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August 22, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Well, we kicked off the week with the new T-Swift video so it’s only right that we wrap it up with something completely different.

Hope you like ’90s music…

Many thanks to thistle & thorn for the recommendation!

 Happy August! I can sometimes feel sort of apprehensive and sad for school during this month, but I have decided instead to live a glorious dance-filled four weeks. And what better way to do so than to immerse myself in music and sun? The Bumbershoot festival comes to Seattle every Labor Day weekend, featuring tons of amazing artists—a perfect event to fulfill my glittery August wishes.

For any of you attending Bumbershoot in the Emerald city, get familiar with both the fashions and musicians!


For music festivals, it’s always key to dress for the extreme heat. Flouncy dresses and lightweight rompers are wonderful when shuffling through big, hot crowds. For Bumbershoot, add some Seattle flare with ’90s floral print dresses or overalls. You gotta embrace the grunge!

Need to familiarize yourself with some Bumbershoot artists? Check out two of my favorites that are playing this year:

This lovely video from The Head and The Heart features Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars fame. I adore the vintage looks and antique cars.

Hurray for the Riff Raff is Alynda Lee Segarra, a very talented American folk artist whose voice and style remind me of a California breeze.

For the entire Bumbershoot lineup, head to their website! And then hit BP. and Topshop for your festival looks. :)

Stay golden,



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August 18, 2014

Monday Dance Party

Guess what? T-Swift dropped a new video this very morning and it’s too good to save for Friday.

August 15, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Summer’s winding down here in the Pacific Northwest, and although we know that lots of our readers will be hot until late October, we can’t help but frantically try to cram in every summer thing ever into the last couple of weeks of August. In Seattle, the clouds close in promptly on August 31 and don’t part again until July 4 of next year. Which makes today’s video extra-inspiring, because we have exactly two weeks to go outside in shorts, crop tops and roller skates and pretend to be roller goddesses from a higher dimension.

Roller deities aside, we hope you enjoy this latest single from Australian up-and-comer Chet Faker as much as we do. He’s one of our superstar faves right now.

P.S. Kids, don’t try this at home without elbow and knee pads and a helmet. For reals.

August 12, 2014

BP. Back-to-School Inspo

While browsing YouTube the other day I stumbled upon this incredible back-to-school video that Nordstrom has on their YouTube channel. I thought y’all would love to see it if you haven’t already because it provides some great inspo and stellar outfit ideas:

Inspired yet? Shop the looks.

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On July 11th, Tommy Ramone, the last remaining member of the punk band The Ramones, died at age 65. A pioneer of the punk-rock music scene, Tommy was an iconic drummer and songwriter, whose influence spread from New York to London.

In honor of Tommy and the Ramones, I encourage you to embrace your rebel self. Here’s an outfit that I think makes for a wonderful testament to their wayward legacy:

A band tee, knee-length shorts and black studded boots: a quiet but obvious homage to the diamond era of punk.


Topshop knee-length shorts | Topshop boots (Nordstrom exclusive)band tee

To accompany this perfectly punk outfit, try embellished cross earrings and black perforated backpack. Both are versatile, but firm in their punk-ness.


Topshop earrings | Topshop backpack

So put on your boots and studs and dance in your room to “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up,” then watch “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School.” 

Seriously, embrace your wild/independent/rebel self more often. You’ll be glad you did. :)

Thanks for making generations of teens feel allied and fierce, Tommy.

Stay golden,

August 8, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! We were so torn between two equally good (but very different) songs that today you get TWO dance party videos. You’re welcome.

The first one is new from indie darlings alt-J, and is the ultimate summertime video. As a bonus, it was filmed in and around Austin, TX, home to your new best friend, Isabella Rose Taylor. (See how everything is connected? Cosmic.)

The second one is new from the absurdly talented Joe Goddard (you may know him from his work with Hot Chip). It’s everything we love about electronic music: dreamy, dance-y, and rocking a powerful vocal track from the soulful diva Betsy.

Hope you’re enjoying this last magical month of summer as much as we are…


August 1, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! The Anniversary Sale is finally winding down (prices go back up August 4, so if there’s something you want, now’s the time to get it), and while it’s been fun—we’re ready for normal life to resume.

Today’s band is brought to you courtesy of a young British woman named Sophia, who just won a Topshop contest to have her prom dress custom made. When asked what bands she’s into right now, her top pick was the Drowners, a bunch of swoony crooners who are totally delectable.

So here they are, friends, to send you into the weekend with a wink and a smile:

What do you think? Who would win in a cage match between One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer and the Drowners? (And how much would you pay to watch that fight go down?)

July 25, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! The Anniversary Sale is going like woah, things are selling out left and right, and everyone’s running around like mad trying update the website fast enough to keep up with all you crazy shoppers. Keep up the good work!

All in all, there’s no place we’d rather be…

July 18, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday and happy Anniversary Sale! Today’s band is playing the Capitol Hill Block Party next weekend(!), and might be lending a little rock-star sparkle to a top-secret Nordstrom project in the near future.

We dare you to watch this video without running to the mirror immediately afterwards to practice your perfect cat eye and pouty red lip. (Lucky for all of us, there are some seriously sweet makeup deals in the beauty department right now.)