Everyone knows all the cool girls are really bookworms—what they don’t know is what all the cool bookworms are reading. You will now though; just follow along with this series as Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Warby Parker helps us celebrate the literary life well lived.

Image of Preetma wearing SPACE designer Paskal by Julien Boudet for Bleu Mode

If Preetma Singh didn’t exist, the street style world would have to make her up. Every scene needs its rare bird of uncommon style, and the lawyer-turned-Nylon-mag editor and part-time rock drummer for the band Vomitface (yeah, let us know when it’s her turn at career day), is that green-haired, radically outfitted creature when it comes to Fashion Week and beyond. And you’ve gotta be booky to get through law school, right? Beware, readers, this girl’s about to drop some existentialism on you.

Preetma’s current top-three literary picks:



Although Canadian fashion and media maven Susie Wall has trod many red carpets, she maintains a no-fuss perspective on cultivating style. To celebrate our upcoming store opening in Vancouver, B.C. (the shopping starts September 18!), we spoke with Wall about her favorite celebrity interviews and her take on her town’s fashion sensibility.

Susie Wall

What would you do with 24 hours in Vancouver?

I’d want to take in as many neighborhoods as possible. I’d check into the Hotel Georgia, hit a food truck in Railtown, beach cruise the seawall, browse design and fashion emporiums in Gastown and book dinner at Sai Woo in Chinatown. Bonus if I got to the Vancouver Art Gallery and Earnest Ice Cream on Fraser Street for two scoops of Salted Caramel.

Anything you wear that’s distinctly Vancouver?

Distinctly Vancouver is such a tough thing to nail. My style perspective has always been done-undone. So if I’m wearing faded denim and trainers, I’ll make sure I have a manicure and top it with something like a chic blazer from Smythe. Conversely, if I’m wearing something formal for a “fancy night,” as my daughters call them, I’ll make sure my hair is loose and unfussy. Contrast has always been my best wardrobe weapon.



Nordstrom Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad Recipe; photo by Jeff Powell.

Fans of our Nordstrom Café Bistro and Bazille restaurants will not be strangers to this Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad; it’s one of our most popular lunch offerings! In celebration of our newest store opening–September 18 in Vancouver, Canada—we’re showcasing some of our (and your) favorite dishes and recipes this month that will be coming soon to our 119th store.

I’ve used this vinaigrette recipe before in our What’s Cooking series—see our Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos and impressive Bistro Crab Stack Salad. Along with the smoky grilled shrimp and Southwest-inspired toppings, this vinaigrette livens up all the flavors in this salad with a nice kick from the chipotle chiles, balanced by a hint of honeyed sweetness and a generous heap of fresh cilantro. As many diners at our restaurants have discovered, this salad is a perfect lunch to punctuate any visit to our stores and now, a new recipe in your repertoire for devouring at home.



No stranger to the Nordstrom Blogs (we do love her style), Margaret Zhang is a writer, photographer, stylist and the creative powerhouse behind the blog Shine By Three. Oh, not to mention a law student at the University of Sydney and a brand ambassador for Clinique. We can barely keep up! Zhang found some time between all that (and traveling the world) to give us a peek into her universe. Read on for our full Q&A with this inspiring young entrepreneur.


Beauty Blog: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Margaret Zhang: My mum has the most fantastic pearls of wisdom. Throughout my career in the fashion space, she has always reminded me that longevity comes from real skills, so you should never stop learning and trying to improve your work. It might take longer than faking it ’till you make it, but “at least you can sleep at night,” she says.


What three things do you never leave home without?
I always have my phone, Lucas Papaw Ointment and Clinique Black Honey in my wallet. I don’t know what that says about me!

What’s you beauty regimen? How has it changed over time?
I cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning and evening, do some kind of sheet mask or clay mask once a week, avoid hot showers as they can be quite drying, drink 2-3L of water a day, and fit in 1-2 hours of exercise 5-6 days a week. Obviously, the products I use change as I travel because of different climates, mineral content of tap water and time permitted to work out, but that’s my baseline and I tweak from there.



friendlychemistFriendly Chemist Touch of Jupiter album artwork by Sharona Franklin

We’re locked into a Vancouver, BC, groove right now, anticipating our new store in that beautiful Canadian harbor city on September 18.

One of our favorite things to do while in Vancouver is jog around Stanley Park. Smack dab in the city, it’s also a place to see orcas in the water. As we struggle to stay on our fitness regimen this summer/fall, we’re bumping Vancouver music in our headphones and visualizing Stanley Park, aiming to move as swiftly as an orca or perhaps soar like one of the local bald eagles.

Our running soundtrack comes courtesy of Vancouver resident Richard MacFarlane, who operates one of our favorite independent music labels, 1080p. Read our Q&A with MacFarlane here. For jogging he recommends the steady beat of Friendly Chemist, aka Van-city’s Jean Brazeau.

Read his comments and listen below to the sounds of the True North, strong and free.

–Andrew Matson

“If you’re running in Vancouver, or anywhere, you should be listening to Friendly Chemist–he’s from here. His music is this kind of spacy techno. Not super high-energy, but enough to keep you coasting for sure.”

–Richard MacFarlane


oliviakimnytimes1We’re in the NYTimes today with an article about SPACE, our new boutique-like store-within-a-store focused on emerging and advanced designers. SPACE launches August 20 and is the newest project from our Director of Creative Projects Olivia Kim.

A key section of the piece:

“Olivia Kim isn’t business as usual for Nordstrom, the century-old Seattle-based department store with more than 100 locations across the country. This month, she will unveil her largest project yet: SPACE, a permanent shop-in-shop of her own creation dedicated to emerging or
otherwise unrepresented designers in a handful of Nordstrom stores.

‘I didn’t want designers to feel that we were this really big company. I wanted them to understand that we could do really small things.’”

Read more at nytimes.com and preview SPACE at nordstrom.com/SPACE.

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Everyone knows that all the cool girls are really bookworms—what they don’t know is what all the cool bookworms are reading. You will now, though; just follow along with this series as Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Warby Parker helps us celebrate the literary life well lived.

First up: L.A.-based Djuna Bel, who rocks romantic vintage pieces and iconic designers in the same breath and evokes a kind of laid-back, free-as-a-bird cool even though you know that the life of a fashion stylist is one of those things that sounds like a daylong picnic but is actually a lot of body-busting labor and handwork. But let’s be real. This lady puts Keds on Taylor Swift and kicks it with Langley Fox. Like she told Closet Visit upon their voyage into her leather jacket– and Christopher Kanepacked hideaway, “There is nothing I don’t love about my job.” And as it seems she finds enough time to ponder underground Americana classics and It-girl biz tomes on her off-hours, yeah, she’s got it all dialed in. Color hers the modern West Coast idyll.

Here’s what she’s got her nose in this season:



pod-tour1Nordstrom is hitting the road again this fall with our tour called How We Roll, where we connect with you on the ground at music festivals, shopping festivals and university campuses.

We’re traveling with a pod full of goodness: a photo booth which can email you animated GIFs, free beauty samples and free tote bags with on-site screen printing.

Come chill with us, catch your breath and recharge. Literally, there will be phone chargers available for your use. Hope to see you soon!

Here’s the schedule:



In honor of our big store opening in Vancouver next month (September 18—mark your calendars!) we’ll be bringing you a slew of Vancouver content here on The Thread between now and then. First up, an interview with our Vancouver campaign cover girl: supermodel, mom and muse to many, Coco Rocha. Without further ado …


Personal life motto:
The most important words of advice to me have always been: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.” I think treating everyone with the utmost respect is vital to a healthy view of self and others.

What three words would you use to describe Vancouver style?
Modern, eclectic, fresh.

24 hours in Vancouver with no plans—what would you do?
Start the day with a run around Stanley Park, have coffee on Robson Street and then lunch with friends in Steveston getting fish and chips. Take an afternoon nap on the beach at Spanish Banks and then a night out in Yaletown.



richardmacfarlaneipadImages by Andrew Volk

Since we’re opening our third Canadian store on September 18th in Vancouver, B.C., we’ve been renewing our love affair with the city, cruising around with 1080p Collection music bumping in our headphones.

That would be the internationally respected dance music label run out of Vancouver by Richard MacFarlane, who releases cassette tapes and floods the Internet with chill vibes. (Sorry we just said “chill vibes” but it had to be done.)

We spoke to MacFarlane about the natural beauty and the music scene in his adopted hometown–he left New Zealand because he felt the country wasn’t cool enough, musically–and which 1080p releases convey the most Vancouverishness.

Check the interview and see images from 1080p headquarters below.

–Andrew Matson