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Moms know best, so we asked some of the coolest ones we know to give us the skinny on personal style, what motherhood means to them and, of course, what’s on their wish list as May 10 approaches.

Posy-Quarterman-Mothers-Day-2015-Gifts-3Photo by Brooke Schwab

Ask Portland, OR-based Posy Quarterman what she does for a living and she’ll tell you, “I capture magic and preserve memories, and by that I mean I am a family photographer.” But when she’s not wrangling other people’s children—not to mention the adults—for Posy Quarterman Photography, she’s doing the very important job of raising Frances, her seven-and-a-half-year-old daughter. (“That half is very important!” she tells us.)


Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


Behold the Loewe Puzzle: it can tuck, it can drape, it can fit around the curve of back like a luxe hiker’s pack. And more! It’s a five-in-one, and today’s visual guide unlocks the genius of designer Jonathan Anderson’s formal, functional It Bag.



Images by Manuela Insixiengmay

We’re big Robert Glasper fans here at Nordstrom, Glasper being the Grammy-winning musician doing the most–the most, we tell you–to keep jazz piano fresh, relevant and connected to the youth.

He’s all over the rap album of the year, Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. And Glasper’s upcoming album on Blue Note Records, Covered, consists of live versions of songs by wide-ranging acts he loves: Miles Davis, Jhené Aiko and Radiohead, among others.

Keep scrolling to read Glasper’s thoughts on where an uninitiated person should start with Miles’ albums, the courageousness of Kendrick Lamar, his top five emcees–and listen to him extemporaneously rap Tupac’s verse from Digital Underground’s “All Around the World.”

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…Specifically, this cute little Mad Men-goes-to-Miami two-piece number, which was the recipient of a not-insignificant amount of love this week from The College Prepster, who also dug up some amazing vintage Lilly ads to show how this particular look bridges the old and the (newest of the) new.

And that’s not the only look we’ve got that lands Lilly firmly in the now: think festival-ready rompers for women, throw-on-and-go maxi dresses, body-con styles and more.

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How to properly prepare for a weekend-long major music festival? A little yogic self-centering—in the company of some gorgeous models, of course.

Last Friday morning at the Frederick Loewe Estate, Zella hosted a kick-off event with models Cait and Shannon Barker and some of the most popular fit-girl, it-girl bloggers. For your viewing pleasure: this feel-good party report with lots of inspirational images for festival style or your next warrior pose.

It’s 1987 and this woman in our spring catalog, let’s call her Dana, is taking advantage of the world’s most cutting-edge telephone technology of her time: the first mass-distributed handheld cellular phone—a Motorola DynaTAC. A.K.A. a ‘brick phone’ because it weighed nearly two pounds and looked pretty ridiculous against anyone’s face even then.

In today’s money, the DynaTAC cost just over $9,ooo when it was first introduced in 1984, and it did one thing and one thing only for Dana: make and receive phone calls wirelessly (oh, and redial).

We wish we could ring up Dana in this picture and tell her that in exactly 20 short years a thing called the iPhone would be released, and it would have vastly more computing power than any desktop device she’s ever used. That it will do so many things that calling it a phone will seem nonsensical to her, and that it will be about the size of that belt buckle she’s wearing—all for around $500.


Compared to that ’80s analog technology, Dana’s safari-inspired shirtdress looks pretty stylish. We do love a shirtdress, and good style never goes out of fashion.

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—Jeff Powell

Image courtesy Brixton

‘Tis the season when we begin to spend multiple hours outside in the sun, sometimes forgetting to take care of our fragile human shells. You know, music festival season.

And not to be a huge bummer, but we should talk about sunstroke and sunburning.

These things happen. They are serious. And like dehydration, they are dangerously easy to allow. Please be careful out there, OK? Don’t wriggity wreck yourself.

Check yourself: Drink water. Wear sunscreen. And bring a hat.

If we may guide you, our whole collection of Brixton hats is worth your perusal. That’s the Sophia, above.

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Giving the perfect gift is right up there on the list of things that feel amazing, but it just got even better. Nordstrom is now donating 1% of Gift Card proceeds to our nonprofit partners. That means when you give, you give twice. You give powerfully.

We believe in connecting with and empowering the communities we are part of, so we’re thrilled to be supporting organizations that positively impact our cities. As part of our 2015 focus on youth and kids, your Gift Card contributions will help Ronald McDonald House, Boys and Girls Clubs, Special Olympics and other like-minded enterprises as they literally change the world.

For a closer look at how one Northwest-based charity transforms lives via a quintessential childhood experience, keep reading.