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Niña Mendoza’s suit by Manuel Mendoza

We’ve been rocking with 100% Vancouver deejays lately, with our new store opening September 18 in that majestic Pacific Northwest metropolis.

One recent set by Vancouver’s Niña Mendoza gave us life (shout out DayShiftSEA, one mile from Nordstrom HQ in Seattle) and we highly recommend her funky, right-now-meets-1983 mix “Love For Free,” promoting her September 10 show with Dâm-Funk. It’s been sustaining us throughout the week.

Stream the mix below (hit READ MORE for the track list and Vancouver-focused Q&A) and download it here so you don’t kill your data while you’re in the gym.

And if you’re in Vancouver, catch Niña Mendoza Fridays starting in September at the Projection Room inside the Fox Cabaret.

Love For Free Mix • Niña Mendoza by Blueprintlive on Mixcloud



Stylish nomads, take note: Nordstrom and Free People are hitting the SoCal coast to share the latest in boho clothes. For this classic Cali road trip—and traveling trunk show—we’ve chosen a truly memorable ride. Down the Pacific Coast Highway, a 1963 Airstream Bambi will cart a curated Free People collection that’s available in stores this fall.

Free People and Nordstrom Airstream Tour

Each of the four stops includes a display featuring Free People’s latest dresses, shoes and intimates. Guests can chat with stylists, create floral arrangements with complimentary blooms, and lounge in vintage peacock lawn chairs.

Free People Airstream Tour

Place an order right at the Airstream or hitch a ride to your local Nordstrom—wait, you’re already there! See the schedule below.



Yep, it’s that time again. Over the next month, editors, buyers, models, and more will be disembarking planes and weaving their way through New York, LondonMilan and Paris as the next round of Fashion Weeks—the Spring 2016 editions—come to life. The key piece this September and October from city to city and coast to coast? The handbag. We had Caroline Issa select one for each city—and a look to go with it.


Rebecca Minkoff hobo bag



Everyone knows all the cool girls are really bookworms—what they don’t know is what all the cool bookworms are reading. You will now though; just follow along with this series as Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Warby Parker helps us celebrate the literary life well lived.

There are photographers who document the world, and there are photographers who create worlds to document. New York-based lens pro Olivia Locher has a foot on both planets—and what a foot it is. (Her super charming DIY shoes caught our eye at the Jason Wu show at fall fashion week in New York.) At work for entities such as W magazine, she captures the drama and excitement of the backstage build-up at the shows, and while at work unraveling her own narratives and concepts, she stages series such as “I Fought the Law,” in which her subjects enact the fine art of breaking totally inane American rules from coast to coast. Exhibit A: “In Texas it is illegal for children to have unusual haircuts.” Huh? Yeah.

Here she is repping some Warby Parker sunnies, and here she is schooling us on texts of conceptual photography and ’70s ennui.


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To celebrate our newest store opening–September 18 in Vancouver, Canada—this month we’re showcasing some of our (and your) favorite dishes and recipes that will be coming soon to our 119th store.

Watermelon tequila cocktail recipe Rent Check from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell

There’s officially just under one month of summer left. Squeeze every drop from those last warm, sunny days and savor this cocktail from our Nordstrom bars showcasing flavors that exploit the end of peak watermelon season.

Bright and refreshing with a nice little kick, our Rent Check cocktail features muddled watermelon, freshly squeezed lime juice, floral St.-Germain liqueur and our sweet and spicy jalapeño simple syrup (as seen in our Smoke & Heat cocktail recipe). A seriously tasty way to raise a glass with friends to the end of a beautiful summer.

Watermelon tequila cocktail recipe, Rent Check from Nordstrom bars. Photo by Jeff Powell.



Forget toast and scrambled eggs. Most mornings we scramble to get out the door in a reasonable outfit that won’t raise eyebrows at the office (clean, appropriate, not chosen from the floor). But Nira Arora, host at 94.5 Virgin Radio and mother of two, has to be a morning person. Not only is she cheery and perspicacious over the a.m. airwaves, but she always looks great too. In advance of our Vancouver store opening (did we mention it’s September 18?), we chatted with Arora about her look and her city. As usual, she had plenty to say.

Nira Arora

What three words would you use to describe Vancouver style?

Chic, casual, sophisticated.

With 24 hours in Vancouver and no plans, what would you do?

I would shop on West 4th Street, have lunch at Granville Island, go for a walk at Stanley Park, then have dinner and drinks in Gastown.

What is the best time of day in Vancouver?

I love the afternoon, the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s so lively on a patio, just people watching.

Do you have a favorite date-night destination?

Going for a walk at White Rock beach, hitting a patio with a view of the ocean for fish and chips and wine.



Everyone knows all the cool girls are really bookworms—what they don’t know is what all the cool bookworms are reading. You will now though; just follow along with this series as Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Warby Parker helps us celebrate the literary life well lived.

The Skimm.

You know how you’re always wishing you had the time to read all the news that’s fit to print and post so you can engage in proper dinner discussions over a medley of reductions, foraged greens and vintage labels? But there are only so many bus rides and grocery lines in a day, right? Good news: now you can thank lady bosses and white wine connoisseurs Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin for helping you feel loads smarter in the time it takes to gloss over an email. Skip on over to theSkimm and sign up for daily recaps of notable news from Syria to the latest rap feuds, all neatly condensed into digestible nuggets, conversation starters and words of the day.

Naturally, theSkimm also adds a Skimm Reads book recommendation to each Friday email paired with a perfectly complementary libation—because what’s smarter than being well-read and well-hydrated? For the latest edition of our Summer Reading Lists, here are four of their favorite titles; check ’em out, no library card required.



Jamie Grayson is the baby gear expert behind the cultishly adored BabyGuyNyc. Lindsay Pinchuk is the CEO and founder of Bump Club and Beyond, a social event company beloved for providing moms and mothers-to-be with vital information and a sense of community. The pair — who’ve curated a selection of their favorite picks on Nordstrom.com this week — also happen to be the best of friends. Read on for an intimate conversation between the two.

When you two aren’t working on your businesses, where will we find you?
Pinchuk: With my family — with my two girls and my husband. Usually at a park or at a restaurant or a park in Chicago.

Grayson: At the theater. I love plays. Or you will find me eating or having a cocktail with my friends. I spend so much time traveling that spending time with my friends is very, very important.

Cocktail of choice?
Grayson: I do enjoy bourbon. If we’re doing cocktails, I love an Old Fashioned. If we are just talking drinks, I love an EPA. I do enjoy the beer. And I enjoy wine! I’m an equal opportunity employer.

Pinchuk: I would say on a warm summer day a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, or on a very cold winter’s day, a glass of Pinot Noir.

Grayson: And I always love a margarita!

Pinchuk: Who doesn’t love a margarita?

Grayson: Everyone should love a margarita. It’s like babies and puppies. If you don’t like a margarita I don’t trust you.

What’s the best baby advice you’ve ever gotten?
Grayson: I would say “Go with your gut is” the big one — and ignore the advice of strangers. People are too judgmental. And unless you asked for advice, don’t accept advice.

Pinchuk: Along those same lines, our mantra at Bump Club has always been, ‘Your best is good enough.’ And what works for you is what you should be doing. Don’t let people pressure you — whether it’s friends or grandparents or colleagues — to do things they way they did.

Grayson: Don’t live a life of comparison. It’s kind of the opposite of ‘Not my monkeys, not my circus.’ That is your monkey. It is your circus. You’re the ringmaster of your own family.



When you want to know, you go straight to the top of four inches of smoky suede.

Upon seeing the elegant and sometimes edgy styles in the fall ’15 Jimmy Choo shoe and handbag collection, and upon understanding that behind them were the magical stage lights of world-class ballet, we couldn’t help wanting to learn more about creative director Sandra Choi’s inspiration.

We chatted via email with the Isle of Wight–born, Hong Kong–educated designer about her favorite dancers, how she wears these styles and the enduring allure of the ankle.



project-pabloAlbum art for Project Pablo’s I Want to Believe by Devon White

Vancouver is still ruling our lives as we anticipate our new store opening September 18 in that gorgeous Canadian city.

To get properly psyched up, we’ve been bumping beats from 1080p Collection nonstop, 1080p being the label run in Vancouver by one of our heroes Richard MacFarlane–who maintains a frequency of albums and quality of music which makes other labels look lazy in comparison.

We asked MacFarlane which 1080p music would be best for three situations: a party, feeling sad and listening while at work.

For partying, MacFarlane suggested Vancouver’s own Project Pablo–whose hazy house music soundtracks some excellent Tech Decking in the video below for “Movin’ Out”:

Read on for MacFarlane’s commentary. Now please excuse us while we turn up the volume and think Vancouver thoughts about skateboarding, wildlife and islands.

–Andrew Matson