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Publish Brand ‘Legacy’ Jogger: New & Improved

‘Legacy’ is a fitting moniker for the next evolution from jogger-pant progenitors Publish Brand. In a menswear dominion where innovation usually occurs only within a set number of specimens (below the belt, it’s jeans, chinos, trousers…let’s be honest, kilts are not going mainstream anytime soon)—Publish was able to identify an untapped niche and capitalize on it: athletic-inspired pants, crafted in outside-the-gym cotton twill.

Having built momentum behind their elastic-cuffed ‘jogger pants’ for the past few years (we showed you how to wear a pair here), Publish is set to sustain their ‘Legacy’—and checkmate the jogger-pant game in the process—with a revamped pant that boasts several key improvements. The new model launches worldwide on May 1, but you can BUY IT NOW via Nordstrom Men’s Shop.

Keep reading to see the tactical details that set the new Publish ‘Legacy’ jogger apart from the pack—plus in-flight images from the brand’s new lookbook, depicting all six killer colorways.

You can see for yourself, above, what Publish has done to disaster-proof these pants—but allow us to read between the lines and put a few things in layman’s terms:

>> Stretch Twill + Reinforced Saddle: You’ll stay comfortable—and won’t bust a seam—whether you’re doing aerial stunts (as seen here) or intensely building Hot Wheels tracks on the floor with your kid.

>> Water-Repellent + Stain-Resistant: Skate in the rain, tackle an epic sandwich on your lunch break, get a pretty girl’s drink spilled on you at the bar—all with minimized repercussions.

>> 2×1 Ribbed Cuffs: You know your jackets and sweaters with saggy, stretched out cuffs at the end of the sleeve? We call those ‘quitters.’ The sturdy cuffs on these joggers—which offer a zero-effort alternative to rolling your pant to best showcase your shoes—look like they’re in it for the long haul.

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