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Our complimentary bra fittings are usually shenanigans-free (and you leave knowing your perfect size), but The Ellen DeGeneres Show usually isn’t behind the scenes with hidden cameras setting booby traps. Kudos to our Fit Specialist Serena, who handled this situation with aplomb.

Through October 26, for every bra purchased online from participating brands, Nordstrom and that brand will donate $2 to the Young Survival Coalition, a nonprofit supporting young women with breast cancer.

Circle up the bookworms; here’s this month’s trio of newly released and/or otherwise timely tomes.


Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

The New York Times describes this brand-spanking-new release as “a kind of memoir disguised as an advice book, or a how-to book in the guise of a series of personal essays,” and while some might find it hard to stomach the aforementioned from a gal who has yet to hit her thirtieth birthday, well, maybe they of the raised eyebrows are the reason the word “learned” is in quotes on the cover. (Would the more accurate tagline “A young woman tells you what she’s learning” move as many units? Rhetorical.) Bottom line: we as a culture-watching unit seem rather unable to look away as Dunham bares all on her television show and then transforms herself into a sort of chic Everywoman for the red carpet, but all of that is largely due her wit and humor. Consider Girl the written equivalent of full frontal nudity.


Women in Clothes by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Shapton

Yes, this editorial dream team hits several key modern and classic intellectual reference points from the New York Times (Shapton was an art director) to McSweeney’s (Julavits is a co-editor of The Believer), but it’s that “& 639 others” that really makes this a power squad of voice and perspective. Just about every page in this hefty 528-page crowd-sourced, globally inclusive essay collection/voyeurism vehicle reads like the best dinner party conversation you’ve never had—unless of course you’ve already chatted with Kim GordonRivka Galchen, ex-pats, octogenarians, and digital natives about clothing swaps, corsets, self identity, and the sex lives of ducks.


1000 Football Shirts by Bernard Lions

Look, as far as we’re concerned, you can’t take the sport trend too seriously. In prep of the next big game day (football, soccer, ping pong?), fire up the buffalo wing sauce, grab a key spot on the sectional, and then open up this bad boy and get the visual score on 100 years of vividly iconic team looks from 100 countries—all while wearing our aesthetically “athletic” Marc by Marc Jacobs Motocross Uprising Dress perhaps?

Our Director of Creative Projects and Pop-In Shop Curator Olivia Kim offers up daily inspiration, favorite products and things she’s super in love with right now.

“P p p pppppprada please!”

Amanda Wheeler is a writer for Nordstrom’s creative print initiatives; she shared a day in her life with us, and we’re in turn sharing it with you.

What happens behind the scenes of an average plus-size photo shoot? When buzzed-about models Candice Huffine and Philomena “Phil” Kwao are concerned, nothing is average. Here’s the inside track on October’s Encore campaign, complete with outfit tips from both high-style gals and all the best fall looks.

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October 13, 2014

What’s Up, Olivia: Wave On

Our Director of Creative Projects and Pop-In Shop Curator Olivia Kim offers up daily inspiration, favorite products and things she’s super in love with right now.

“Ettore Sottsass is my favorite designer and this is my favorite thing he has designed.”

October 13, 2014

Monday, Monday

susan sontag
Four days until Friday, friends.
Here’s an Annie Leibovitz picture of the great thinker, author, and activist Susan Sontag—in a bear suit.

There’s recycling (turning old paper into new paper, for example), and then there’s upcycling—taking one person’s garbage and transforming it into a new, improved and entirely different product.

Leading the way on the latter is Madrid-based ECOALF—a key part of Pop-In@Nordstrom: TMRW TGTHR. Founded by Javier Goyeneche as a way to improve the world for future generations (‘ALF’ is short for ‘Alfredo,’ his son), the brand has developed groundbreaking ways to turn humankind’s garbage into clothing, shoes and accessories that not only look amazing, but feel extremely high-end to the touch.

Keep reading for a closer look at the exclusive prints we developed in collaboration with ECOALF, videos about their innovative upycling methods, and a Q&A with the brand’s founder.

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Our Director of Creative Projects and Pop-In Shop Curator Olivia Kim offers up daily inspiration, favorite products and things she’s super in love with right now.


“I <3 the ocean!”

Image via Wave Tribe

October 10, 2014

Listen Up! Ty Segall

BOO! It’s that time of year again. Costumes, candy, pumpkin carving, corn mazes, scary movies—it’s October! And though it’s true the 31st is still a few weeks away, when we caught this new video from Ty Segall we couldn’t help but get just a little giddy about Halloween.


The four friends behind Public Supply have a passion for design, an ardent belief in keeping art and music in schools—and a simple method for taking the guesswork out of giving back:

1) Buy one of their USA-made notebooks (25% of profits benefit public schools).
2) Check the batch number on the back.
3) Go to their website and match your number to the specific classroom on the receiving end of your good deed.

Once there, you’ll find a precise breakdown of the supplies you helped fund (ranging from printer ink to sheet music to robotics kits). But the best part has to be the heartfelt words of gratitude typed up by each dedicated teacher, explaining the cognitive value of their new teaching tools and just how ecstatic his or her students will be.

Keep reading to see eight of our favorite thank-you notes—plus a Q&A with Public Supply cofounder Russell Daiber.

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