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November 14, 2012

Kork-Ease Remixes Classic ’70s Wedges for Nordstrom

Kork-Ease, the brand responsible for the original wedge sandal, is bringing its production back home. Originally manufactured in Brooklyn, New York–and one of the most iconic brands of the ’70s–Kork-Ease  is now launching a USA-made collection with Nordstrom.

Two of the original Kork-Ease styles – ‘Ava’ and ‘Bette‘ – have been handmade in rich, vibrant colors and materials. Full-grain leather or linen uppers, with hand-washed finishes and artfully wrapped wedges round out the collection and beautifully define the classic silhouette of the original Kork-Ease styles. The perfect fusion of comfort and classic charm, Kork-Ease is the epitome of a timeless, versatile staple. Bringing the production back to the U.S. truly celebrates the core spirit of the brand’s original, unforgettable designs.

If you’re planning to jet off to a tropical destination this Thanksgiving, pack a few styles from the Spring 2013 collection, available exclusively at Nordstrom.


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