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No-Show Snow, Creatures of the Wind Goes Psychedelic, Caroline & Olivia, the Best Fashion Week Hair Style and the Best Non-Fashion Week Fashion App

Fashion Week Journal for Thursday February 12


Color of the day: White—but, thankfully, just the threat of it. New York Fashion Week Day 1 began with predictions of snowfall, and the huddled conversations outside every show were of the “Here we go again order,” but the resigned tone referred to the weather, not the week’s schedule.

But yesterday ended with dry sidewalks, though, so, the score thus far:


On the topic of sidewalks: My app this week and next is CitymapperLast time I lived in this town (the, ahem, late ’90s), we had no digital recourse, but I don’t remember needing it either. The isle of Manhattan has managed to get bigger, I’m sure of it. And whether you’re a local or not, the act of getting from Chelsea to the Tents to Soho to the West Village within the space of an afternoon is tricky at best.

Citymapper spits out maps for walking, transit, and cab with estimates for distance, time and dollars, so I’m calling it this week’s non-fashion fashion app, but keep it in mind for your next urban journey—regardless of whether or not it’s sartorially related. (Are there trips that aren’t sartorially related?)

Let’s get to the shows, though. My fall 2015 show schedule kicked off with a lunchtime presentation from Creatures of the Wind in a cool, stark Chelsea studio. The inspiration: “Definitive moments in American psychedelic culture”.   

side by side


Wide-leg trousers and pale pink shimmery dresses fell to the models’ knees in artful side knots with long, trailing ends, evoking the mind-altering ’60s and ’70s. But as we know, designers Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters are, well, under the influence of music, and the soundtrack was appropriately heavy, droney, and fuzzed-out. Imagine Silver Apples, “Seagreen Serenade” into Captain Beefheart’s “Autumn’s Child”, followed by “The Bulblight” by Rod Freeman and “Paix” by Catherine Ribiero.

For the finale, the models floated out en masse to Broadcast’s “Goodbye Girls”—a perfectly titled, perfect modern psychedelic pop song.

But hey, how about a “Hello Girl” to Jessica Carter. The Nordstrom print designer and Fashion Office alumnus is a crack media producer, too, so from here on out, this is a two-woman show. She rolled into the city last night with traffic-stopping style, and what with all the talk about what we were packing this week, it occurred to me that the best thing you can bring is a bomb ’do.
Or I guess I should say it occurred to her.



“Fashion Week is the time to get experimental, but there’s also so much to do, and not a whole lot of time to do it in so braids are, practically speaking, the perfect solution,” Jess told me. “I went to the salon wanting a look that hybridized the cultures I grew up admiring: hip-hop and ballet. Braids are ancient and modern at the same time. Historically, if you were from Africa or Scandinavia and you were a lady with a packed schedule, braids were beauty and functionality at once. Alex at Collage Salon in Seattle nailed the vibe I was going for and I’m feeling ready to hit the ground running with my mane in check.”

Check. As soon as Jess arrived, though, we parted ways. She was off to the Todd Snyder presentation, and I headed downtown—very, very slowly. A Snoop and P-Diddy All Star Jam at Madison Square Garden held up traffic something awful. But soon enough I arrived at Claudette to celebrate the launch of Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa with Caroline, Olivia Kim, and 40 of their friends.

NORDSTROM Signature & Caroline Issa's Collection Launch Dinner

Garance Doré, Elisa Nalin 

NORDSTROM Signature & Caroline Issa's Collection Launch Dinner

Caroline Issa, Olivia Kim, Jen Brill

NORDSTROM Signature & Caroline Issa's Collection Launch Dinner

Melissa George, Caroline Issa

Issa told me that the dinner was all about fêting the women who had inspired her collection: Tamu McPherson from All the Pretty Birds, Garance Doré, casting director/vintage scion Natalie Joos from Tales of Endearment, Parisian stylist Elisa Nalin—who told me she was only in town for a few days but had caught the Tome show, and just flat-out adored it.

Oh and you know who else was there? The girls from the New Potato. You’ve heard of it, I’m sure. As well as Chloe Malle from Vogue, Sophie Pera from Town & Country, ‘The Slap’ star Melissa George, and Chanel girl Jen Brill. Basically, it was a crazy smart and crazy well-dressed room.


Back to the Todd Snyder show at Lincoln Center, though—speaking of crazy stylish rooms. We edited Jess’s pictures to share the mood of the room: electric, organic, at home, and we edited them in favor of her favorite look, a sort of knit sweatsuit that felt both laid-back and dressed-up. Hey, that sounds like a good outfit strategy for tomorrow …




 Photos by Jessica Carter

—Laura Cassidy & Jess Carter

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