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August 15, 2014

Listen Up! Lace Curtains

Music, like fashion, is pretty cyclical. Trends and sounds resurface, sometimes in new ways, and sometimes as a straight-up knockoff of their originators. We’re all about the well-executed homage, whether it’s a scrunchie cut from pretty new fabric or a contemporary band reaching back several decades to mine the minimally cool sounds of the early ’80s—like this track “I Can’t Wait” from Lace Curtains (the brainchild of Michael Coomer).

Or it could be that we just can’t help it—it seems musical nostalgia might be hard-wired into our brains. (It’s just possible that one or two of us were teens in the ’80s. Shhhh…)

And much as we love the electro vibe of “I Can’t Wait” we’re equally into the totally different, but oh-so-good single “Wilshire and Fairfax” (a tribute to Biggie), which was dropped this week as a teaser for the October release, A Signed Piece of Paper.

For more on the doings of Lace Curtains, follow them on Twitter.

—Jenny Yule


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