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To help you girls on your search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, I put together a list of some of my mom’s favorites! Here they are:


1. NARS Contour Blush: This is a great gift if your mom loves makeup and is always looking for ways to turn back the hands of time. (I mean, what mom doesn’t want to look younger?) It gives a subtle, radiant glow and really pops those cheek bones!

2. CHANEL Lévres Scintillantes Glossimer: This is my mom’s go-to gloss (as you can tell by the nearly empty tube)! She keeps one in her bathroom, one in her purse and one in a car. This peachy shade, #43, complements most skin tones. My mom is blond, blue-eyed, and pretty fair-complected, and I’m obviously brunette, green-eyed, and more on the olive side, but this gloss looks great on both of us!

3. Miss Dior Eu de Toilette: For about five years, my mom was obsessed with this perfume. However, she has recently switched it up to BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline. They’re both light, lovely scents.

4. Kate Spade New York ‘Holly Street- Lacey’ Wallet: I just think this wallet is so cute! The black-and-white combination keeps it timeless, and the bow adds an adorably girly touch. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Kate Spade?!

5. Turquoise Statement Necklace: The necklace is actually a vintage turquoise piece that my grandmother passed down to my mom. While real turquoise is probably outside most of our budgets, I’m sure your mom would still enjoy a faux turquoise necklace as a trendy statement piece.

Happy shopping and happy almost Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms out there!


In a season full of AP tests and dress shopping, it’s easy to let Earth Day pass by as just a regular ol’ Tuesday. But please don’t let it go unnoticed!

People have surely been spewing the usual Earth Day musings at you:
“Plant a tree!”
“Turn off your lights!”
“Take a shorter shower!”

While useful , these tips can feel obvious, righteous and monotonous. While I recognize their importance, I feel like Earth Day can be about more than flipping a single switch—like fashion, for instance. You are all glorious, stylish wonders. So start thinking about the clothes and makeup you wear: How and where were the products made?

Here are some of my favorite stylish, eco-friendly things on the Nordstrom site right now:


Vitamin A Striped Bikini Top

When it comes to “reduce, reuse, recycle,” swimwear company Vitamin A is leading the pack. Their swimsuits are made of recycled nylon fiber and are favorites of Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba.


Naya ‘Thalia’ Oxford

Naya always has cute shoes made with “environmentally preferred materials,” like leathers produced in Leather Working Group–rated factories, water-based adhesives, footbeds made from recycled materials, nickel-free hardware, boxes made of 80% recycled paper and reusable shoe bags.

BONUS FACT: Naya’s parent company, Brown Shoe Company, is also tackling the monster issue of excess packaging. All Brown Shoe Company packaging is made from 50% to 100% recycled materials and no virgin materials are used. Plus, they use soy-based ink in their shoeboxes! Sam EdelmanVia SpigaFranco SartoNaturalizer and Dr. Scholl’s are all Brown Shoe Company brands—perfect for a guilt-free shopping spree.


Beaded Leather Stud Earrings | Artisans Anchor Charm Bracelet

Me to We has a bunch of great, sustainably-made jewelry handcrafted by members of the Maasai tribe in Kenya. I especially like these earrings and the anchor charm bracelet.

And not only does Nordstrom carry tons of sustainable, eco-friendly brands, they are actually a founding member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. This is a group of brands, retailers, manufacturers, government and non-governmental organizations, and academic experts working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of clothing and footwear products around the world.



So yes, get outside this Earth day—this Earth week, month and year. But also choose to be fashionably and beautifully sustainable! Remember that clothes that are “kind” to the environment aren’t always made out of trash. Check out the Environmental News Network or National Geographic and educate yourself about green stuff. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Stay green,

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April 12, 2014

Inside the BP. Prom Truck

Most high schools are heading into their fourth and final quarter of the year, which can only mean one sparkly, bejeweled, glamorous and awkward thing: prom. That’s right, mom-who-loves-to-scrapbook, your time to bombard your teen with photos has nearly arrived. I would say the best part about prom is choosing the look—specifically, the dress! Shopping for a prom dress is a pinnacle process in a high school girl’s life, and should therefore be as fun as possible.

This year BP. has done their best to turn prom dress shopping into the most adorable and fun activity around. If you haven’t heard, BP. has sent a “Prom Truck” from coast to coast, showing off the latest prom dresses and accessories. The “truck” is really a remodeled VW Van, furnished and painted pink and blue! Take a look:


I mean, how amazing is that? The van made its final tour stop this past weekend in Seattle, and I was able to check out the secret world concealed within its retro doors.



My friends and I looked through the dresses on display, all of which were beautiful, vibrant and unique. Our favorite was this detailed ball gown:


The van also carried prom accessories, everything from rhinestone pumps to statement necklaces and clutches. I couldn’t believe how many charming secrets were concealed within the prom truck!


I absolutely love that blue bow clutch.


There was room for my friends and I to sit inside and admire the enchanting interior of the van. One Direction was playing through the speakers when this photo was taken, so it was truly a beautiful moment. If you had the chance to see the prom truck, #nordstrombp and #countdowntoprom on any photos you upload to Instagram!

Check out The Prom Shop to see all of BP.’s prom styles. :)

Stay golden,

In terms of shoes for formal occassions, I tend to go very simple, allowing my dress to take the spotlight. If you’re like me and love to rock fabulously patterned, brightly colored, or glitzy dresses to events such as prom, then these heels are for you!


Topshop ‘Sunny’ Platform


‘Cayna’ Suede Ankle Strap Pump


Jessica Simpson ‘Calkins’ Pump


Topshop ‘Giddy’ Pump

Besides the fact that all of these heels are both unique and wearable, they’re also under $100. So feel free to grab a pair without worrying about blowing your budget!


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While my prom isn’t until June, it’s never too early to start looking for a dress (or a date). For those of you who are not willing to spend several hundred dollars on a prom dress (I don’t blame you), but still want to look trend forward, I put together a splurge or snag guide of a few of this season’s cutest styles. Check it out:




SPLURGE: Sherri Hill Embellished Silk Fit & Flare Dress | SNAG: Trixxi Sequin & Tulle Dress




SPLURGE: La Femme Beaded Chiffon Gown | SNAG: Hailey Logan Glitter Ballgown




SPLURGE: Aidan Mattox Embellished Sleeveless Dress | SNAG: Adrianna Papell Beaded Tank Dress




SPLURGE: Xscape Beaded Halter Gown | SNAG: Way-In Beaded Strapless Gown




SPLURGE: Aidan Mattox Sequin Gown | SNAG: Dress the Population Sequin Body-Con Dress



SPLURGE: Dress the Population Chiffon Dress | SNAG: Way-In Skater Dress




SPLURGE: ML Monique Lhuillier Ballgown | SNAG: Adrianna Papell Ballgown

Whether your dress is $80 or $500, remember that prom isn’t just about wearing the dress, it’s about making memories in the dress. :)


P.S. Find more amazing dresses in the Prom Shop!


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Hey BP. girls! Exciting news: Last Saturday I got to interview Kendall and Kylie Jenner (and Steve Madden!) at a launch event for their Madden Girl shoe and bag collection.

Before you read the interivew, I just want to give you an idea of how die-hard the Kendall and Kylie fans were. I talked to the first people in line—Brian and Briana from Ventura, CA. They arrived at the early (or late) hour of 1am (12 hours before the 1pm start time)! Brian said, “We got here just in time. It was all worth it!” Both Brian and his sister Briana were very excited to meet the Jenner girls, “We’re such big fans! We love everything that has to do with them.”


Kendall and Kylie both sporting shoes from the Madden Girl Collection. This new line is fantastic, by the way. I’ve already got my eye on a pair of sandals.


Aya, BP.: Kendall, I know, you’re more glam and Kylie, you’re more boho. How did you fuse your two aesthetics together for this line?

Kylie: I think for this line we wanted to make it more beachy and fun and young. And I think our next line is definitely more glam and darker.

Steve: We really wanted to reach the Nordstrom girl, so I was able to draw the best of both out of them [Kendall and Kylie].

Kendall: I agree with what they said!

Aya, BP.: What upcoming vacations do you have planned and what are some essentials for spring travel and music festivals?

Kendall: We havent really thought of anything yet, but I think that an essential thing is obviously a good shoe and that’s where our shoe line comes in…

Kylie:.. and sunscreen!

Kendall: Yeah, a good shoe and sunscreen!

Both: You’re set!

Steve: On my vacation, I’m coming back to Los Angeles to play golf with their dad [Bruce Jenner] and get a rematch because he beat me so bad.

Aya, BP.: Why did you feel that Madden Girl resonates with your personal style? 

Kendall: I think it does perfectly. [...]We take our inspiration from online or magazines or whatever and we give it to [the Madden Girl team] and then they take it, put it on paper and then make a product. So I think that it completely resonates with our style.

Steve: Yeah, and they’re coming into Nordstrom for inspiration! So we’re putting their stamp on every piece in the collection.

Aya, BP.: What made you want to pursue this collaboration?

Kylie: We grew up wearing Steve Madden—every girl in my class had a Steve Madden shoe, so we have always admired the line. We just thought it was a perfect match. We’ve done clothes and jewelry and all that, so the next thing was shoes and it worked out perfectly.

Steve: Yeah, it was good. Since it’s sort of in their DNA. [...] They grew up wearing them so now we were able to work together to produce something new with our DNA and their DNA.

Kendall: Exactly.


Aya, BP.: We all know sisters love sharing clothes—what pieces do you think sisters will be sharing with each other?

Kendall:  Hopefully they’ll be sharing everything!

Aya, BP.: In terms of design, what did you learn from this experience? And what was your favorite thing about the creative process?

Kendall: I think we’ve learned that input is very important [...] because we want to wear our own line and we want people to like it. And I feel like people like it when we like it.

Steve: There it is! She just said it.”They like it when we like it.” That’s why we have to take great care with what we make together, because the girls have a responsibility to their fans. And I feel like I have a responsibility, too, when I make shoes. Because I know people really love what we do at Steve Madden.


Check out the collection and see what you think!



February 12, 2014

Trend Alert: Slip-Ons

My days of wearing ankle booties have come and gone, and now I’ve moved on to a new shoe obsession: slip ons. We’re all guilty of owning a beat-up pair of Vans or Converse that we can’t seem to get rid of because they’re so darn comfy. News flash: Shoe designers everywhere are updating the classic Vans slip-on style for spring in new textures such as faux croc skin and faux pony hair, so that you can be comfortable but look chic, too.


This dynamic duo is combining all of my favorite spring trends: slip-ons, full skirts, chic sweatshirts and holographic sunglasses.

Sam Edelman ‘Becker’ Slip On

Steve Madden ‘Ecentric’ Pony Hair Slip On

Sam Edelman ‘Becker’ Slip On

What shoes are you excited to wear this spring?


P.S. Check out The Thread for more Fashion Week trend-spotting.


From plush anatomical hearts to motivational socks, I have been fawning over all the quirky items in the New Beginnings Pop-In Shop! Here are a few of my faves:


SHOP: 1|2|3|4|5|6

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that the yoga mat cat is in upward dog—so fashion, much ironic. This collection of items is eclectic to say the least, but it’s a pretty realistic representation of the entire pop-in shop (it’s full of fun/crazy/ridiculously random trinkets).

Cheers to new beginnings and keeping it weird!



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Featuring: The lovely Penélope Cruz in “Allure” Magazine | Fantas Round Sunglasses | Givenchy Glass Pearl Stretch Bracelets | BCBGeneration Bracelet | Titanium Bracelet Watch

Beige, rose gold and pearls—there is something so feminine yet effortless about this combination. Lately, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this BCBGeneration bracelet I bought over winter break; it served as the main inspiration for this layout. I added the watch for a touch of “boyfriend chic” and the pearls for a bit of delicate romance. The round shades anchor the spread with their vintage simplicity. These accessories pair nicely with a relaxed tee and ripped up jeans for a comfortable Cali vibe, or with a white blazer and chiffon dress for a more put-together look. Worn together or apart, the versatility of these pieces provide for endless wearing possibilities.

Snap a picture of your favorite combination of accessories, post it on Instagram, and don’t forget to include #NordstromBP! Your picture may be featured on one of the in-store video walls, on the Nordstrom Pinterest,  or somewhere else in the BP. universe. ;)


P.S. Many of the items featured sold out very quickly, so certain colors/styles are not available. Hopefully they’ll be back in stock soon!

January 10, 2014

Introducing BP. Swim


Spring break is less than three months away, and I’ve already begun the search for a perfect bikini. I was stoked when my local Nordstrom announced that they would be carrying BP. Undercover, and now I’m even more excited that BP. is selling swimwear! They’re adding new swimwear to every day, but I’d like to share a few of my favorite pieces so far.



Laser-Cut Ruffle Bikini

A black bikini is like an LBD: Everyone should own at least one! The laser-cut detail on this top adds visual intrigue to an otherwise simple swimsuit.


Bow Back Bikini Bottoms

I think the bow on the back of these bikini bottoms is absolutely adorable. This style of bikini comes in a few different colors, but I personally love the bright blue because it would look great with a tan.



Cage Cutout One-Piece

I saved the best for last. :) Normally, I don’t consider one-piece swimwear when searching for my ideal beach outfit, but this one caught my attention. I would wear this with high-waisted shorts for a walk on the pier or a day at the amusement park.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be spending this weekend bikini-shopping online for spring break!