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POP-In @ Nordstrom

Our latest Pop-In Shop—GIFT & GOhouses sleigh-loads of gifts as unique as the loved ones on your list.

How unique, you ask? Think leather harnesses favored by Lady Gaga, blacked-out Rolexes customized exclusively for us, and 14-karat emoticons worth 1,000 words.

Keep reading for insights from Olivia Kim (Nordstrom’s Director of Creative Projects, Pop-In curator and resident wrap artist) on the treasures she hopes to find nestled under her Christmas cactus this holiday season.

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Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes I.T: We collaborated with Hong Kong fashion collective I.T to bring women’s brands izzue, :CHOCOOLATE and Mini Cream to the U.S. for the first time.

Our latest Olivia Kim-curated Pop-In Shop is packed to the rafters with borrowed-from-the-boys varsity jackets, black-on-black biker vibes—and animated friends from another galaxy (yes, really!).

To help us weigh our options, we asked stylist Ashley Helvey (a talented artist, tea connoisseur and all-around gem of a human being) to talk us through her favorites, after having surveyed every look up-close and personal on set. Keep reading to see her six favorite ensembles from I.T Hong Kong.

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Frame Denim and Nordstrom joined up to make a big splash back in January, when leggy women everywhere scissored into the Pop-In for the Karlie Kloss-designed capsule collection as well as an expanded selection of Frame goods that included white denim overalls and rad shirts and jackets. Suffice it to say the whole denim-on-denim look went next-level.

The Los Angeles-based, Los Angeles-made line continues to chicly assert itself as a go-to for the kind of girl who fancies a pointy flat and a simple black t-shirt with her slim-fits. The kind of girl, that is, who fancies Hanneli Mustaparta as the ultimate style icon.

The model, blogger and street style frequent flier kicks off Frame’s #GIRLSINFRAME video campaign. To see the rest of the series—for barefoot dance party grooves, low-key/high-style outfit tips and general mood-boosting—plug in your earphones and …


Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes I.T: We collaborated with Hong Kong fashion collective I.T to bring brands izzue, :CHOCOOLATE, Mini Cream and Aape by A BATHING APE to the U.S. for the first time.

You’ve seen the Hong Kong cult brands that comprise our new Pop-In Shop in motion (thanks to our moving lookbooks), but have you experienced them up close and personal? Keep reading for a list of the eight Nordstrom locations where you can Pop-In in person, and to see a snapshot of what’s in store—as photographed at our Seattle flagship.

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Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes I.T: We collaborated with Hong Kong fashion collective I.T to bring brands izzue, :CHOCOOLATE, Mini Cream and Aape by A BATHING APE to the U.S. for the first time.

Bringing a Hong Kong phenomenon stateside for the first time ever isn’t easy. After months of planning, just when we thought everything was a go—our boat-load (literally) of high-low HK fashion got hung up in customs!

It was all worth it, though. In the words of Pop-In@Nordstrom curator Olivia Kim, “I.T is one of my favorite things about Hong Kong—aside from the food and frenetic energy. When I went to Hong Kong for the first time, I fell in love.”

We think you’ll love I.T, too. Shop online and at selected Nordstrom stores starting today—and keep reading to go behind the scenes at our Seattle photo shoot (to which the clothes arrived just in time).

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There’s recycling (turning old paper into new paper, for example), and then there’s upcycling—taking one person’s garbage and transforming it into a new, improved and entirely different product.

Leading the way on the latter is Madrid-based ECOALF—a key part of Pop-In@Nordstrom: TMRW TGTHR. Founded by Javier Goyeneche as a way to improve the world for future generations (‘ALF’ is short for ‘Alfredo,’ his son), the brand has developed groundbreaking ways to turn humankind’s garbage into clothing, shoes and accessories that not only look amazing, but feel extremely high-end to the touch.

Keep reading for a closer look at the exclusive prints we developed in collaboration with ECOALF, videos about their innovative upycling methods, and a Q&A with the brand’s founder.

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The four friends behind Public Supply have a passion for design, an ardent belief in keeping art and music in schools—and a simple method for taking the guesswork out of giving back:

1) Buy one of their USA-made notebooks (25% of profits benefit public schools).
2) Check the batch number on the back.
3) Go to their website and match your number to the specific classroom on the receiving end of your good deed.

Once there, you’ll find a precise breakdown of the supplies you helped fund (ranging from printer ink to sheet music to robotics kits). But the best part has to be the heartfelt words of gratitude typed up by each dedicated teacher, explaining the cognitive value of their new teaching tools and just how ecstatic his or her students will be.

Keep reading to see eight of our favorite thank-you notes—plus a Q&A with Public Supply cofounder Russell Daiber.

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On the other side of the globe as well as in your own kitchen, our friends at Pioneer Square Pantry—part of Pop-In@Nordstrom: TMRW TGTHR—are improving the world through food.

When you invite their quaint and functional coasters, aprons and placemats into your home, you’re not only supporting a small business that builds connections across oceans and industries (the items we’re carrying are an exclusive collaboration with a design studio in Japan)—you’re also creating a reminder for yourself to slow down and savor life’s quiet moments and simple pleasures.

Keep reading for a Q&A with Eva Soroken and Kylen McCarthy, the creative culinary duo behind the brand—plus mouthwatering, edible inspiration from Chef Kylen.

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The Brother Vellies springbok boots pictured above—part of our TMRW TGTHR Pop-In Shop—represent not one, but multiple acts of good karma. They create solid jobs for the skilled artisans who handcraft them in South Africa. They offer additional income for farmers providing the hides. They put materials to good use that would otherwise go to waste. They provide a consumer like you with high-quality footwear that will last for years. And, perhaps most importantly, they share a cross-continental story about people’s lives and cultures, which might otherwise go untold.

Keep reading to see more photos that Brother Vellies founder Aurora James (along with her stylish friends and their adorable offspring) shot just for us—and to hear Aurora’s thoughts on growing up in Canada, listening to your mother and the evolving definition of what it means to help people in need.

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With Pop-In@Nordstrom: TMRW TGTHR, curator Olivia Kim and team discovered dozens of ways we can all help make the world a better place: Feed the hungry by buying a handbag. Plant flowers with the flick of the wrist. You can even support the fabric of American manufacturing by purchasing a handmade, high-quality power strip.

Regarding that last point, we navigated the boat-lined north edge of Seattle’s Lake Union to visit the modest production facility of Conway Electric—a brand led by a man who quit his day job in order to build a better extension cord. Keep reading for a Q&A with founder Kevin Faul about industrial design, leaps of faith and the power of American ingenuity.

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