The singer and music producer serves as creative director for NikeWomen’s latest spring campaign, “Do You Believe in More?,” which shows a host of athletes cavorting in ancient urban ruins. Filmed in Mexico City, the video, directed by and starring FKA twigs, is also set to a new song by the artist. In it she explores “modern movement,” or in her words, “any genre of sport without boundaries.” The writhing and leaping bodies in her work seem to unify sport with the spiritual in a quest for improvement.

FKA twigs in NikeWomen campaign

Twigs cast each of the athletes who star in the campaign. Included are the fencer Miles Chamley-Watson; her krumping classmate and yoga pro Paleta CalmQuality; classical violinist and fellow krumper Saskia Horton; karate champion Jay Kirton and others. You can read about them all in Twigs’ own words in addition to her thoughts on “Sport and Expression,” an essay on the pleasures of preparation, both athletic and creative.


Read her thoughts, but see this work. Even amid this world-class cast, the pop singer can’t help but stand out as a force both physical and emotional.



The year 2016 made even the hardiest among us want to curl up under a blanket and weep into a cup of cocoa. Minus the tears, the latest topic of trend pieces suggests you do just that. ‘Hygge’ is the Danish word for a cozy, comfortable environment. (Something that elicits such feelings is described with the adjective ‘hyggelig.’) For any number of reasons (the contentious election, the celebrity deaths, the tweet storm that’s always brewing), the term seems like the salve for all of our cultural boo-boos this winter.

Mountain Kingdom blanket

Denmark, among other Scandinavian countries, repeatedly ranks among the happiest nations in the world. Writers at the New York Times, the New Yorker and TIME all attribute at least a sliver of this overwhelming gladness to hygge. And since its precepts are pretty simple, we put together some ways of incorporating a bit of this Danish sensibility into your daily life so that 2017 can start with a sweater and a smile.



Our series about wanderlust-worthy, slightly off-the-grid vacation hotspots, with local picks (and gorgeous pics) from our intrepid Nordstrom crew.

Travel Diary Bali

Who: Lynn Frauenholz, senior web designer

Where: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Why did you choose this destination?

Bali seemed to have the right amount of tropical paradise, interesting culture and relaxed vibe we were looking for after getting married. There are a lot of Australian expats there, so the yoga community is huge and along with that there’s some really great organic food. Neither of us are really big beach people so we stuck to the interior of the island, but I hear there’s good surfing if that’s a selling point for someone.


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Yves Saint Laurent

We have several takeaways from the several times (so far) we have visited the exhibit Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style at the Seattle Art Museum (on through January 8):

1. How truly daring Yves (if we may call him that so as not to confuse the man with the house) was: he promoted diversity on the runway long before it was de rigueur to do so; he made gender bending extremely fashionable, both through iconic designs like his Le Smoking suit and his cultivation of his own dashing feminine qualities (captured in Jeanloup Sieff’s famous nude photo of the designer in the ’70s on display at SAM); he reinvented and restored his career and himself after early setbacks and recurring bouts with depression and addiction.

2. How much our current fashion climate relies on ground he cultivated: ready-to-wear and diffusion lines, street-level boutiques, streetwear trends applied to couture, his collaborations with It girls and celebrities, his ability to read the zeitgeist and design a uniform for it.

3. How much better we should dress the next time we decide to pay homage to one of the 20th century’s most brilliant designers. Honestly, wearing jeans, a sweater and boots to this exhibit felt like sinning while approaching the altar to receive communion.

Yves Saint Laurent archives

As we’ve thought more about Yves’s (we’re on a first name basis by now, surely) decadent, decades-defining career and life, we’ve also thought how fun it would have been to be one of the fabulous women (a Betty Catroux, a Loulou de la Falaise, a—dare we dream—Catherine Deneuve) in his orbit, one whom he dressed like he did his childhood paper dolls. And if so, what would he have selected for us? Here are our best guesses among modern YSL pieces, though no doubt Yves would have had something surprising up his impeccable sleeve.



There are few idols from our youth with whom we’re still enamored. Most childhood stars dwindle once adulthood arrives, when our seasoned tastes and collected experience reveal chinks in the gilded armor of celebrity. But Miss Piggy is one for whom our regard has only grown as we’ve grown up.

Frankly, she’s a badass. The professional actress, spokes-pig, karate enthusiast and fashion plate holds her own amid a colorful cast of mostly male Muppets. She is outspoken, brash when circumstances call for it, genteel when the situation is otherwise. Her flair for fashion and her unapologetic femininity and ambition are characteristics that plant her firmly in the modern era, even though she has been in the public eye for four decades.

Miss Piggy.

All this makes her the perfect star for kate spade new york’s latest “Miss Adventure.” We spoke with Miss Piggy about the new collection of accessories, for which she was the muse, her co-star, Zosia Mamet, and how she manages to do it all while including time for romantic entanglements.

First things first. How is your love life? Are you seeing anyone green?

 Moi’s love life is fantastique! As for “anyone green,” I can’t imagine what you’re talking about. Oh, you mean, “him” … Well, we’re still friends and colleagues, but for now, I’m done with “A for Amphibians” and I’m working my way through the rest of the alphabet. To put it succinctly, I’m not just seeing anyone … I’m seeing everyone.



If you’re over evergreens, let us suggest something equally verdant but more unique for your holiday trimming: succulents. These days, the trendy water-plump plants can be found at most floral shops, however, their use in seasonal wreaths and arrangements is only just catching on–which means that yours could be the only door on the block to rock one!

Succulent WreathIn addition to being relatively low-maintenance and resilient, succulents are also easy to work with–good news for those of us who are all thumbs but not necessarily of the green kind. And since this is a living wreath, you can keep up this decoration year-round without shame.

Read on to follow our low-stress steps for fashioning a custom wreath.



Cozycomfycool: Cold-Weather Looks


Styling by Morgan Dillon; images by Matthew Sumi

Is there any amount of cozy that’s too cozy? When the weather gets cold, the answer is no. With athleisure feeling less like a trend these days and more like a paradigm shift, designers are putting comfort at the forefront of their fashion. It’s all the better for stacking clothes and taking coziness to the max. Try stepping out of the house wearing fuzzy socks—fuzzy shoes, even—and two jackets at the same time: a middle layering piece and an overcoat. Then you shall know the true meaning of cozy. Be inspired by these looks and layer up.

Our model here is Tay Sean, rapper and producer extraordinaire. If you don’t know him, his new album, Leavings, is outstanding experimental hip-hop. Dressing-wise, he has a unique style, so we met with him ahead of time in the store so he could help choose clothes from our men’s and men’s designer departments. His reaction:

“I didn’t realize Nordstrom had so much cool stuff.”

Check out our cozy looks below and our interview with Tay Sean about his music and personal style.

SHOP: Helmut Lang coat | Public School anorak* | Rick Owens pants | Clarks Wallabees

*available by phone: 1.888.282.6060



ferg_polaroidImage courtesy Alexander Wang

We were working ahead, interviewing rapper and fashion designer A$AP Ferg for a top-secret future Pop-In shop, when he mentioned Alexander Wang with an anecdote we thought you might like to read now.

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Alexander Wang


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To celebrate the opening of our new store at Toronto Eaton Centre, we’ve been talking to some of the city’s residents while photographing them on the streets—and sometimes rooftops—of their stunning metro.

First up is all-around lovely lady, model and blogger Shivani Persad. This woman proves that true beauty isn’t just skin deep. On her blog, LIVE SHIV NOW, Shivani discusses the nuances of the modeling industry, diversity issues in entertainment and fashion, her personal struggle with anxiety, her travel reflections and, of course, fashion. All of these dimensions also made her the perfect subject of our new 360º video. You can watch that below, see behind-the-scenes images from our shoot and read Shivani’s tips for dressing up and going out in Toronto.

Shivani Persad on set in Toronto


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Vans founder Paul Van Doren; images courtesy of Vans

For a big-picture view of Vans during our monthlong Vans-focused Pop-In shop, we chatted with Steve Van Doren, son of Paul Van Doren, founder of what began as the Van Doren Rubber Company in 1966. Steve is now Vans’ vice president of events and promotions and a lifelong Vans expert.

We talked to Mr. Van Doren about the day his dad doodled the famous “jazz stripe” which now adorns classic models like the Old-Skool and Sk8-Hi, the confluence of Vans and music (rock, rap and other)–and how, massive though it has become, Vans is still very much a family affair.

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Vans