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Each X Other Kicks Off at the Palais de Tokyo and a Refinery29 Editor on How to Do the Rest of Paris Fashion Week from Your Laptop

Fashion Week Journal for Tuesday, March 3



In case you were thinking Paris was going to kick off all featherlight and pinky froth, Each X Other took its turn in the YOYO room at the Palais de Tokyo at noon with a violin soloist in front of an abstract projection and then a heady text screen before look after look in chicified (that’s a word? yes, for now) pinstripe wool, sleek suiting references with bared shoulders, leather work gear for girls and nubby knits.

Don’t get me wrong, it was gorgeous. But it was serious business too.

Make that serious modern business. Creative directors Ilan Delouis and Jenny Mannerheim seemed to want to make a distinction between the overwhelm and absurdity of today’s world and the elevated comfort that the right clothing can create.


Are we what we’re drowning in or are we what we wear? The answer was obvious in that spare concrete space. Each X Other’s fall ’15 is about strong statements writ softly on the body. Menswear in an input-heavy world, for women who live easy, urban days up in their heads.




The finale moments called for more otherworldly sounds and images from the appropriately named Liquid Architecture. Here’s to a modern and moody start.


Now. Regarding the next seven days of your life: you’ve no doubt figured out by now that you can do Fashion Week from the couch, and sure, that makes yesterday’s red-eye sting just a little—but I can’t lie: I’m happy to be here. For those of you who are still there, though, we swung through Lower Manhattan during NYFW and got Refinery29’s Annie Georgia Greenberg to download her tips on being French from afar.


The Thread: First off, how would you characterize the difference between New York and Paris Fashion Weeks?
Greenberg: Paris is all about, to use a word with French roots, grandeur. It’s not just the clothes (though those are beautiful too); it’s about the palais where the show takes place and the history of the building contrasted against the modern threads on the runways. New York is faster, slicker, tougher, and Paris is a little more breathtaking.

What’s your go-to site for up-to-the-minute runway images? has the images up in no time—even way before the reviews. It’s incredible.

What shows do you recommend folks watch out for this week?
Saint Laurent, Chanel, Sacai, Valentino and Carven.

[Saint Laurent is 3/9; Valentino and Chanel are 3/10; and Carven is tomorrow; of course, you’ll stay tuned here for our Runway and Trend Recaps and our street-style reports from outside the shows. —Eds.]


And what can we watch out for in terms of what Refinery29 will be covering?
I typically write one to three show reviews per day as well as a huge street-style and trend report at the end of the week. It’s tough but fun and requires a lot of on-the-go thinking and filtering from my editor in chief and me (since, in the past, it’s only been the two of us). This season, though, we’re bringing two additional members of our team so that we can attend trade shows and appointments as well as the runway shows. So much goes on during PFW, and to have four (instead of two) sets of well-clad feet on the ground will be an incredible benefit for knowing and reporting all that we have to look forward to come fall.

What are you looking for when you’re at the shows? What are the specific things that you track?
When I’m at a show I’m looking at unique styling tips and silhouettes for individual show reviews. I’m also looking for consistencies from other shows for the huge trend roundups I write. But I can also get a feel for a collection through the music, lighting, mood of the models. It’s a holistic experience, for sure.

Okay, so we both know that to really do PFW you have to be there. What are your favorite cafés, galleries and hot spots to hit while you’re in town?
I’m looking forward to eating at Bones and Septime, L’Entrecôte for steak frites. Monsieur Bleu by the Palais de Tokyo for steak tartare. Le Café Marly for late-night drinks.


Images of Annie Georgia Greenberg by Jessica Carter; you can follow @theagg, as she’s known, on Instagram—we forgot to ask for the bunny’s handle.

—Laura Cassidy