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Get the HUM Glow with This One Vitamin and Some Yummy Recipes

Aging, stress, environmental pollutants and a poor diet all have negative impacts on the skin, causing it to lose moisture, luminosity and elasticity over time. A dire prognosis, since we can’t stop the clock. Luckily, the beauty experts at Hum Nutrition have a highly effective solution, proven to help you regain your glow from the inside-out, without messing with the laws of nature.

Glow Sweet Glow is a vegan gummy vitamin that helps the skin retain moisture thanks to low-molecular, easy-to-absorb hyaluronic acid. That, plus a combination of vitamins C and E, gives the skin a protective barrier. Best yet, the gummy tastes like an orange creamsicle.

We chatted with registered dietitian Sarah Greenfield about the radiant effects of hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E contained in Glow Sweet Glow, Hum’s newest daily vitamin for optimal skin health. As a bonus, Sarah shares her favorite delicious recipes for clear, hydrated skin.


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Dr. Raj Teaches Us About Our Skin’s Microbiome

Despite regimented facials and thorough double cleanses, what happens in your gut will eventually show on your skin. “If the good and bad bacteria aren’t balanced in your gut and intestines, you can develop conditions like acne, redness, psoriasis, dry skin and eczema,” says Dr. Roshini Raj, the woman behind TULA Probiotic Skincare. The  gastroenterologist with glowing skin is a big believer in approaching beauty from the inside out. Her range of prebiotic- and probiotic-infused skin care is free of toxins and full of skin-loving superfoods, like blueberries, turmeric and vitamin C, which maintain a healthy skin microbiome and improve skin barrier function.

So what is a microbiome, exactly? To better understand the connection between the skin and the gut and how this can all result in a breakout, we called on Dr. Raj to help us understand what’s going on inside our bodies, and therefore, on our skin’s surface. And most urgently, how do we correct an imbalance? Her advice and her beauty breakdown, ahead.


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Paint + Petals: Artist Bridgette Thornton on Her Anthropologie Houseware Collab (and Picnic-Party Tips)

Just the mention of floral decor will often bring our dear grannies to mind—or at least their living rooms, trimmed with pansy wallpaper borders and rose-clad tea sets. But then someone young and modern freshens up our image of florals and our passion for pansies is rekindled. This is probably what the buyers at Anthropologie, the retail chain that forever encapsulates the cool, vintage edge of granny chic, thought of artist Bridgette Thornton when they spied her botanical prints on their sales floor.

How the prints got there is a long, wending tale, but the gist is a third-party art distributor picked up the 26-year-old artist’s work and arranged the sale of several of her illustrations in Anthro stores. Fortunately, the artwork piqued the artist collaboration team’s interest—and a capsule housewares collection was launched. It was everything Bridgette had worked toward since first visiting an Anthropologie store as a teenager. An avid believer in vision boards, she might even tell you she “manifested” the collection. And now that Nordstrom carries a curated assortment of Anthropologie Home, you can find and buy the whimsical, colorful pieces—from throw pillows and quilts to dishware and phone cases—on our site.

We recently caught up with the Bay Area native to discuss inspiration and career motivation. Oh, and picnic menus—seeing as the collection’s melamine dishes literally deliver summer parties on a platter. (Bridgette and her boyfriend even created a delightful dining-al-fresco video for our viewing pleasure!)


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Moon Juice’s (Yummy) Chocolate Spirit Shake Recipe

In her morning routineMoon Juice founder and beauty alchemist Amanda Chantal Bacon revealed that in order to manage our weight and our mental and physical health, what we really need to focus on is reducing stress: “Exercise and diet actually inform what your hormone profile looks like, which then will design your body. So nourish yourself, get proper sleep and don’t stress your body by forcing it to work out five days a week.”

To show us how, Bacon concocted an indulgent smoothie aimed to satisfy our sweet tooth while nourishing our bodies with critical superfoods that regulate our stress and improve overall health. Oh, and this chocolate morning smoothie tastes absolutely incredible.


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Support Women Coffee Growers with These 3 Award-Winning Coffees

Latte, Americano, cold brew, decaf drip—any way you sip it, your coffee has a story. Where the coffee cherries were grown (yep, beans are in fact cherry stones), the person who picked and dried them, and the journey they took to eventually make it into your cup.

Quaff on this: per the World Bank, 500 million people on this planet depend on the coffee industry for their livelihood—and of that number, 25 million are coffee farmers who generally live in substandard conditions, receiving only pennies on the dollar for their contribution to our caffeine fix. More than half of those workers are women, but these same women are usually underrepresented socially, economically and politically in their communities. Without the work of these tenacious ladies, family incomes would drastically decrease, farm production would come to a standstill, communities would suffer untold costs—and coffee offerings would be seriously slim.

So we’re partnering with the nonprofit International Women in Coffee Alliance (IWCA) to combat gender inequality in the coffee supply chain by investing in women-led cooperatives and farms. Starting May 1, all of our Ebar coffee shops will carry three specialty blends grown by women in places like El Salvador, Colombia and Burundi. All blends are medium roast and have won quality awards for their flavor.

We recently sat down with several IWCA members at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle. Here’s what these women entrepreneurs had to say about their experiences working in the coffee industry, specifically with IWCA, and how the program has helped empower the women and communities around them.


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Moon Juice Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Morning Routine

Amanda Chantal Bacon’s purpose in life is to make things taste as delicious as possible. The classically trained chef turned cosmic wellness guru began her career creating decadent, pleasing things to feed others when she decided to pivot, slightly: “I combined this culinary education with another part of my life that was equally informative—this deep, holistic health,” Bacon says.


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Save The Date: The 2018 Tony Awards Are June 10 (Here’s Some Inspo to Throw a Viewing Party!)

The 72nd Annual Tony Awards® are already in the works and, for the fourth year in a row, Nordstrom is the official Red Carpet sponsor—which means we’ll be bringing you one-of-a-kind live coverage of the star-studded procession on June 10 via Facebook. (Go ahead and enter it in your Reminders app now.)

While the nominations and presenter are still a secret (announcements will be made May 1), we know a rockin’ Tony party starts with plenty of prep. That’s why we’re re-sharing our most crowd-pleasing dip and sip recipes this side of Broadway. So write out your menu, whip up your guest list and keep an eye out for more hot Tony updates. (And if you happen to hit Broadway for a show, take a moment to tour our brand-new Men’s Store NYC, located on the corner of Broadway and West 57th Street. It’s our first full-line men’s store—right in Midtown Manhattan.)

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Good Cheers: The GM75 Cocktail from Our Restaurants

New Year’s Eve is around the corner. Whether you plan on ringing in 2018 on your couch swaddled in cozy loungewear snacking on crudités or intend to shimmer the year away wearing your favorite light-catching threads, the occasion welcomes a cocktail. To set the tone for a bright new year, we suggest pairing sparkling wine with the orange-flavored cognac liqueur Grand Marnier. A champagne flute in a sunset shade of citrine dressed with a zesty orange peel is just the vibrant accessory your evening needs, no matter your attire.

If you’d prefer someone else do the mixing, stop by a Nordstrom Restaurant to have a GM75 prepared for you. And have a happy new year!


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Good Cheers: The Vine Street Cocktail from Our Restaurants

After a round or two of holiday parties, you might (gasp) be sick of the celebratory bubbly. If you want to keep the party going but want to switch things up, we have a cocktail suggestion that still dazzles with a simple sparkling wine float. Muddled grapes, mint and a splash of rosé give the base of lime juice and vodka in the Vine Street a crisp and refreshing flavor. Trim the glass with grapes and fresh mint, and this effervescent cocktail will look festive and continue the celebration through the new year.

Or if you want to party at our house, stop by a Nordstrom restaurant to have a Vine Street prepared for you.


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Good Cheers: The New York Sour Cocktail from Our Restaurants

The holiday parties are happening, and if you happen to be looking for the perfect drink to serve at your next event, we’ve got a suggestion that mixes two of our favorite adult beverages: wine and whiskey. The New York Sour is a sophisticated cocktail, with a citrusy rye base topped with a splash of vino, that will impress your guests. When all is said and done, this festive cocktail looks like a crackling fire in a glass and will make everyone merry. 

Or if you want to warm up with a pre-party drink, you can always stop by a Nordstrom restaurant to have a New York Sour prepared for you by our friendly team.