Express Yourself: 4 Easy DIY Projects

I made a list of easy and fun bedroom DIYs for any of you inspired to redesign your room or make your space more personal. Take an afternoon to craft and vamp up your little world!

1. Seeing Stars


I’ve mentioned before how perfect party supply stores are for DIY projects. These tinsel stars can be found at most party stores for about $0.49, and they make perfect frames.

  • • Measure the length and width of your star.
  • • After finding the celebrity picture you want to use, resize it on MS Word to fit into the star.
  • • Print, cut and paste inside!


2. Shrines


Shrines are a growing phenomena. They don’t have to look like the one pictured above—equipped with candles, flowers, lace and pearls. They can be as small and simple as a locket hanging on a bare wall. When making a shrine, be inspired by your own emotions about the person/thing.


3. Branch Hangers



  • • At a beach or in a forest, find a durable branch that fits your space.
  • • Clean it. You don’t want any dirt falling on your carpet!
  • • Using leather cord, hang your branch from the ceiling, balancing it like a mobile. Push pins should be able to hold the weight, but if the branch is too heavy, you may have to use small nails.
  • • Hang jewlery, candles or any other desired trinkets!


4. Teacup Garden


If you want something in your room that says “high tea at the Plaza,” a teacup garden is an easy and adorable way to create a little enchanted world.

  • Find a teacup that you like at a yard sale or antique store.
  • Get some moss and other dried flowers or plants from your local craft store—things you won’t have to water.
  • • After putting the vegetation in the teacup, sprinkle some glitter and small confetti on the top.
  • • Add other cute stuff! My sister found this small ballerina at an antique store.


Have fun and get crafting!

Stay golden,

P.S. If you missed last week’s post, be sure to check it for more inspiring ideas.

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