Fall Trend: Grunge, Riot Grrrls and You

This season we are super inspired by the grunge revolution of the early ’90s. How many of these grunge divas can you name?

1. and 2. The first couple of grunge, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love
3. L7 was loud, unapologetic and totally unladylike. Love them!
4. What did Carrie Brownstein do before she “put a bird on it” in the hit TV series Portlandia? She rocked out with gal pals Janet Weiss and Corin Tucker in Sleater-Kinney.
5. Rock goddess Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.
6. Twins Kim and Kelley Deal delivered twice the rock of normal humans: first in the Pixies, then in the Breeders.
7. Mia Zapata set Seattle on fire as frontwoman for the Gits.

Watch Sleater-Kinney in action:

If you’re ready to infuse your look with ’90s cool, check out our Sno Patrol trend to stock up on chunky knit accessories, stripey sweaters, plaid flannels and other rock-star must-haves.

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