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September 6, 2014

Back-to-School Lookbook

Oh, school…whether you love it or hate it, it’s unavoidable. Although the start of a new school year can mean tons of work and boring lectures (hopefully none of my teachers ever see this), it also brings the opportunity to transform your style. That’s why I put together a little lookbook for you guys that will hopefully help with any back-to-school blues you may be having. Enjoy!

Fall Lookbook

Fall Lookbook


Fall Lookbook

Regardless of what you wear, always remember that confidence is key. So strut your stuff through the halls and let’s make this a great school year!

Yours truly,

Photos taken by the amazing Lisa Jorgensen. :)

September 5, 2014

Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Labor Day has come and gone. School is well and truly back in session. The leaves are starting to turn and we can’t help but feel a little melancholy—which is totally on-track for fall.

So. You’re back to the grind and weekends mean something again. Weekends mean everything again.

We have a song for that.

My look is based on a primary focus on comfort and a secondary focus on style. This outfit provides both comfort (with the slightly looser fit and distressed jeans) and style (with the added accessories). 



This necklace adds a touch of interest with three tiered chains, giving the illusion that you took the time to choose three necklaces, when in reality you are just wearing one.


layered necklace 

Booties and sunglasses finish off the look and give the outfit an overall laid-back vibe.






As we head back to school, it’s important to remember one thing: Don’t take yourself too seriously. What’s better than a girl who’s confident and able to laugh at herself, right? For this very reason, this week we’re picking these adorable animal-themed PJs:

herokitty one-piece pajamas | $48

Why we love these PJs:

They’re a little wild. Whether you’re at home lounging around or at a friend’s sleepover, these pajamas are sure to draw attention. Embrace your confidence and your quirky side, and go a little wild!

They’re super cozy. These guys are more than just looks. Pull the hood up and snuggle into full-body pajama luxury.

They’re just plain fun. Lighten up! These are meant to get a laugh — loosen up and have some fun.

There are more than kitties, too! Check these out:

animal-onesiesunicorn | penguin | fox
panda | kitty | rabbit

What’s your favorite look? Let us know!

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September 4, 2014

Meet BP. Blogger James

Hello BP. world! My name is James, and I am one of the new additions to the BP. Fashion Blog! I know what you’re thinking, “A guy on the BP. blog? How is this going to work?”

Well, it’s simple. Just like the other bloggers, I’m here to share my perspectives and opinions about the latest fashion trends. I’m so excited to be the first male BP. blogger, and I’m thankful to the wonderful people at Nordstrom for giving me this opportunity.

My journey started with a few sample posts, which led to an interview and then—BOOM—I was packing my bags and catching a flight to Seattle for “Blogger Bootcamp“ at Nordstrom HQ.


After a long day of long flights from the East Coast, I snapped this picture of the beautiful city of Seattle from the window of my hotel. Then I tried to rest up for all of our scheduled activities the next day.


First we toured the Nordstrom headquarters and learned all the ins and outs of the branding, marketing and production that goes into creating BP. styles. The displays for inspiration, the mock-ups and the clothing were phenomenal.



After that we headed over to the photo studio where our talented portrait photographer captured this photo.


For my first day, I wanted an outfit with a classic feel, so I went with a simple chestnut blazer. But I also wanted to add a little bit of edge, so I chose a unique python dress shoe to complete the look.

I’m honored to be the first male BP. blogger, and I’m looking forward to sharing my style with you through the coming year!


September 3, 2014

Meet BP. Blogger Caroline

Hello lovely BP. blog readers! I’m Caroline, and I’m so excited to be one of your new BP. bloggers for this year. To kick off my year of blogging, Nordstrom invited me and my fellow bloggers up to Seattle for a couple of days to learn all there is to know about blogging and Nordstrom BP.—and to explore the city. (Sounds pretty amazing huh? Trust me, it was.)


After endless hours of wardrobe rummaging and countless outfit changes this is the “office savvy” look I decided on. It was crucial that I dressed to impress while still managing to show my fun and girly style. So I started with a flowy, floral dress because it’s cute, yet comfortable, for the many hours of training and touring at Nordstrom HQ. To dress up the outfit a bit I added my ombre, denim, motorcycle-style jacket (that sure was a mouthful), which also helped keep me warm in the cool Seattle breeze.

statement necklace

For jewelry I went with this dazzling, vintage-inspired statement necklace, which also helped dress up my outfit and gave the look a glamorous touch.


cute boots

Now, of course we can’t forget about every girl’s favorite part of an outfit: SHOES. I wore some adorable brown ankle booties with cream-colored, ruffled socks peeking out of the top. These shoes gave me just a smidge of height and (if we’re being completely honest here) made me feel pretty cool and mature.

I had the best time in Seattle between meeting the other bloggers, learning about BP., and eating some pretty darn good food. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to spend this next year blogging for you fabulous readers!

Yours truly,

September 2, 2014

Meet BP. Blogger Bella

As many of you may know Alyssa’s, Clare’s and Lily’s year as Nordstrom BP. fashion bloggers has come to an end. So to start off the new year I thought I would introduce myself and let you readers know 10 facts about me: five random facts, and five fashion/beauty related facts.

Fact 1: My name is Bella.

Fact 2: Thanks to “Gossip Girl,” I am an avid lover of Blake Lively  and her casual-yet-chic day-to-day style.


Jeans | Heels | Button-up

Fact 3: I am from Portland, Oregon.

Fact 4: My “go to” outfit is high-waisted black skinnies, ankle booties and a simple tee.


Crop Top | High-Waisted Jeans

Fact 5: I am half Filipino.

Fact 6: I love painting my nails, I find it relaxing and loads of fun!

Fact 7: I am current sharing my house with two exchange students.

Fact 8: I enjoy doing my makeup and sometimes I’ll do my makeup just for fun.


Fact 9: I love to travel.

Fact 10: I am super excited to blog and share my style with all of you!




September 1, 2014

Meet BP. Blogger Amber

Hey, wonderful BP. readers! I’m Amber, and I’m so excited to be one of your new bloggers for this year.

Last month, Bella, Caroline, James and myself had the amazing opportunity to meet each other and learn all about the world of blogging at Nordstrom HQ. I’d never been to the Emerald City, so the overall trip was very exciting. In Seattle we met so many incredibly stylish and genuinely cool people who worked for Nordstrom.

Take a look:

#SQUAD.  Starting left: Myself, Caroline, Bella and James in front of The Pink Door Italian restaurant. I think we’re quite the stylish team. :) (P.S. If you happen to be in Seattle craving some Italian food, lasagna at The Pink Door = Heaven.)

Here’s a bit about myself:
1. I live in Los Angeles, but was born in London where I visit most summers.

2. I’m a complete and utter tea/chai addict (Let’s just call it an Indian/British thing)


3. I may be Indian, but I’m a total baby when it comes to spicy food.

4. I have a personal blog, The Rose Colored Lense, which I share my older sister Anisa.

5. My style is all over the place. I’m definitely a girly girl who loves pretty dresses and skirts, but sometimes my style is very bohemian and free-spirited. Once in a while, I decide to go for a more edgy look with black skinnies and leather boots.


6. Alexa Chung is my fashion/hair/beauty/life idol.

7.  Sofia Coppolla’s “Marie Antoinette” is one of my favorite films. Whenever I watch it, I have the urge to throw a tea party with pastel colored macarons and raspberry-topped pastries.


8. I love DIY projects (I made this halter above), so look out for some upcoming do it yo’ self posts!

9. Most importantly, my favorite food is mac & cheese.

10. I hope you guys are excited to see what I have to share with you this year!

xo ॐ
- Amber

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to our friends Alyssa, Clare and Lily—but at the same time, we’re really excited to introduce you to this year’s bloggers. We were blown away by the quality and quantity of this year’s applicants. You guys really took it to the next level, which made it crazy difficult to pick just three.

It was so difficult, in fact, that this year we have FOUR bloggers. One of them is named James. That’s right. We have a guy blogger!

So without further ado, here are our four new friends: Amber, Bella, Caroline and James. You’re gonna love them. (We hope you love them.)

P.S. Thanks a ton to all the Fashion Board members who applied to blog this year. We hope you all keep taking amazing pictures, writing and sharing your passion for fashion with the world. If you were going into your sophomore or junior years when you applied, we strongly encourage you to apply again next year.

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Hi, all. So this is my final post as a BP. blogger. I have had an absolutely amazing time this past year, seriously. Styling and writing new material every week was often challenging, but through the almost daily analysis of my taste I was able to soldidly construct my personal style, leaving me confident in both myself and my wardrobe.


I made this collage highlighting some of my favorite moments as a blogger, from Homecoming to Halloween to San Francisco and Milan. There were too many fab moments to fit onto a single poster!

Clare and Alyssa: Thank you so much for being so generally wonderful! I’ve loved reading all of your posts and getting to know you as friends. You’re brilliant.

To our new batch of bloggers and bloggettes Amber, Bella, Caroline and James: I wish you all the best! I can’t wait to see what you have to share. :) (Don’t procrastinate on Sunday if you need a post in on Monday,  just FYI.) [Editor's Note: Seriously. This is really good advice.]


I hope I’ve been able to introduce all of you readers to part of my personal style world, full of TSwift inspiration and Heathers references, DIY accessories and pleated skirts.

If I could leave you with one more piece of style advice, it’s this: Wear what makes you happy. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t on the cover of a magazine or lookbook. Translate yourself into your style and you’ll feel infinitely more confident and content. Allow your style to grow and change along with yourself. And always carry a scrunchie.

I love you all!

Stay golden!!

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