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New York Fashion Week’s Best Burgers, Bathrooms and Instagrammable Toast

No matter where you go, there you are. And chances are good that while you’re there, you’re going to get hungry. Fashion Week may be a jigsaw puzzle of planes, trains, automobiles and killer looks, but it all goes down in New York City—a caffeinated culinary capitol of the globe, so of course we take our time-outs as seriously as our show schedules.

Enter Lily Wyckoff, Nordstrom Social Media. Look up “well-connected” in the dictionary. Go ahead, we’ll wait. You’ll find a picture of Wyckoff there, probably jetting from a Insta meet-up to runway event to a chic cafe. Which chic cafe? Glad you asked.

First, let’s let her count the ways. What follows are our technocrat’s eatery criteria, and then her top six picks for sustenance with style.

What I value in a fashion week food spot?
1) An up-for-grabs outlet or a willingness from the staff to let me charge my phone behind the bar.
2) A clean bathroom. I don’t get a ton of mirror time throughout the day so this is when I reapply lipstick and fix whatever has happened to my hair over the course of the day. Hello, volume spray.
3) Good eats. The days are long and our breaks are few and far between, so grubbing when you can is important.

The Empire Diner
Conveniently located near the shows on West 22nd, this spot has outdoor seating in the summer and a killer kale caesar, which is my fave.

Café Gitane, Jane St
Located in the Jane Hotel, the overly Instagrammed avocado toast is just as good as the internet makes it look. A #protip from Nordstrom Creative Director Strath Shepard.

La Bergamote, Chealsea
Chic Chelsea coffee shop. No NYFW list of haunts would be complete without one.

Le Zie
Also Chelsea, this is where I retreat to meet my pals from college at the end of the day. Collapse-worthy lounge chairs, dim lighting, fab martinis and amazing Italian food. Perfect for catching up and winding down.

Burger Joint
These totally debaucherous burgers are located in my hotel (a short jaunt to Lincoln Center) and I can take them back to my room. Also, I have no shame.

The Red Cat
A NYFW crowd staple. Menu fave: Tempura green beans with sweet hot mustard. Nom.

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—Laura Cassidy

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