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How-To Hair: The Wrap and Roll

Create this casual-chic updo in six steps from the experts at SARAHPOTEMPA—as seen on the spring 2014 Fashion Week runway at Badgley Mischka.


Step 1. Create a deep side part by separating the front hair into two sections, pulling the rest of the back hair into a clip.

Step 2. Curl the front sections with the Beachwaver Styling Iron and set in pin curls, using duckbill clips to hold.

Step 3. Once cooled, remove the clips from the pin curls and softly brush out the curls in a downward motion. We recommend a boar bristle-nylon mix brush.

Step 4. Gather hair to the back (it’s okay if some short layers fall down in the front) and pull hair through The Wrap Up styling sponge.

Step 5. Pinch The Wrap Up closed at the end of hair and roll up, toward the top of the head. Tuck ends in slightly so that the roll hugs the nape of the neck.

Step 6. Secure with large hair pins in the crease of the roll.