Hiking, Sketching, Embroidering and David Bowie: Fall Fashion Behind the Scenes Photos and Langley Fox Q&A

langley11We’re big Langley Fox fans over here, appreciators both of the personal style of the daughter of Mariel Hemingway (yes, that would make her Ernest Hemingway’s great-great-granddaughter) as well as her visual art. She’s nice with a Dixon-Ticonderoga, to put it lightly, a photorealistic pencil sketcher with a fondness for the female form (potentially NSFW link here, depending on where you W).

Fox did some modeling for our upcoming fall fashion feature on our website. You’ll see the finished photos in due time, but for now we have these beautiful behind the scenes shots from photographer Carmen Daneshmandi.

Check out the images below and our chat with Langley about her experience on set, her current sketching and embroidery projects and where to shop and hike if you’re ever in her hometown of Ketchum, Idaho.

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langley-12 Nordstrom blogs: What do you remember about the Nordstrom shoot? Good experience? Awful?

So awful. No. It was great. I thought there would be more people there, but then it was just me, which was delightful. We shot in Pier 59 Studios in New York. I wore my own jewelry and they let me make decisions about the outfits, which I appreciated. I felt like I was part of the process.langley1langley9 You’re active as a model and a visual artist. When people meet you and don’t know anything about you, and they ask what you do for a living, what do you tell them?

I consider myself an artist first. I don’t know. I do both, art and modeling. But I’ll probably be an artist longer. Realistically, in the sense that my face will get wrinkly in a few years and nobody will want to stare at it anymore. And who knows, maybe at that point my art will get better.

langley2 What are you working on right now, art-wise?

Currently I have no real art jobs. So I’ve been drawing for myself. Finishing drawings I haven’t finished. I’ve been embroidering a little bit. I like to embroider my denim jacket, just hand done. I’ll find something I want to copy online, or just figure out a design. I’m not too bad at it. And it makes everything look more personalized. I’ll draw with a pencil and then freehand it. I taught myself how to do it. The last thing I embroidered on my jacket was the word FOXY on the back. I have a David Bowie that I’m working on right now. I think David Bowie is an incredible human being. The characters he’s taken on, I like them all. I’m working on a drawing of him in a yellow suit. But you can’t tell it’s yellow because it’s graphite.

langley3langley7Where do you create your artwork? What’s your creative process?

I have a studio, so I go there. It’s three miles from my house in Los Angeles. It’s a peaceful environment. To draw you need that. And there’s other people around me working, which is also important, to have that creative energy around you. And it’s a dedicated workspace, which is better than working at home for me, because at home you can also find three million things to do before you sit down. The amount of things you could probably clean? Amazing.

langley4langley10What else inspires you these days?

Nature. I’m on a road trip right now. We just passed through Reno. We’re going to Idaho, where I grew up, for my birthday which is on Saturday. We just spent the night in Tahoe. I grew up in Ketchum, Idaho, which is basically Sun Valley. I try to go back there a couple times every summer and I haven’t missed a Christmas yet.

langley5 What’s popping in Sun Valley? What do you like to do there?

My dad’s there, so I stay in the house I grew up in. I like the Gold Mine, which is like the Salvation Army of the town. I always find some gems. And I’m a huge hiker. I would recommend everyone who visits to visit Chocolate Gulch, one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on. I like to think of it in chapters. It’s five miles. You go up a mountain and you’re in the forest. And then you’re on top of the mountain and there’s rocks. And then you go down the other side and there’s no trees, and you’re near a river. And then you go back up. There are so many different elements. It’s beautiful.