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Perhaps you noticed: it’s prom season. For guys that means suits and, generally, a fair bit of uncertainty. That’s normal. Many teenagers are unfamiliar with suits. What’s a cool suit? There will definitely be photos taken, so you want to come correct. Should you purchase or rent?

Let us make this simple. You should definitely buy. And you should buy from the British brand Topman – which is distributed in the U.S. exclusively through Topman and Nordstrom. Forget tuxedos. Get a hip, affordable, easy-to-wear Topman suit. Done.

There was no Topman in 1981, which is when Nordstrom Senior Designer Tim Haywood went to prom. Things were more complicated then. Feeling the spirit of the season, he took us on a walk down memory lane.

–Andrew Matson

SHOP: Topman

Senior year at Auburn High School, I got this gig with Tux & Tails, a shop which is no longer in existence, to wear a tux every week to school as advertising. They paid for my rentals in exchange. One of my friends was the ASB president and the tux shop contacted him, and he contacted me because I looked like a model. And by model I mean “had a pulse.” 


We had to wear the tuxes and hand out business cards. We wore whatever Tux & Tails wanted us to wear at school – cummerbunds that I didn’t understand how to wear, all sorts of stuff. But for the dances, I chose my own suits. The white one was prom: a spring color. The brown one was homecoming: a fall color. I remember wanting to get whatever was closest to Hunts’ Snack Pack brown. Do kids still eat Snack Packs?


Bonus image: Here’s a shot from “Grub Tolo” that same year, which is where the girl pays and the guy doesn’t wear a tux – just some high-waisted white jeans and a terrycloth shirt tucked in, no belt. I insisted on going to dinner after the dance because I didn’t want to mess up my white pants. What can I say: fashion first!

–Tim Haywood

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  • Lorinda Haywood March 16, 2017, 12:11 pm

    Looking GOOD Timmy, yes you do look like a model, however I am probably prejudiced!!
    Steve wore a suit coat and slacks (all new) because there were friends of his that couldn’t afford the tux, so he said this is what we will wear, they all attended the dance and had a great time. Of course, he needed the outfit for college. It all worked out well.

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