny a good cheese plate.

Want to know more about Olivia? Check out her blog to see some seriously incredible travel and fashion photography—and wicked personal style.

That wraps up our profile series, friends. We hope you enjoyed meeting these five inspiring women. And if you’d like to show us how you style your favorite BP. Summer Essentials, just snap a pic and tag it #nordstrombp. You just might find yourself on our in-store video wall, featured on the blog or showcased elsewhere in the BP. universe!

This week we’re stoked to bring you interviews with five social media stars who just so happen to also be the stars of our BP. summer trend guide, the insta-cool life. We invited each one to nab her favorite BP. summer goodies, then style them with her own personal twist—with great results.

Today’s featured fave is Melissa Green, better known to her fans as @melissagreenmachine (Instagram), Oklahoman, professional photographer and total lovebug. If it’s true that the world loves a lover, then Melissa has nothing to fear, like, ever. Her wedding photos and romantic portraits are unashamedly sweet, and her blog is filled with the love stories of the people she photographs. True to form, her BP. Summer Essentials outfit has a feminine flair that is right in line with her pretty portrait aesthetic.


lush skater dressstatement necklace

How would you describe your style?
I love variety in all aspects of life, and that includes my day-to-day wear. I love to dress up with some heels and wear all black with some bright lipstick. (And sequins—oh, baby!) The next day I may grunge down a bit with a flannel tied around my waist and Converse or boots. Comfort is pretty important to me, but I just love trying new things, like making jeans dressy-casual or slouchy-cute with a sweater.

What’s your trick for taking great Instagram photos?
Instagram has honestly become kind of therapeutic for me. It’s a place I can be bold and different with my photos, and the community I have on IG is always so encouraging. Also, I LOVE shadows. You’ll find a lot of light vs. shadow pictures on my feed. I also love white simplicity, but again…variety is key. I travel a lot, and I love to document the vastness of creation, specifically oceans, as well as valleys in the middle of mountain ranges. Finding the right light is important, too.

Where would you wear this outfit?
This dress is great because you can easily dress it up or down. If dressing up for a wedding, as the photographer, I’d wear it with a blazer, and be able to blend in with the guests while capturing the great and beautiful moments of the day and still be comfortable. If it were for something more casual, like brunch with the girls or a picnic with my boyfriend, I would wear the dress with a cute necklace and some simple wedges.

What are your tips for styling this outfit?
Dressing it with accessories would be my aim. I’d wear the necklace in the photo and pair it with some awesome heels or classic and cute flats or sandals. Hair would be in an easy high bun or loose curls/waves.

Please share one surprising fact about yourself.
I lived in China for 6 months and grasped a whole new concept of what community, hospitality and life could be like in an entirely different culture than my own. They’re remarkably kind and welcoming and it was incredibly inspiring.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to meet our last (but not least!) insta-cool star @lustforlife, a.k.a. Olivia Lopez!

This week we’re stoked to bring you interviews with five social media stars who just so happen to also be the stars of our BP. summer trend guide, the insta-cool life. We invited each one to nab her favorite BP. summer goodies, then style them with her own personal twist—with great results.

Today’s featured fave is Luanna Perez-Garreaud, better known to her fans as @luanna90 (Instagram) or Lua P for those who follow her blog, Le Happy. This edgy blogger originally hails from Lima, Peru(!), but moved to NYC a few years back to study fashion design. We were excited to see which of our BP. Summer Essentials she’d pick and how she’d style them, and she didn’t disappoint!


double ruffle swing tank | heart-shaped sunnies

How would you describe your style?
It’s an ever-changing, eclectic mix. Most of my inspiration comes from music, so I will always lean towards ’90s grunge style, with a rock and gothic vibe.

What’s your trick for taking great Instagram photos?
I just try to be as natural as possible. Whenever I see something beautiful I quickly snap a photo and save it for later. Then I take a little time to work out on which filter to use or alter it a bit by adding brightness, sharpness or contrast.

Where would you wear this outfit?
I would wear it anywhere on a warm spring day.

What are your tips for styling this outfit?
I simply styled the top with black bottoms to add more contrast and make the colors pop. Since the top is already eye-catcher, I tried to keep the rest of the outfit simple.

Please share one surprising fact about yourself.
When I was a little kid I wanted to be a veterinarian!

Want to know more about Lua P.? Check out this up-close-and-personal interview. And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to meet our next insta-cool star @melissagreenmachine, a.k.a. Melissa Green!


This week we’re stoked to bring you interviews with five social media stars who just so happen to also be the stars of our BP. summer trend guide, the insta-cool life. We invited each one to nab her favorite BP. summer goodies, then style them with her own personal twist—with great results.

Today’s featured fave is Analisa Nguyen, better known to her fans as @rackandrouge, fashion blogger and Instagrammer extraordinaire. She started blogging back in 2009 (under the moniker Rouge Fox) and is known for her clever, Cali-cool mix of high-low style.

shop this outfit

Analisa indulged her girly side when styling her BP. Summer Essentials outfit. Flowy silhouettes are the perfect complement to romantic lace and vibrant florals, making this grab-and-go outfit look pretty and put-together with an absolute minimum of effort. To keep the look from feeling too precious, Analisa accessorized with her favorite summer go-to: a laid-back straw fedora.

How would you describe your style?
My style is easy, laid back and sun-soaked with SoCal vibes.

What’s your trick for taking great Instagram photos? 
Don’t think! Just take lots of photos of anything and everything, and at the end of the day, pick only your favorites to post. My best photos always turn out to be the ones where almost no thought was involved.

Where would you wear this outfit? 
I’d wear this outfit to the beach. Loose, flowy pieces are the best for sunny beach days. Can’t forget the perfect straw hat to stay shady under.

What are your tips for styling this outfit? 
Less is more. These pieces already make a statement on their own, so I’d keep the accessorizing as minimal as possible.

Please share one surprising fact about yourself.
I can’t eat out anywhere without getting dessert…it’s…impossible!

Want to know more about Analisa? Hop on over to Teen Vogue to find out her favorite places to shop, the best things about being a fashion blogger and how she got her start. And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to meet our next insta-cool star @luanna90, a.k.a. Luanna Perez!

Happy Memorial Day! This week we’re stoked to bring you interviews with five social media stars who just so happen to also be the stars of our BP. summer trend guide, the insta-cool life. We invited each one to nab her favorite BP. summer goodies, then style them with her own personal twist—with great results.

We’re kicking off this mini-series with YouTube star @makeupbymandy24 (a.k.a. Amanda Steele), who’s been rocking the vlogging world with smart, on-trend makeup how-tos since she was 10 years old.


shop this outfit

Amanda chose a breezy, boho-chic look for her photoshoot. She paired a simple white crop top with high-waist cutoffs, which let her chiffon cardigan take center stage. Etched bangles and heart-shaped sunnies (only $12!) add the perfect finishing touches for this festival-ready outfit.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as current and edgy.

What’s your trick for taking great Instagram photos? 
Good lighting is the number one thing needed for a good Instagram picture!

Where would you wear this outfit? 
I would wear this outfit on a casual day by the beach with friends.

What are your tips for styling this outfit? 
Adding warmer-toned accessories to this makes it look extra boho and cute.

Please share one surprising fact about yourself.
I played softball for five years.

Want to know more about Miss Amanda Steele? Hop on over to Teen Vogue to find out who some of her favorite vloggers are, what makeup essentials she always has with her and how she got her start. And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to meet our next insta-cool star @rackandrouge, a.k.a. Analisa Nguyen!

Something we don’t talk about very much here on the BP. blog (though we should) is our talented BP. fashion designers. That’s right—we have our very own in-house design team, and we thought it would be cool for you to meet one of them and learn how each season’s new styles go from concept to your closet.

Tracy Griffith has been an in-house fashion designer at Nordstrom for eight years, and has spent the last two of those years designing clothes for you, our BP. friends. We asked her to describe the process of creating a garment, and she said it all starts with an inspiration board that she and her team put together with some help from our Trend Forecasting department. Once she’s got a solid feel for the trend, she starts drawing!


After the drawing has been approved, it’s time to start looking for the perfect fabric. The design team receives fabric samples from all over the world, in every color and texture you can imagine. Tracy sorts through all the samples until she finds the perfect one.



Fabric in hand, it’s time to take her drawing from a dream on paper to the reality of the dressmaker’s dummy. Now she creates her initial sample garment.


That sample garment then goes to market with all the other clothes the designers have dreamed up for the coming season. Buyers from the BP. department will come to the showroom and place their orders for the items they want to see in the stores and online. Once they’ve placed their orders, the patterns get sent to the garment factory for a full production run.


Tracy was nice enough to answer a few questions for us about how she found her career and what it takes to be a working fashion designer:

BP.: How did you get to be a fashion designer? 

TG: I decided at 13 that I wanted to be a fashion designer, I deviated from this plan a couple times along the way, I majored in fashion merchandising for a minute, and also worked as a costume designer for a year but ultimately ended up where I was meant to be, as a fashion designer.  A lot of my friends who are designers have similar stories.  It’s usually something you know you want do from a young age and then it takes a lot of work and dedication but you just work hard and make it happen.

BP.: What’s your favorite part about your job?

TG: My favorite part of the job is that each season there is something new!  I love how fashion is ever-changing, new trends, silhouettes, fabrics, even the change from designing Spring seasons to Fall seasons is an exciting one. It never gets old, it’s always fresh.

BP.: How long does it take between when you design something and when it hits the stores?

TG: It typically takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months.  There are many aspects; designing, sampling, meeting with the buyers, fit, production, and shipping. Each part takes time.

BP.: How do you know what’s going to be in style by the time your designs hit the stores?

TG: There is a lot of research and forecasting involved.  There is a whole part of the fashion industry that is dedicated to trend forecasting.  Nordstrom has their own team and they present to my team and then my Design Director drills it down further for the Juniors Market and presents to me and then I research from there.  I look at what is trending on the runway, in vintage, on the streets, and on blogs. Even though runway shows are more high-level and maybe it doesn’t seem like they directly apply to the juniors market, they do. It is important to look at Runway because it influences what’s trending next across the industry.

BP.: Who are your main inspirations or role models and why?

TG: There are a lot of designers I admire and feel inspired by. Like fashion, the list changes constantly.  My favorite designer right now is Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent. He has really updated the house to look super cool, grunge, and rocker, but he always references something from the original YSL looks in his collections to tie it to the house’s origins.  I’m a huge fan and can’t wait to see more!

My mom is my role model.  She is a very strong and successful business woman and has always empowered me to be and do whatever I want in life. That kind of support and example has been invaluable.

BP.: What’s your number one wardrobe essential right now?

TG: I am loving the combination of crop tops with high waisted bottoms right now.  It feels new, and so right.  A little gratuitous self promotion of a product I designed: this crop tank is great for wearing under cardies and button-downs, with a pair of overalls, or on its own when it’s warm out, I love it!

BP.: If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring fashion designers, what would it be?

TG: Believe in yourself.  Being a designer requires putting yourself out there—your ideas, your creativity, it’s what it’s all about.  Don’t be afraid, go for it! If something you’ve designed doesn’t work out, don’t take it personally or get discouraged, just move on to your next great idea.

Ever since I started blogging I’ve acquired quite the collection of bloopers. Most of them are way too embarrassing to put on the blog, but I thought since it’s April Fool’s Day, what better way to make fun of myself than post a few of these gems. Enjoy. ;)


Natural poses are the key to a successful photoshoot.



It feels good to be a gangsta.



Model. Blogger. Tai Chi Master.



Born to mime.


As you can  see, I take my jobs as model and blogger very seriously. Tyra Banks repeatedly tells me that my smize is perfection, and that you, too, should try to emulate the faces and poses I made in these pictures.

Have a great April Fool’s Day, hooligans!



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On my recent trip to Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to spend the day with Mimi Chica. I’ve always been curious about what it’s ACTUALLY like to work in the fashion industry. Thanks to Mimi Chica, I got to meet so many cool people and hear their stories about how they started working in fashion, not to mention spend my day surrounded by beautiful clothes.


 I took my photographer friend Bella along for the fun. Also pictured: my lovely “tour guides” Julie and Tara. Both of them are Mimi Chica experts and taught me everything I needed to know about the company.



This is one of the many clothing racks that filled the Mimi Chica showroom space. I think I was in heaven being surrounded by all these beautiful clothes! Julie explained to me that there were so many racks because she had just returned from New York market, which means that tons of clothing brands from all over the country come to New York so that buyers from different companies such as Nordstrom can look at everyone’s clothes and order what they want for their store.



Mimi Chica is known for having eclectic and quirky prints. I had the privilege of meeting the printmakers themselves! When I asked them “Is that all you do, just make cool prints all day?” they looked at each other, laughed, and responded, “Yes!”


Lucky for me, the co-owner of Mimi Chica was in his office when I visited. It was so interesting to hear his story of how he broke into the fashion industry and started Mimi Chica with his wife, Michelle.


After a delicious lunch at the Ace Hotel in LA (and after snapping this quick shot of Bella at the rooftop lounge), we headed toward the production offices for the brand.


The group watched the end of a fitting (when clothes are tried on by a fit model and adjustments are made so that the garment can be as comfortable and easy to wear as it can be), and I wandered around the space taking photos. I noticed some tie-dye fabric hanging by a window (along with some adorable potted cacti, I might add) and decided to take a picture of it because of how the vibrant colors cheered up the office.

I had such an incredible day with Mimi Chica to say the least. Huge, huge, HUGE thank you to Tara and Julie for having Bella and I, and for showing us the basics of the brand. And another huge thank you to everyone that I met at the offices, you all are wonderful and have the best jobs ever.


P.S. Check out the latest from Mimi Chica’s spring line!

My photographer, Bella, and I have gotten into the habit of filming our shenanigans on photo shoots. In this behind-the-scenes footage, we’ll take you to a few of our go-to photo shoot locations (from the ‘Channeling Frida: Hair and Makeup How-To‘ shoot, specifically), show you more of my dorky personality, and of you’ll of course get a glimpse of one of our post-shoot rituals: getting sushi. :)

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Ever wonder what it’s like to win a contest, have your design sold internationally AND spend the day behind the scenes at TOMS? Well, wonder no more, gentle readers. BP. Fashion Board member Brooke tells us all about her fabulous day in the winner’s circle:

“‘TOMS Monday’ was literally the best day of my life! I was sitting in biology when my friend came in and told me that my parents were at school. I was kind of nervous, because right after she said that all of the administration came in with my parents and some other people I didn’t recognize. They all had cameras and Ryan Gilmore, one of the TOMS marketers asked, ‘Is Brooke in this class?’

Reluctantly, I answered, ‘Yesss…’

Then he made me stand up and walk to the front of the class and he presented me with the TOMS shoe that I had designed. He also told me that I would be going with him and the TOMS crew to Los Angeles for the day to go visit TOMS and meet the people who made my design into a shoe. I changed out of my uniform and headed excitedly over to their van where there was another surprise waiting for me: my two best friends, Hunter and Bri! I was so shocked that they’d kept the secret for about a month.

After that surprise we were on our way to L.A. We stopped at Randy’s Donuts for breakfast—the donuts were the best donuts I have ever had. Once we arrived at TOMS I met more marketers and designers and we talked about new designs to come. They surprised each of us with our own sweatshirt and journal. After touring TOMS and meeting many people, they kindly took us to a very nice lunch in Venice Beach. The food was absolutely amazing, by far the best lunch I have ever had. To continue the day, we went to the Flagstaff building which is a TOMS merchandise store and also a quaint coffee shop. The people there were very friendly and were so enthusiastic about my shoes. Then, to make the day even better, we went and got gelato. They had chocolate hazelnut and it was absolutely delicious.

We walked around Venice for a little bit, then went by the apartment where TOMS began. It was amazing to know that such a huge company started in a tiny place that you can only enter through a back alley. After looking at the apartment, we went back to TOMS and played ping-pong while Ryan and Micah talked in the building. Then all of a sudden we saw them walk out with two huge brown boxes and set them on the table. A few minutes later there were several boxes of TOMS on the table and Sharpies and paint pens. We each got two pairs to decorate! Then Ryan told us that he had another surprise for us: sunglasses! They were so cool! Bri and I chose purple and Hunter chose the yellow ones.

Then, Casey (the photographer and videographer) asked if he could take some pictures of my feet. I found this funny because as a soccer player my feet aren’t that pretty, but luckily the TOMS crew covered that. When it was time to do my interview they told me to just be excited and tell them everything that I told them earlier, just on camera. It was such a cool moment to be filmed by such an amazing company and hopefully I can spread the word about their company to everyone I meet. I love how the basis of their company is to help those in need. I asked Ryan how old you have to be to work there and he told me college. So hopefully I can get an intership there when I go to college!

To end the day we headed back to Nordstrom in Brea for our BP. Fashion Board final meeting. Micah and Ryan brought shirts for all of the girls in the Fashion Board, which I thought was really kind of them. The day was just full of kind, funny people and I loved it and soaked in every minute I could of it, because something like this doesn’t happen every day. I am so blessed to have been given a day devoted to me and I thank TOMS for that, and also my friends and family for keeping such a wonderful secret, and also God for blessing me with artistic ability that can benefit other people.

I want to end with something Ryan told me. He said, ‘Think about the fact that because you made such an amazing shoe design, we are going to sell thousands of pairs of your shoes and in turn we are going to give thousands of pairs of shoes to children who need them somewhere in the world and you will probably never even meet them.’ That struck a chord in my heart and I hope that one day I WILL be able to meet these people that I am, by the grace of God, able to have an impact on.”

Check out Brooke’s winning design and score a pair for yourself, only at Nordstrom:


Watch Brooke’s interview here.