European Photo Diary: Part 1

Hello, BP. friends! This is Lily coming at you from across the pond! I am currently four days into my month-long expedition in Europe—this week my mom and I are in London. It is quite literally brilliant and everyone is impeccably dressed and beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of short overalls, chunky shoes and black jumpsuits, and mostly I have been looking at everything/everyone around me and softly weeping in awe. London is so crazy old, and being a history/National Treasureobsessed person I am just going mad watching women in Carven and Prada walk through castles built in 1066. Bizarre, right?


Just to prove to the world I am, in fact, here, I had to take a classic phonebooth shot in my daisy shorts and white tank.


My mum and I travelled over to Spitalfield’s Market, where I browsed through some amazing vintage and local designer clothing. Most everything was quintessential British style, bold and clean cut.



I had my mum take this photo of me in the garden at St. James park. The flowers were so gorgeous. I had just picked up this new outfit from Topshop in Oxford Circus, a plaid blue shirt with blue gingham shorts, a perfect London-inspired OOTD!


Just a short walk from our hotel in Chelsea is this bridge that gives a perfect view of Parliament and the London Eye along the Thames. I really can’t believe I’m in this wonderful, golden, historic city.

Over the next month, I’ll be updating you with details from my trip! Stay tuned for Milan and Venice street style, bathing in the Mediterranean and just general sightseeing photos and vacation OOTDs. 🙂

Anyone else going on a vacation adventure this summer? Tell me about it!

Stay golden,

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  • Veronica July 1, 2014, 8:41 pm

    Those shorts are so cute!!!

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