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Just released: the newest short film created and directed by Karl Lagerfeld. Featuring Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne and Geraldine Chaplin as Gabrielle Chanel, Reincarnation accompanied the CHANEL Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’Art collection shown on December 2, 2014 in Salzburg. Watch. It’s wonderful.


October 31, 2014

Listen Up! Julee Cruise

If you’ve been keeping up on the last few weeks of Listen Up! it’s not hard to suss out the Halloween-y theme. And today is the big day! In anticipation, we’ve watched a ton of videos trying to find that perfect one that’s creepy without being completely terrifying (and not “Thriller“, even though we love the Michael Jackson zombie-pop opus as much as the next person). Guess what? It was not easy. So while the video for today’s pick, “Falling In Love”, leans a little towards romance rather than fear, all of its amorous scenes are culled from one of the freakiest (pre-American Horror Story) TV shows ever: Twin Peaks.

“Who Killed Laura Palmer?” was a question on the lips of plenty of people back in ’90 when the series—created by Mark Frost and the auteur-of-odd, David Lynch—first aired. The quirky creep-fest, set in a small Washington town, featured a cast of zany characters: some kind, some with murderous intent, but all intriguing. It’s a seriously revered cult classic and if you’ve never seen it, you might want to get on that—based on recent reports, Lynch and Co. are planning to revisit the town of Twin Peaks very soon.

The music from the series was equally eerie, much of it instrumental and scored by Lynch’s longtime collaborator, Angelo Badalamenti. But there were a few dreamy numbers performed by ethereal chanteuse Julee Cruise.


October 24, 2014

Listen Up! Elisa Ambrogio

Superstition can be a powerful motivator. Black cats, walking under ladders, knocking on wood, broken mirrors…these and other superstitions seem to cause seemingly logical people to do some seriously weird things.

Well, lump us in that category because since we started posting Halloween-ish videos at the beginning of the month, we’ve decided it would be bad luck if we didn’t continue down that path—at least until next Friday, anyway.

And while today’s pick reads a bit more Scary Movie than Scream, it’s still totally spellbinding, thanks to the charming Elisa Ambrogio.


Frame Denim and Nordstrom joined up to make a big splash back in January, when leggy women everywhere scissored into the Pop-In for the Karlie Kloss-designed capsule collection as well as an expanded selection of Frame goods that included white denim overalls and rad shirts and jackets. Suffice it to say the whole denim-on-denim look went next-level.

The Los Angeles-based, Los Angeles-made line continues to chicly assert itself as a go-to for the kind of girl who fancies a pointy flat and a simple black t-shirt with her slim-fits. The kind of girl, that is, who fancies Hanneli Mustaparta as the ultimate style icon.

The model, blogger and street style frequent flier kicks off Frame’s #GIRLSINFRAME video campaign. To see the rest of the series—for barefoot dance party grooves, low-key/high-style outfit tips and general mood-boosting—plug in your earphones and …


We liked last week’s spooktacular video so much, we’re keeping the Halloween theme going with this week’s pick: a slightly creepy (and 100% cool) video from enigmatic experimental Swedish band Goat. In the Sam Macon–directed clip for Goats’ psych-folk single “Hide from the Sun,” a beautiful woman is transformed into an otherworldly queen by a cast of animal-like beings, all of which were dreamt up by L.A.–based artist Stacey Rozich.

The ultra-talented Rozich—whose colorful style you might recognize from album art for other bands, such as Earth and Kaylee Cole, or for her spot-on representations of common music-fest personae for Refinery29—happens to be a buddy and was nice enough to answer our questions about her work, the video and more.


Designers are so good at making cold, unsexy winter (hello, long underwear!) seem hot. Case in point: the exclusive clip below that our friends at Akris punto were kind enough to share with us, which chronicles their campaign shoot for Albert Kriemler’s snowboarding-inspired collection for Fall/Winter 14/15. Starring Russian-born Swiss snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov—he of the cute nickname (“iPod”) and Olympic Gold Medal (at Sochi 2014) fame—the video plays like an ad for Switzerland’s soaring Alps and sleek winter style. Prepare for cheekbone envy.

Shabazz Palaces is one of those musical endeavors that stretches the concept of musical genre from what it is toward what it can become. If you looked for them in a record store, you’ll find ‘em filed under hip-hop, but Palaceer Lazaro (Ishmael Butler) and Fly Guy ‘Dai (Tendai Maraire) are pioneers of a new, as-of-yet undefinable sound, which in this age of classification and dissection makes it easier to just listen for a change.

Naturally, music that’s this far ahead of the curve would coalesce perfectly with like-minded clothing designers, so it’s not surprising that a cut from from Shabazz Palaces’ latest release, Lese Majesty, soundtracked a short film from KENZO in support of their SS14 collection earlier this year. Butler also appears in the video, along with model Grace Mahary.

We took a quick minute to chat with Butler, who, true to form, turned the usual interview questions on their heads with answers that were honest and charismatic.


“We wanted to recognize all the different ways that being ‘socially responsible’ can be interpreted,” Pop-In@Nordstrom curator Olivia Kim said in reference to our latest limited-time shop: a collection of eco-friendly, upcycled, artisanal and community-focused goods titled TMRW TGTHR.

“If we can provide these organizations with a platform to tell their stories,” Kim continued, “I feel like we’re helping spread their purpose to a larger audience.”

One of the most inspiring stories we came across was that of Creative Growth, an art center in Oakland that serves adult artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. Check out our visit to their campus in the video above, shop at selected stores for one-of-a-kind artworks by Creative Growth artists—and keep reading to learn about the four artists whose work we’re honored to showcase on a series of tote bags (free with any in-store Pop-In purchase).

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August 22, 2014

Listen Up! BANKS

The definition of chanteuse is a songstress—more specifically one who sings in a nightclub. It’s that extra distinction that conjures up dimly lit, smoky venues where a beautiful woman slinks onto a tiny stage and delivers a tour de force performance to a select few.

Jillian Banks—aka BANKS—is most definitely a chanteuse. Even though she’s performing for much larger audiences, like the ones at a little festival called Coachella or at a recent mini set on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” she brings that sultry, mysterious energy that undeniably earns her the label.


August 15, 2014

Listen Up! Lace Curtain

Music, like fashion, is pretty cyclical. Trends and sounds resurface, sometimes in new ways, and sometimes as a straight-up knockoff of their originators. We’re all about the well-executed homage, whether it’s a scrunchie cut from pretty new fabric or a contemporary band reaching back several decades to mine the minimally cool sounds of the early ’80s—like this track “I Can’t Wait” from Australian duo Lace Curtain.