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Hip-Hop, Grilled Cheese and Hair Braids at Nordstrom Night Out

We partied last night. So forgive us our photosensitivity.

The Physics perform at Hotel Max for Nordstrom Night Out

To celebrate the launch of our new Pop-In@Nordstrom X Opening Ceremony, records were spun, and mini hot dogs, sliders and ahi tacos were consumed. The third floor of our Seattle store became the happiest place in town, for hours on end, as shoppers explored the treasures contained within the vinyl-curtained Pop-In space created by the industrial designer Max Lamb.

Pop-In@Nordstrom X Opening Ceremony

In addition to kooky-cute clothing from Opening Ceremony’s 2016 resort collection, the new temporary store-within-a-store hosts jewelry by Venessa Arizaga, Master & Dynamic headphones, Alix bodysuits and Nicopanda terry jackets and pants. Your holiday shopping just met its match. Consider this gift-central for the next two months—that is, if you want to be an unparalleled elf.

Pop-In@Nordstrom X Opening Ceremony, inside the shop

Dance troupe the Cruw got down in the middle of the Savvy, Topshop and BP. departments, as onlookers got into their grooves checking out new merchandise, receiving a free updo at the braid bar or putting on their party face courtesy of Nordstrom makeup stylists. Selfie sticks were handed out with any purchase on the third floor.

The Cruw performs at Nordstrom Night Out

Olivia Kim at Nordstrom Night OutNordstrom VP of Creative Projects Olivia Kim (on the left in the photo on the right) stopped by to celebrate her latest Pop-In with friends and revelers. In the early aughts, Kim began her retail career by working with Carol Lim and Humberto Leon at the earliest iteration of their New York store, which later became the mega-label and fashion incubator Opening Ceremony.

But the festivities at the Nordstrom store were just the pre-party to the concert and soirée at Hotel Max. The first 250 to arrive at the store received free entry to a private party at the boutique hotel. Guests entered the parking garage through the alley, where the Grilled Cheese Experience food truck prepared gooey goodness between perfectly toasted bread for groups as they swayed to a DJ and waited for the elevator to take them up to the concert space. Inside the elevator, Jell-O shots awaited guests so that the journey up four floors wouldn’t lower their spirits.

The Grilled Cheese Experience food truck at Nordstrom Night Out

Once in the event space, guests bopped to the sounds of Seattle artists Grynch, the Physics and Blue Scholars. The Pacific Northwest city is home to a number of hip-hop artists of considerable talent, including Shabazz Palaces, THEESatisfaction and, of course, Macklemore. Grynch mentioned Brothers from Another, Romaro Franceswa and Gifted Gab as others to watch when we caught up with him.

Grynch performs at Hotel Max for Nordstrom Night OutBut last night’s stage showcased some of the most fun acts in Seattle at this moment, and party guests enthusiastically joined in the fun by chanting along to the groups’ sometimes city-centric lyrics. Grynch’s “My Volvo” resounded through the crowd. Thig Natural and Just D’Amato of the Physics rallied the crowd with songs from their 2015 EP Wish You Were Here, accompanied by brass, backup singers and even the Cruw dancers for several songs. The Blue Scholars whipped the party into a frenzy before a silent disco lulled the crowd into a dance trance.

Thig Natural of the Physics (left) and Geologic of the Blue Scholars (right)

For us, it was time to go home. But many others in attendance were heard making plans for a post-party. Seems this Night Out easily drifted into the day.

—Britt Olson