La Mode de Moi

For those of you who speak no French, that means “my style”!

I thought that since I’m new to this and most of you don’t know me, I would give you a little taste of my fashion sense. You’ll see a lot more as the year progresses, so I’ll just show you a couple outfits for now.

For fall and winter, I am absolutely in love with the three colors in this first pic. This outfit encompasses all of my favorite wardrobe pieces. First, pullover sweaters—so comfortable and cute, but they can also look polished if styled the right way. Next, skater skirts; they have such a flattering shape on almost every figure. Last but not least, booties. What girl could live without a pair of booties?


This is an outfit I recently wore out to dinner with my friends. I love it because it’s so different from a traditional skirt or dress. A look like this really sets you apart! It even incorporates tights like I mentioned earlier this week. You can get a pair like mine here in BP. The combination of black tights, black high-waisted shorts and black booties has an elongating effect on my legs. The sheer button-up also keeps the outfit feeling light. My shirt in white is no longer available, but you can still get it in some cute colors!


The last outfit is my homecoming dress. Sorry I didn’t have a picture of just me, but this way you can see my beautiful friends! You can probably tell which girl is me, but if you’re still having trouble, I’ll give you a hint: I’m the Asian one! I wore a really simple sleeveless black dress with a turtleneck and put on a string of pearls for a little added glamour. I threw on a pair of chunky black heels and was good to go!


Stay pretty,


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