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Pampering Yourself, the Perfect Breakfast in Bed and the Best Part of Being a Mom with Antica Farmacista’s Founders

Shelley Callaghan Antica Farmacista

Susanne Pruitt and Shelley Callaghan

Co-founders of the luxury (and just downright dreamy) home and body fragrance brand Antica Farmacista, Susanne Pruitt and Shelley Callaghan are moms, successful businesswomen and delightful human beings. They spent some time telling us all about their Mother’s Day traditions, the benefits of a good bottle of wine and what’s new that has them excited.

What are the three best things about being a mom?
Shelley: 1. The unconditional love! I am grateful every day for the ability to experience that emotional bond and love that I have with my sons.
2. As my sons grow, I realize that being a mother makes you a role model on a daily basis (whether you like it or not). As a result, it makes you want to be your best self and lead by example. A great privilege!
3. The pure joy of watching my sons navigate the different phases and stages of their lives, following their passions and becoming compassionate young men. The ultimate reward as a mom!

What does every mom need…and what does she secretly want?
Shelley: Needs: a sense of humor (and a bottle of wine) to get through the teenage years. Wants: hugs and kisses (eternally).

What is your favorite Mother’s Day memory of all time?
Shelley: When my sons presented me with a slice of a tree trunk they stumbled upon that was in the shape of a heart. They painted it red and used a power tool to carve out the word “mom.” It’s my favorite piece of art I own.

Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?
Shelley: Unstructured time with my boys, cooking and eating our way through the day. However this year, Susanne and I will be in Honolulu at the Nordstrom Ala Moana Trend Show!

How do you pamper yourself on the day?
Susanne: My three keys to relaxation are Lancôme eye cream, our bergamot and ocean aria body butter and a spritz of Evian facial water spray for an invigorating lift.

Just between us, what would be the perfect gift this Mother’s Day?
Susanne: One of my favorite treats is a hand and foot massage in a massage chair, so this is what I send my adorable Southern mom!

And the perfect breakfast in bed made just for you would be…?
Susanne: Breakfast in bed! Sign me up. It would have to include French press coffee, raspberries and poached eggs with a baguette—delivered with the New York Times!


Not to forget your other baby—tell us about what’s new at Antica Farmacista that has you excited! We’d love to know more about the story behind your Cucumber and Lotus Collection.
Susanne: Our fragrance combo in our new cucumber and lotus flower collection was actually inspired by a scent that my best friend and business partner, Shelley, created in celebration of my birthday! She knew how much I loved the smell of fresh cucumber and spicy coriander…so she blended the two (with an array of other ingredients) to create a fragrance that will always remind me of our friendship. I keep a cucumber and lotus flower diffuser at my desk at all times, along with a body moisturizer to keep my skin feeling hydrated.

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