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November 20, 2014

Trend Spotting: The Turtleneck

Every year there seems to be an argument over one clothing item: turtlenecks. Some love them and some hate them. Those who love them probably already know that the high neck is huge this season. It’s making appearances as a looser cowl in knit fabrics and the classic thermal. For those who are still unsure about the turtleneck, here’s a little lookbook to hopefully inspire a little love.:)

For a simple modern look, pair a classic turtleneck with a leather mini and black flats. The ribbed fabric also adds some subtle texture. Also, I’m utterly obsessed with polka dot tights.



This second look is much looser than the first look. If you have a more bohemian style, wear your favorite harem pants and a loose, chunky turtleneck. Printed or even plain black harem pants would work here.



This last look is probably what I’ll wear on Christmas day if I don’t end up slipping into an ugly Christmas sweater. I love this oversized turtleneck because it feels like a cozy blanket. I also added an intricate necklace; don’t be afraid to add necklaces or accessories with your turtleneck!


Happy fall!


Happy Fall!

xo ॐ – Amber



My next Thanksgiving Day outfit is for all you girly girls out there. I’ll most likely be seen sporting something similar to this on Thanksgiving Day because it’s easy, comfy, cute, and slightly dressy—all wrapped up into one look.


Every outfit needs accessories and in most cases my go-to accessory is a statement necklace. Speaking of go-tos: When in doubt layer it out! Knits, denim, and floral are easily layered, and my sparkly necklace helps tie everything together.


Statement Necklace

A fun little fact about me is that I very much like to associate colors with seasons and occasions. My corduroy skirt is (1) absolutely adorable and a must…I mean helloooo?..It’s freaking corduroy!!! And (2) the color kind of reminds me of a turkey, which I thought was totally cute and festive.


Grey slate riding boots pull the outfit together and mine just so happened to match the stripes in my cozy cardi perfectly.


Riding Boots

If any of you are wondering, I did, in fact, dye my hair. It’s a lot darker than I expected, but I’m actually kinda diggin’ it. It makes me feel edgy and mysterious, haha. :)


Don’t forget to “Gobble ’til ya wobble!”

Yours truly,

November 18, 2014

What to Wear: Winter Formal

While watching “Gossip Girl” and searching the deep depths of my mom’s closet, I came across this lovely maxi skirt. I immediately imagined myself wearing it to a glamourous event like the MET Gala. Since the holiday season is arriving soon, I thought I would give you guys some inspiration.



With this nationwide cold front chilling us all out, I think you’ll agree that staying warm has become everyone’s number one priority. But how can we stay stylish while we’re busy being cozy? I’ve got a couple of ideas I think you might like:

Look 1: Neutrals
Fall is all about earth tones. Navy blues, moss greens and deep burgundies are great colors to help you transition from fall to winter. For this first look, I opted for simple, modern styling, perfect for any casual occasion.


Cowl-neck sweatshirts are in the trend spotlight right now. They’re not only comfortable, they’re a little out of the ordinary and lend a fashionable edge to your everyday, casual look. Pair your cowl-neck sweatshirt with colored denim for a look that’s thoughtful without trying too hard.


These chocolate chukka boots are like the sweatshirt in that they lend a subtle, unexpected twist to the outfit.


Look 2: Pop of Color
This look is a little more edgy than the previous one. I combined dark pants with a pop of red, a printed button up and a grey knit moto jacket. 


The trend spotlight here is on the red UGG moccasins. These should be every guy’s best friend for the simple reason that they make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, and they score 10′s across the board when it comes to being stylish! Whether you prefer them in a neutral color or you want to go bold with a vibrant color like I did, these shoes are essential for Fall/Winter 2014. (Shopping tip: I picked mine up at the Nordstrom Rack. They have great deals on UGGs.)


No matter if you’re aiming for understated or edgy, keep your style influential!

- James


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The perfect winter coat is an essential, but how do you find just the right one for you when there’s so many options to choose from? I put together an Ultimate Outerwear Guide that will hopefully help you guys figure out if you’re a “preppy pea coat” or an “edgy leather” type of girl. Or, hey, maybe you’re like me and like to incorporate all of these styles of outerwear into your wardrobe.

1. Moto
A basic, black leather (or faux leather) moto jacket is a must in anyone’s wardrobe. They have an effortless “cool girl” vibe and instantly add edge to any outfit. So, basically, moto jackets can do no wrong. (For fun, try one in a punchy plaid.)


Topshop moto jacket 

2. Peacoat
Peacoats are personally my favorite type of coat because they never go out of style. If you live somewhere where it gets pretty cold I’d recommend investing in a nice, quality peacoat because you can wear it, for (literally!) the rest of your life.


Peacoat (only $58)

3. Bomber
Like leather jackets, bombers are a little on the edgy side. But don’t get these two mixed up—bombers have a style all their own. They range from a basic solid to a fun plaid print like mine, and there are even some bomber jackets that are completely covered in embellishments.


Topshop bomber jacket

4. Utility
One trend that’s been HUGE this year is utility jackets. They are causal, laid back and easily paired with anything. My favorite way to style a utility jacket is over a floral dress for a feminine-cool type of look.


Hooded field jacket

5. Puffer
And lastly we have the puffer vest. I was obsessed with puffer vests back in the day (I’m talking circa 2005) and I couldn’t be happier that they’re back.


Hooded puffer jacket

So let’s get going, the perfect piece of outerwear is waiting! Can’t you hear? It’s practically calling your name!

Yours truly,

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November 14, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Yeah, we’re gonna post the new T-Swift video. Duh.

Okay, you guys, this the last “Falling into Fall” post. This time I focused on three looks with fall pants, with a little help from Michaela and Clare.

In this look Michaela is wearing a neutral toned, textured top from Topshop, dark wash jeans (very similar to the new Levi’s Leggings), and all-black Converse.



In this look Clare is wearing a striped, boyfriend style tee, black high-waisted jeans, and some Nike Frees to go for a more sporty, everyday look.



And here Clare is wearing a textured top, black-high waisted skinnies and Chelsea boots.


I hope you guys enjoyed this series and let me know if you like seeing a sneak peek video first!


We all want a pair of perfectly distressed jeans, but we often ask ourselves, “Why buy a pair of ripped jeans when I can just destroy an old pair at home?” This super easy DIY post shows you how to transform a pair of old and boring jeans into new and rad ripped denim.

What you’ll need:

• An old pair of jeans (skinny, bf, cropped…it’s up to you!)
• Scissors (fabric ones work the best)
• Sandpaper
• Tweezers
• Washing machine & dryer


Step 1: Figure out where you want to distress your jeans. I went with the knees, pockets and cuffs.

Step 2: Sandpaper over the areas you want to distress to soften your fabric. This makes the jeans look  worn out and distressed.


Step 3: Cut straight, horizontal slits in your jeans.


Step 4: With tweezers, pull the dark and thicker threads, leaving the thinner ones hanging.


Step 5: I also like to sandpaper over these new slits for more texture. If you see blue fuzz throughout this proccess, don’t worry! The fuzz will come out in the wash.


Step 6: After you’ve cut several areas, throw your jeans into the wash. Wash them with cold water, then toss them into the dryer.


That’s it! A new pair of rugged, distressed jeans!


xo ॐ – Amber

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Do you guys remember this festival-inspired post from Alyssa? We’ve loved these metallic tattoos ever since, and now here they are:


Flash-Tattoosmetallic temporary tattoos | $22

Why we love them:

The jewelry inspiration. Shiny embellishments are so trendy right now, and we love that these tattoos are shaped into cool bracelet and necklace shapes. Forgot your jewels at home? Don’t want to deal with pesky chains? These tattoos give you the look without any of the hassle.

They last for days! While, yes, these tattoos are temporary, they endure regular life and showering for  4-6 days. That means they’re perfect for weekend getaways, music festivals and extended vacations. (Dare we think about Spring Break this early?) Have fun!




November 12, 2014

DIY: Revamp Your Sweaters

Sweater weather is definitely better weather! As I was going through my closet the other day, I discovered some old sweaters that I wasn’t quite ready to get rid of yet (call it my inner hoarder). So I decided to revamp them and make them totally cute and up-to-date.

1. Hey, Studs
My first DIY is super quick and easy. I just picked up an assortment of studs from my local craft store and added them to my sweater. It’s a really simple (and really trendy) way to add some “oomph” to any of your old or worn out sweaters.


2. Glitter Girl
My next sweater is this unique graphic sweater. For supplies you need spray glue, gold glitter and some stencil letters (I found these online, printed them and cut them out). I placed the letters onto my sweater and held them down as I carefully sprayed some glue, then shook glitter onto the sweater. If glitter isn’t really your thing, you can opt for some colored fabric paint instead.


3. Patch Job
My last DIY sweater is my personal favorite and kind of a 2-in-1. So, you’re actually going to need two sweaters: one you like, and one you don’t like. I took the sweater I didn’t like so much and traced two ovals on the body of the sweater. Then I cut them out and sprayed some glitter onto them. Once they were dry, I glued them onto the elbows of the sweater I do like, and BAM! You are left with some adorable elbow patches.


Now, I didn’t want to waste the rest of my other sweater (the one I cut up), so I decided to use the sleeves and make some warm and cozy leg warmers.


If you guys try out any of these ideas, post a picture to Instagram with the hashtag #nordstrombp—I’d love to see ‘em!

 Yours Truly,

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