New Hair!

Hey, guys! So recently I was feeling a bit spontaneous and decided to chop 5 inches off my hair. I mean it was already pretty short but now it’s even shorter and I’m absolutely loving it! Here are some pics I recently shot of my new ‘do!


I also decided to add more blonde to my hair in anticipation of summer. It took three very long hours (especially since my hair appointment was right after my SAT exam,and yes, it was just as bad as everyone says) but in the end it was worth it.

new hair-sunshine-bangs-nordstrom-bp

Let me know what you think about my hair in the comments and also let me know if you’re planning on changing up your hair for summer!


Yours Truly,


Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! Friends, let’s climb into the Wayback Machine and turn the dial to 1996, where we will experience the finest in bitter social satire, jangly pop hooks and fantastically skinny British boys. Put on your dancing shoes and check your class issues at the door—it’s time to get down with the common people.


Tattoos & Piercings

Many of Clare’s and my friends have asked us about our experience getting our first tattoo. Although Clare and I both follow many beauty gurus on Youtube, and have found a ton of videos that explain a tattoo’s meaning or how painful a piercing is, none (that we have watched or found) give a first-timer’s point of view. So Clare and I made a video for you (and our friends) explaining the process and pain level—and we threw in some helpful tips, too.

Disclaimer: We are not claiming we are experts, these are just our opinions from our personal experiences.



The Beauty Trend Show

Every year, my mum and I wake up bright and early for the Beauty Trend Show at our local Nordstrom. The tradition continued this past weekend, and it was awesome—as always.

We arrived around 7:45 am, received pink gift bags, filled up on some much-needed caffeine, and grabbed some seats for the show. Before the show started, we filled out raffle cards, hoping to win something. (My mum ended up scoring some Smashbox goodies!)


Spring was in full bloom this year, and pink was definitely the theme color. We saw gorgeous new looks from YSL, Estée Lauder, MAC, Clarisonic and more.


I absolutely loved hearing about all the new beauty and hair products, then trying them out after the show.


After lots of sampling and shopping, we took lunch break at the Nordstrom Cafe.



Crab Mac & Cheese and Earl Grey tea. So good… So, so good.

Before leaving I had the opportunity to get my hair done by Morroccan Oil stylist Michelle. Michelle was so sweet and showed me all the tricks and tips to get that relaxed wavy look.


Check your local store listings to see if any beauty events are happening near you!

xo ॐ – Amber


OOTD: Lady in Laguna

So it’s been H-O-T here in SoCal, and in an attempt to escape the sizzling heat, I took an impromptu trip to Laguna Beach. Although I didn’t manage to spot LC or Kristin (“Laguna Hills” references, haha) I did manage to wear a supercute outfit, so of course I had to snap some pics!


High-Waisted Shorts | Ray-Ban Aviators | Halter Top (love this one!)

I’ve been loving halter-style bathing-suit tops lately and this one, with all its floral-and-crochet detail, has stolen my heart…too cute!


Sunnies are always a must because fun in the sun isn’t so fun when your eyes are burning…am I right?



Quick tip: Don’t bring your most beloved sandals to the beach because they will get crusty and gross. Instead, opt for a cheap, comfy pair that is easily replaceable.


Yours truly,

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OOTD: Neon for Every Day

I struggle with wearing color—I tend to wear black, grey and white the most. But every once and a while I try to step outside my comfort zone.

This skirt is totally out of my comfort zone, especially with the neon floral pattern and the peachy-pink background color. But since there is navy in the floral pattern, I paired it with my navy top with white striped sleeves, and my white Air Forces.


Lush Print Skater Skirt



Music Monday

It’s been a while since I did a post on music, and I’m way too obsessed with the new Mumford & Sons album to not talk about it.

I’ve always been a fan of Mumford & Sons, and their new album, “Wilder Mind,” continues to amaze me. They just keep getting better and better. “Wilder Mind” has a different feel from their previous albums (less banjo, more electric guitar), but it still stays true to their folky/rocker style.

Here are two of my favorite songs from the album. I’m not gonna lie, it was really hard to pick just a few. Be sure to check out the whole album—it’s crazy good. :)

Snake Eyes

One thing I love about Mumford & Sons is how, in most of their songs, they just start rocking out. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that climax and you start rocking out, flipping your hair back and forth… Yeah, it’s jam time. In “Snake Eyes,” after 2:12 jam time is non-stop.

 Tompkins Square Park

I’ve got “Tompkins Square Park” on repeat. I can’t stop listening, but I’m not sick of it, either. I think this song perfectly captures the new, more electric sound of this album. It def shows how musically talented they are, too.

Are any of you guys fans of Mumford & Sons? What do you think about their eccentric album? Let’s talk music!

Happy Mumford Monday. 😉

xo ॐ – Amber


Prom is right around the corner. You’ve got your dress, but how are you going to do your makeup?  My best friend, Kenya, is a great makeup artist, and she volunteered to show you how to do a glam gold eye that’s perfect for prom.

Step 1: Prime eyelid with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer


Step 2: Apply a dark brown shadow (Urban Decay’s “Darkhorse is a great choice) on the outer corner of the eyelid and in the crease of the lid, blend thoroughly.


Step 3: Place gold glitter (Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow Beige ) is a great choice to complete this look.) on the inner part of the eye and the center.


Step 4: Apply mascara to your own eyelashes, or apply false lashes for volume.


Step 5: Look GOLDEN!


Even if you’re not attending prom, this look is perfect for any future event that requires a touch of subtle glamor. Hope you like it!

Photos by Kenya Thomas

– James


We have finally reached the last look in my concert outfit series. This look is perfect if you’re planning on attending a rap or R & B concert.

I love the way this casual tee and burgundy leather skirt complement each other, giving off a fun, sporty vibe.


I figured since this outfit is for a rap concert, I’ve got to have some chains on, am I right!? Haha : )


 Converse add to the whole sporty feel. Black ruffle socks add my own girly, personal touch.




Yours truly,


Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! It’s a gorgeous day here in Seattle, sunny and warm enough that the whole city seems to be outside celebrating. Today’s song has nothing to do with any of that—except that it’s a really good song by someone we hope to hear a lot more from.

Now get out there and shake your tail feathers, friends. Let’s keep this dance party going all weekend long!