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March 27, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Is it spring break yet?

March 20, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! You might not be at South by Southwest this weekend, but you can still enjoy a tune from one of our favorite up-and-comers, Shamir.

We love Shamir here at BP. HQ. Like, a LOT.

We would have posted his insane new single, “On the Regular,” but it features more than a few f-bombs, so we decided to let you make that choice for yourself. (Make the choice! Click the link!)

March 13, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! And it is a very happy Friday, indeed, when there is a new video single from Clean Bandit to kick off the weekend.

Looks like they’re all over the head-to-toe white trend, too. Hmmm…outfit ideas for this weekend’s shenanigans…

March 6, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Did you ever have one of those days (weeks, months, LIVES) when all you can think about is being more than you are right now? When you want to show the world how totally awesome you are—but somehow the world doesn’t quite get the message?

Well, this new release from Tuxedo (the latest Mayer Hawthorne project) is here to inspire you to keep it coming. Shine that light bright enough, and pretty soon you’ll be lighting up the dance floor, the club and whole night sky.

February 27, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Is there a better way to start the weekend than with a new Iggy Azalea video featuring the beautiful (and often under-rated) Jennifer Hudson? No, friends. There is no better way.

When it comes to weekends, this is what winning looks like.

February 20, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Whether you’re basking in the unseasonable warmth of the west coast or freezing your pom-poms off on the east coast, your weekend will surely be better with help from Lion Babe and Childish Gambino. We love this song for the ’90s soul groove (reminiscent of HRH Erykah Badu) and also because Lion Babe is super beautiful and has amazing style. Total inspiration for a smooth, sexy weekend, right?

Happy Friday! Let’s hop in the Wayback Machine to experience one of the best (and most danceable) love songs of all time. Whether you’re whispering sweet nothings to your sweetie or celebrating GALentine’s day with your gal pals, Valentine’s day can only get better with a little soul.

February 6, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! The weather in Seattle has been grim and gloomy for what feels like…ever. Forever. And ever. And ever. Which has got us feeling punchy and stir crazy, to say the least.

So we invite you to join us on a psychedelic journey (duh) to ease the tedium of 100 years of cold, grey drizzle. Pack your favorite bikini, your gold lamé jumpsuit and your Very Fanciest sunglasses. It’s gonna be a fun ride!

January 30, 2015

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! In honor of the upcoming Superbowl (go, Hawks!), we have no choice but to feature the half-time superstar herself, Katy Perry. (Who happens to be close personal friends with Russell Wilson, btw. Just one more reason to like her.)

January 29, 2015

Music Spotlight: Ben Howard

There’s something so powerful about music. The way it has the ability to make you laugh, smile, cry or give you goosebumps. I’ve found myself doing all four of these things while listening to the artist Ben Howard. From his lyrics to his beautiful music videos, Ben Howard always amazes me. Although he has a unique sound, if you like artists like Angus & Julia StoneBon Iver, or Daughter, you’ll probably like Ben’s music, too.

Here are a few of my favorite music videos from Ben Howard:

I Forget Where We Were 

Watching this video never fails to give me chills (especially at 3:30). The video in general has a very Wes Anderson feel, especially with the symmetrical yellow beach chairs and umbrella and coordinated colors.

The Fear

Ah. I think I love this video so much because you get an amazing sense of what it would be like at one of Ben’s concerts. And I desperately want to go.

Keep Your Head Up

Ok, hands-down favorite music video ever. It makes me want to smile and cry at the same time. It’s a gorgeous video that includes both bubbles and the golden hour. Mix in Ben’s adorable friends sliding down a huge water slide in the middle of the forest…yeah, it’s pretty great.

I hope now you love Ben Howard’s music as much as I do!

xo ॐ – Amber


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