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Deth Killers of Bushwick: Life Imitates Art

…Or is it the other way around? For Deth Killers of Bushwick, it might be both—seeing as how we can’t quite tell where real life and the illustrated scenes that adorn their website start and end.

We don’t have room to print their full manifesto, but to sum things up: Deth Killers are quite literally an NYC motorcycle club (you can file an application here), makers of asphalt-resistant jeans (seriously, they’re woven with Kevlar and have saved a posterior or two), and aspiring video-game designers. As founder Greg Minnig told us: “Those illustrations were based on a video game we conceptualized, and even got pretty heavy into a lot of the missions. But we don’t know how to make video games, so we made our video game into T-shirts instead.” Keep reading to see more.

Road House. Every motorcycle club needs a solid hideout—especially in a post-apocalyptic NYC. Note: next best thing to two wheels is a blacked-out van. [Click image for detail.]

The Getaway. These scenes are like a Where’s Waldo gone horribly wrong. Or right, depending on how you look at it Is that an off-leash Frenchie? [Click image for detail.]

Sunset Procession. Who needs organized civilization when you’ve got bodacious female protagonists—and a wheelie-popping parade stretching as far as the eye can see? [Click image for detail.]

Yankee Stadium. T-rex? Check. Tabby cat? Check. Civil War re-enactment? Check. [Click image for detail.]

Big Chill. Looks like we’re in for another Ice Age. Oh wait—have you been to NYC this week? [Click image for detail.]

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