Eddie Borgo pave earrings

New York designer Eddie Borgo‘s dazzlingly cool jewelry designs can be spotted on any number of sleekly styled celebrities, like Joan Smalls at this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards—for which Borgo was actually nominated in 2010. At once contemporary and classic, his clean and edgy pieces are the kind of accessories wearers will reach for any time an outfit needs additional emphasis. Indeed, his beautiful creations are like metallic exclamation points: linear, graceful and commanding. Just as stunning with a tee as with a formal gown, these designs project simple elegance.

Eddie Borgo

We spoke with Eddie about selecting jewelry, NYC and his sources of inspiration—including the Chrysler Building, rock ‘n’ roll, and art museums.

Do you have a piece of jewelry you usually wear?

I always wear a simple silver cuff that I made for myself at some point, and now we sell it as a part of our men’s collection. I also wear our pyramid and cone bracelets quite often—they really work with everything and have over time become classic pieces of jewelry themselves.


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When you make the leap from quartz movements to mechanical watches, it’s a different world. You’re blessing your wrist with throwback artistry that will last generations. And there’s just something miraculous about all those springs and gears working together.

If you look for that kind of product made in America, you’ll run out of options pretty quickly. Cameron Weiss would like to change that. He grew up surfing in California and started Weiss Watches after attending watchmaking school in Switzerland. Now he runs the company out of Los Angeles, helping to make watches by hand and drawing on the talents of machinists and engineers who have worked in the local aerospace industry, while using vintage tools that aren’t even commercially available anymore.

We chatted with him about his love of underwater photography, the industry-shaking impact of the Swatch and whether being a watchmaker is at all similar to being a god.

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Slipping into a swimsuit usually means removing layers until you’re nearly nude. But just because you’re baring more skin doesn’t mean that your style should be stripped down.

Body jewelry, as in bra chains, body chains and hand chains, is this summer’s standout in accessories. As seen in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, on style-setters like Rihanna and Bella Hadid, and on the season’s festivalgoers, these delicate and barely there embellishments trace the wearer’s silhouette, providing a pretty outline under and over clothes. Like body chains, charm bracelets, thin hoop earrings and beaded bangles also add a graceful touch to warm-weather styles.

Body chain

Here are some lovely and waterproof ways to accentuate your swimwear this summer. Whether you’re taking a dip, sunning yourself or making the rounds at a pool party, there’s no reason to be underdressed.



Turns out, the shades that we hide behind when running errands without makeup or avoiding paparazzi (real or imagined) are still effective for standing out in a crowd. Case in point: Coachella. In that sea of youthful seraphim taking fashion risks, there were any number of startling new frames.

Beyond the basic cat eye or aviator, designs are getting increasingly playful. Glitter, patterns, sweeping angles, tinted lenses—all appear on the new styles. These aren’t simply utilitarian sun shields but rather statement pieces worn front and center, on your face.

Here are some of our favorite new ones, as seen on Coachella festivalgoers.

Concentric Cat Eye

Kiernan Shipka

Festival images by Kristin Yamada

Actress Kiernan Shipka slid on a pair of these frames, with circular lenses enveloped in a wiry cat eye. The interlocking geometric shapes create a striking outline, yet it doesn’t threaten to overpower the face.

Shop our picks:

MARC JACOBS 56mm cat eye sunglasses | Fendi 53mm sunglasses


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Bag charm at Fashion Week

Strapped to the side of some of Fashion Week’s most fashionable ladies were assorted oddball accessories. Although their luxe handbags needed no frippery, many chose to outfit them with a little bauble. After all, these are women who don’t miss an opportunity to dress up. And these trinkets aren’t without their charms.

Bag charms have become a popular statement for the fashion set. Spotted on models like Lara Stone and Kendall Jenner, these playful accessories for accessories let wearers add some personality to their purses.

Bag charm at Fashion Week

Many of these bag charms take the shape of furry characters. Fendi has a Pompom Karl, a miniature Karl Lagerfeld doll ensconced in a fluffy tuft. British designer Sophie Hulme‘s quirky bag charms have become collectibles among those into the trend. You’ll find furry, feathered, tasseled and jeweled characters among her menagerie of creations. Burberry has a high-style teddy bear charm. Many designers, like Rebecca Minkoff and Stella McCartney, make tiny versions of their own handbags into charms, as though your purse seems naked without its own purse.



United By Blue Stillwater board shortYou do your dance around the recycling bins—figuring out what counts as plastic, what is compostable and what is plain rubbish. You offset your carbon footprint by hoofing it to work.  You purchase eco-friendly cleaning products and scour your cosmetics bottles so that they can be recycled. You are an eco-warrior. But sometimes the daily battle just doesn’t feel like enough.

A number of designers and companies go beyond the standards of environmental sustainability to find creative ways to make their products earth-friendly. Here are just a few Nordstrom brands preserving the planet with their innovative practices. We are proud to support their ingenious efforts to keep it clean.

Melissa Joy Manning earringsMelissa Joy Manning jewelry

Not only does the artisan jeweler look to nature to inspire her earthy, handcrafted creations, but Manning’s California studio is Green Certified. Her methods, too, include using recycled silver and gold sourced with the highest environmental standards. The stones on her jewelry are often upcycled from antique charms or made from alternative composites like refined ore from Michigan auto plants or raspberry nickel from former U.S. zipper factories. All the diamonds in her collection are conflict-free. Other stones are sourced using environmentally and socially responsible practices as well.



The Weekend Guide: March 11-13

Emmy the Great
HEAR: Second Love by Emmy the Great
Pop singer and songwriter Emma Lee Moss’s third album covers difficult emotional terrain, but this soul-stirring singer seems to skate on it with her honeyed voice. Occasionally the atmospheric album becomes aloof, yet songs like “Algorithm” and “Hyperlink” reduce love’s struggles to orchestrated abstractions that an indie-inclined audience would recognize as brilliant modern day similes.

READ: An Unrestored Woman: And Other Stories by Shobha Rao
Stories exploring the 1947 schism of India and Pakistan could seem as daunting as that contentious border. In Shobha Rao’s hands, however, we are immersed in the sympathetic lives of citizens arbitrarily controlled by the geo-political divisions of territory. Love is aborted, children lost, families separated, individuals left to their alien resources in paired stories set both in the diaspora and the domestic.

SEE: City of Gold
The prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold is an admired and imitated connoisseur of urban eats. It’s not an exaggeration to attribute to him our national predilections for food trucks, obscure ethnic foods and adventurous eating. This documentary follows the insatiable scribe around LA, a city that warmly embraces him and his enthusiasm for its citizens and their culinary ambitions.




Are you ready to take a lucky dog to a whole new #flex level? Consider gifting pet accessories by legendary outdoor brands Filson and Barbour.

The receiving dog will end up looking ready to open a coffee shop/work as a park ranger–or at least stunt on the other dogs at the park while wearing waxed cotton, quilted felt and durable leather.

Fun story about the dog models in this blog post: When we learned we would be carrying all this excellent dog gear, we called Seattle Humane and asked if they had any camera hams to help show it off. They brought five “highly adoptable” dogs to our Studio N for a photo shoot. Three were adopted on the spot by Nordstrom employees. This blogger rescued Luna, below.

The remaining two dogs found new, loving homes by the end of the week. Highly adoptable, indeed.

–Andrew Matson

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There were ruffles on the runway. Culottes were in the streets. ’70s chic was everywhere. But one thing unequivocally concluded by this past Fashion Month: the hat is back for women this fall. There were toppers in London, Panamas in Paris and throngs of boaters, derbys and fedoras in New York.

Here are some of our favorite millinery moments from all the fashion cities, paired with the hats to recreate them. It’s a great way to top off your look this season—and next.
Brixton Buckley floppy wool hat

Street photos by Crystal Nicodemus

A broad wool hat provides exceptional coverage from the elements, be it rain or wind, during the fall. Wool is a strong fabric, able to resist water while maintaining its shape. This Brixton floppy wool hat has a slightly western aesthetic without going into cowboy territory, and its wide brim flatters the face by framing your features. We like it with sexy shoulders and minimal makeup.

A classic beret seen on the streets of London during Fashion Week.

This mademoiselle, spied on the London scene, pulled off perfectly matched accessories with a polished mien that helped her stand out from the other English roses. Berets always lend a jaunty air to an outfit, but can come off a bit costumey: The trick is in the styling (no scarf, no baguette, no cigarette). We love how this red version adds a pop of color to an autumn outfit. But there’s no need to match your accessories or outerwear to your hat; use it to accent your outfit in a shade that complements your coloring.

Try this Parkhurst beret in a water-repellent wool for a traditional style. If you feel like adding a textural element, don a knit, like this Free People chunky knit beret in ivory. We think they’re très chic and a super-practical way to protect your coiffure from whatever the weather.



Geri Hirsch, Because I'm Addicted

DIY is in her DNA. “It’s how I was raised,” says Geri Hirsch, the face behind the blog Because I’m Addicted and co-founder of the how-to hub “We didn’t have a TV, so we did art projects and went outside and made things. My mom would buy me plain clothes, like just a white sweatshirt or some overalls, and I would paint them or alter them.” Seems she’s been painting and altering ever since.

In honor of the tactile nature of our new fall accessories, Geri created a collection of exclusive how-tos—and inspired us to do a few things ourselves, as well.

Read on for her ideal deserted island scenario, her secret superpower and insider details on her Internet-famous wedding to a man who knows espresso.

Congratulations on your wedding!

Thank you!

Which the whole internet knows about. That must be kind of weird.

Yeah, it’s pretty weird. I shared a lot about the wedding leading up to it and then did a whole diary of my wedding day on Snapchat, including me going down the aisle. It definitely sparked a lot of conversation around our wedding.

Was that fun or overwhelming?

No, I loved it! It was a way to connect with people about my most important life event in a way that I couldn’t without that platform. People just got me, in that moment, talking about how I felt, feeling the adrenaline. It was really cool to share it.