Fashion Week Dossier: Laura Cassidy, Nordstrom Senior Editor

In preparation for the Fashion Weeks ahead, we’re talking to some of our favorite writers, editors, photographers and fashion authorities about how they prepare for and survive the bustle of streets, parties and runways.

First up, Laura Cassidy, Nordstrom’s own Creative Projects senior editor.

Laura Cassidy from WWD street style outside Jacquemus last season, SS 2016

What item of clothing can you not wait to bust out in New York? Can you send us a picture?

I tend to think in terms of the whole instead of one particular piece. What I like about the sartorial mise en place exercise of packing is thinking about which Dries pieces to bring for the Dries show, for example, and which elements from ACNE, Aries, Jacquemus, Celine and all the rest are the most adaptable so that each outfit is like an homage to the designers of that week in that city.

What I’ve always really loved about dressing is the idea that you’re getting into character and otherwise prepping for the events of the day. With Fashion Week it’s almost like you get to bring your favorite copy of your favorite novel to an author reading—or maybe it’s like getting up on stage with your favorite band and belting out a verse or two. Packing for the month makes me aware of what an idea exchange it all is—because first and foremost, I do think of each designer’s collection or season as a set of thoughts, suggestions and concepts. And then all year long we see the ideas, buy the ideas, and mix and match the ideas so that in the streets and cafés there’s this critical mass/parade of their ideas generating our ideas and vice versa. I love watching it and I really love being a teeny tiny part of it.

Send us a screen grab of your busiest day during Fashion Week. What will you do to recover? Do you have a secret FW weapon?

I don’t have my schedule together yet, sorry! It’s crazy how last minute it all gets.

I can tell you that I tend to write everything down rather than keep it in my phone, which I’m overusing during those months of my life as it is. Last year in New York I ran into legendary ’60s model and diversity advocate Bethann Hardison in a coffee shop after the Creatures of the Wind show; she was transferring her Outlook appointments to a paper grid. I felt pretty validated by that.

In terms of recovering from the extra-busy days, let’s just say I’m extra grateful whenever I can land a hotel room that has a bathtub.

Laura Cassidy in Prada flatformsShoes: comfort or style? What shoes will you be wearing?

Both! I’m psyched to live in a world where there are plenty of really great-looking shoes that I can walk all over the world in. This season my shoe game mostly rests on two pair: clog-like numbers in navy with a wonderful tuft of black shearling on top, and yet-to-be-purchased sneakers. I would love to alight on the perfect pair and seal the deal already, but hey, you can’t hurry love. Who knows, I may just go back to my trusty Prada platforms, seen here waiting to go inside the Burberry show last LFW.

Number one thing you won’t forget to squeeze in while in New York.

I used to have a general rule that whenever I was in New York I would run uptown and visit the restaurant where I waited tables in the ’90s. I have yet to make that happen during Fashion Week, but I haven’t given up trying. If I can steal an hour to get away and high-five the cooks and hug the sweet, kooky owner—and eat some onion rings—I’ll be happy.

Who’s the one person you know you’ll make time to see despite the insanity of New York?

I already have a dinner date on the books with my homegirl Emily in NYC. Always. She always knows where to go, and she can talk her way in and around whatever reservation stickiness gets in our way.

What’s your favorite all-time souvenir from New York?

I like to bring printed matter back to my team here at headquarters. From the gorgeous and often extravagant invitations to postcards and matchbooks pocketed on my way out of adorable cafés, it’s always fun to bring that stuff back and go through it all together.

I also try to hit little organic and specialty grocery stores in other cities and grab condiments and soaps and teas. If I had my way I’d actually compile thorough studies of foreign snacks and chips—those are the best aisles! But sadly, those aren’t products that travel well.

Find Laura on Instagram @laurasullivancassidy. Then read our other Fashion Week Dossiers.

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