We all know the holidays are a time for giving. But it’s pretty clear, from the countless commercials that start in October, this season is also about shopping and spending, sometimes a lot. Finding a personal and financial balance can be something of a struggle. Fortunately, this year, Treasure&Bond is making it a little easier to feel good about the gifts you give others–and yourself–with their latest giveback partnership.

Treasure & Bond

Photos by Manuela Insixiengmay

Continuing the brand’s tradition of philanthropy, this season the Americana clothier is donating 2.5% of net sales to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. It’s nice to feel wholesome about the holidays–perhaps especially this year–and not only is Treasure&Bond’s impeccably crafted collection of casual clothes the perfect uniform for a household gathering of you and yours, but through January the label is also helping to foster bonds in communities. That’s pretty great.

Treasure & Bond Leather Jacket

Pam Iorio, President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, told us: “These partnerships are very important; they help build awareness for our work. When customers see a Nordstrom and Big Brothers Big Sisters partnership, they have confidence in it because they respect both institutions.”



Olivia & Ryan | Real Weddings

An intimate, nautical-themed ceremony and reception in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, provided a romantic coastal setting for Olivia and Ryan’s southern celebration.

Olivia and Ryan | Real Weddings

The location:

We love the South! We visit South Carolina every year and decided this is where we wanted to tie the knot. We did not want the typical wedding. We wanted something totally unique. Having fewer than 50 guests gave us plenty of unique options!

Olivia and Ryan | Real Weddings

We were debating back and forth on whether we should have a beach wedding or a more inland wedding. Then we found the house and it took our breath away. It’s about a 5-minute drive from the beach and absolutely stunning. It is right on the inlet, so we had our own private dock. We had our own suite on the third floor, while the bridal party and our families had the first two floors—it was a blast being able to celebrate with everyone we love under the same roof for a few days. We had the ceremony in the front yard, overlooking the waterway, and the reception in the back, around the pool and in the first level of the house.


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This month’s Olivia Kim-curated Pop-In shop – Pop-In@Nordstrom: Faded – focuses on unique, easygoing style for men and women, combining broken-in fabrics and precision craft. Here we zero in on one of our featured brands, Bonum.

bonumoneLess a brand and more a workshop with a storefront, Bonum makes and remakes beautiful jeans every day, sometimes blending their own new denim with vintage denim in the same jean, with options for repairs and bespoke pieces if you visit the shop in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Product development manager Jun Kobayashi organizes all that making. He began his denim days with indigo dye experiments in college. Later he worked at the Kapital denim factory, cutting and sewing near Kojima Station in Okayama.

On Skype, he schooled us on the significance of Okayama in Japanese denim (it’s hype), the availability of vintage American bandanas in Japan (unavailable) and details about styles we’re carrying.

Thank you to Bonum store manager Terumasa Ikuta for translating during our chat.

SHOP: Bonum | Pop-In@Nordstrom: Faded



Velvet for Days–and Nights

A favorite formal fabric during the holiday season, velvet started showing up even earlier this year, namely in September. During Fashion Week Spring 2017, the cloth was a head-to-toe favorite among the world’s most stylish ladies, who wore it in a variety colors, during the day, through city streets. Fulfilling unlikely fashion icon George Costanza’s wish, it seems it is now societally acceptable–even embraced by the femmes du monde–to drape oneself in velvet. So what are you waiting for?

How to Wear Velvet for DayLiz Uy, Nausheen Shah, Joanna Hillman and Erika Boldrin at Fashion Week Spring 2017

Formality is another fashion rule that’s readily being broken, and wearing velvet further blurs the high/low divide by injecting luxury into the everyday. Eveningwear continues to influence daywear: we see furs, lace, embellishments, jewel tones and rich fabrics worn to the office or to the store with denim and tees.

Velvet Over-the-Knee boots

As always, street style during Fashion Week serves as a bellwether for the season’s trends. Some of our favorite velvet looks below show how the style stars are wearing the fabric–without it looking like drapery.


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Just in time for your Thanksgiving plans—whether they be getting together with family and friends or eating turkey in front of the TV—the geniuses at Tastemade have gifted us some yummy holiday dishes that you’ll want to keep in your recipe repertoire.

Amy Lee from Tastemade

First up is adorable Amy Lee’s vegan dessert. But wait, these little nuggets of deliciousness are just as tasty as any nonvegan variety. Plus, the cheesecakes are pretty easy to whip up for a seasonal party with friends or coworkers. And you don’t have to tell anyone that they’re a healthy, nondairy pumpkin treat if you don’t want to—they’ll never know.



If you’re over evergreens, let us suggest something equally verdant but more unique for your holiday trimming: succulents. These days, the trendy water-plump plants can be found at most floral shops, however, their use in seasonal wreaths and arrangements is only just catching on–which means that yours could be the only door on the block to rock one!

Succulent WreathIn addition to being relatively low-maintenance and resilient, succulents are also easy to work with–good news for those of us who are all thumbs but not necessarily of the green kind. And since this is a living wreath, you can keep up this decoration year-round without shame.

Read on to follow our low-stress steps for fashioning a custom wreath.


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Images courtesy of Stampd

Designer Chris Stamp is changing the way men dress with his label Stampd, which started as a cult brand in Los Angeles in 2011. The Stampd aesthetic involves layered, streetwear-adjacent looks with sharp tailoring and soft materials, and inspiration drawn from Copenhagen and Tokyo as much as L.A. If all that means nothing to you, peruse the Stampd lookbook images in this post. You’ll get it.

This year, Stamp has been named a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, making him a competitor in a prestigious battle for emerging designers. Being named a finalist is a massive honor in itself, capable of boosting careers and even pushing brands into the mainstream.

We currently offer Stampd in the men’s designer sections at our Seattle flagship store, as well as in California (South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Topanga in Canoga Park, The Grove in Los Angeles and Fashion Valley in San Diego) and in Aventura, Florida. We do not sell Stampd online. Visit any of those stores to see what hasn’t sold out yet. And keep in mind you can order any item from any store (like that bomber jacket you see above, for example) through our customer service line: 1.888.282.6060.

So you can get to know him a little better, we caught up with Mr. Stamp on the horn to talk about the Fashion Fund, what he’s working on at the moment, rap music he’s into and the rising menswear power structure in Los Angeles.



Are you planning what you’ll pack for the holidays? Arranging festive outfits in your head? Coordinating which shoes will look cute with your dresses and keep you upright on an icy sidewalk?

We know you are. But you might want to save suitcase space for a few items from Topshop’s Holiday Collection. Glittering cocktail dresses, cool boyfriend jeans, slouchy sweaters, sexy minis, ruffled blouses and shiny booties can all play a part in your occasion dressing. (Put that list in your luggage and you’re almost set—just don’t forget undies and socks!)

Topshop holiday

To further inspire your preparations, Topshop spoke with its cast of international models about how they celebrate, what they wear and which movies they watch. Hear how Lottie Moss, Stella Maxwell, Marjan Jonkman and other lovelies kick back with their fam.


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Jenn & Adrian | Real Weddings

Jenn and Adrian returned to the Pacific Northwest, where they met, for a back-to-nature wedding on Whidbey Island set among forests, flowers and friends. 
Jenn and Adrian, Real Weddings

The location:

I grew up in Seattle, where we met, and while Adrian had been around the world, no place felt like home quite like Seattle. We wanted to get married in a place that captured the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Fireseed was enveloped in tall evergreen trees, had gorgeous colorful gardens, and even a dock that led out to a peaceful body of water surrounded by tall grass and reeds. The reception hall was a gorgeous renovated barn with rustic elegance. It was the perfect backdrop for the ceremony reception and a fun place for people to explore.

Jenn and Adrian, Real Wedding
Adrian and I fell in love with Fireseed the moment we toured it with [owner] David Noble. It was in the middle of winter, so the gardens were not yet in bloom, but we could see the potential. At the time, I was visiting from Atlanta, where I was working, so we were in a long-distance engagement. Fireseed was everything we wanted and needed. It not only served as a venue, but it also handled the catering and cake, rentals, and even helped coordinate the wedding day. David and Dawn answered every one of our questions and helped make our wedding day go off without a hitch. It made long-distance planning so much easier for me!


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This month’s Olivia Kim-curated Pop-In shop – Pop-In@Nordstrom: Faded – focuses on unique, easygoing style for men and women, combining broken-in fabrics and precision craft. Here we zero in on one of our featured brands, AGOLDE.


You know them from rap music, but the whole A$AP crew is into fashion: A$AP Rocky came into the game rapping about Rick Owens and Raf Simons; now he’s in Dior ads, and A$AP Rocky and A$AP Bari are making waves with their VLONE line.

But A$AP Ferg has the coolest fashion pedigree, with his dad’s store Ferg Apparel holding down Harlem in the ’80s and ’90s with luxurious gear and custom sweatsuits, outfitting everyone from neighborhood elders to Puff Daddy.

Ferg is always up to something, fashionwise, and recently with AGOLDE made a line of jeans modeled on his own destroyed pants, his favorite pair of jeans that he wore in his name-making video for the song “Work.”

We chatted with him about his dad’s store, custom camouflage leather and wearing two pairs of socks at the same time.

SHOP: A$AP Ferg’s AGOLDE jeans (light blue) | A$AP Ferg’s AGOLDE jeans (blue) | all AGOLDE | Pop-In@Nordstrom: Faded