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Our Zella PRO expert instructors are ready to get you going with inspiration, info and tips on staying fit and healthy. Missy DeWalt—a Pure Barre instructor in Orange County, California—gives us seven easy steps to living a healthier life that you can start right now.

Studies show that it can take anywhere from two weeks to a year for a new habit to become part of your automatic behavioral response. However long it takes to make changes to your lifestyle, one thing is certain: if you don’t start today, a year from now you’ll wish you had. Here are seven of my favorite simple steps that you can take toward a healthier and happier future. Start today and that lifestyle is even closer.


Our Zella PRO expert instructors are ready to get you going with inspiration, info and tips on staying fit and healthy. One of our pros, Sophia Sosa, an instructor at Pure Barre in California, shares her secrets for sticking with her workout routine while she’s traveling.

Whether it’s for business, pleasure or vacation, at some point in our life, we step out of our workout regime to travel away from home. It may be a quick weekend getaway or a week-long business conference or even an adventure halfway around the world for months at a time. No matter the trip, one thing is certain: our normal workout routine gets thrown out the window sometimes.

In preparation for a two-week long trip to beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina, I thought of ways to make my workouts quick, effective and fun so that I could enjoy the beauty of the city—as well as indulge a little in the delicious Argentine cuisine!


Our Zella PRO expert instructors are ready to get you going with inspiration, info and tips on staying fit and healthy. One of our pros, Anie Buckmelter—a Seattleite specializing in yoga and barre work at Flywheel Sportsgives us the lowdown on three great ways to indulge throughout the summer season.

Oh, sweet, sweet summer! The days are long, the sun is shining and I can already see myself lounging lazily by the pool, margarita in hand, soaking up every drop of vitamin D. During the summer months, I can easily find 101 excuses to skip a workout and completely blow my diet. While fun in the sun is so important on many levels, it is equally important to keep your health and fitness goals in check. You have worked so hard on achieving the body you want—and I promise it will be easy to keep, if you have a plan!


Our Director of Creative Projects and Pop-In Shop Curator Olivia Kim offers up daily inspiration, favorite products and things she’s super in love with right now.

Nike ‘Roshe Run Hyperfuse’ Sneaker

“World Cup! Get sporty.”

Did you know about our Zella PROs? They offer complimentary classes, health & wellness tips and more. One of our pros, Chardaé Davis—also a fitness instructor at bodybar Studios in Dallas—offers up these tips on why you should get more social about staying fit.


Lisa Kristin, a certified Aerobics and Fitness Association of America group fitness instructor, is a Zella PRO who’s committed to empowering her students, creating confidence and improving the lives of others with challenging workouts. The Pacific Northwest-based fitness guru shares how to rejuvenate the body for spring.



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Tone It: Zella ‘Halo – Eclipse’ Jacket & Zella ‘Live In’ Leggings in Grey Slate

Bar Method instructor and dancer Lilani DeLateur is a Seattle-based Zella PRO who’s sharing her fitness expertise and passion for fashion with active women and the Zella community.

The turn of the year often means changing our lifestyles—eating healthier and jump-starting our fitness routines. Unfortunately, resolutions tend to fade as quickly as tan lines, especially when the alarm is ringing at 5:30am and it’s pitch dark and raining sideways and all you want to do is curl into a tighter ball and hit the snooze button seven times.

We must remind ourselves that the days are getting longer, swimsuit season is almost here—and maybe that half marathon you thought was a great idea is now only three weeks away. As tempting as it is, don’t succumb to the “dark side.” Try these easy tricks I have adopted to get me from November through March (sometimes April) and you’ll avoid having to make up later for slacking off.

1) “Winterize” your workout wardrobe. Whether you are running outdoors or staying indoors doing barre, you will most definitely want the proper attire to keep you dry and comfortable. Bonus points if you can do this fashionably. (Thank you, Zella!)


New Year, New You: kick your resolutions into high gear with activewear for every budget!


Tough & Toned: Nike ‘Pro Hyperwarm’ Tipped Half Zip Top & ‘Pro Hyperwarm’ Print Tights
Nike ‘Pro Hyperwarm’ Training Top & ‘Twisty’ Print Crop Running Pants

“We all have our fitness wake-up call at some point in our lives, and it can be a powerful catalyst for change,” says Franci Cohen, a personal trainer, certified nutritionist, exercise physiologist and creator of SPIDERBANDS, a total-body cardio resistance workout. “Unfortunately, many people overcompensate and try to change everything at once, which is a disaster. Making lasting change involves going through stages that aren’t necessarily linear. People fluctuate and transition between the stages. Knowing how to move through them can get you where you want to be.”


Jen, one of our Personal Stylists at Nordstrom Fashion Place near Salt Lake City, shares her activewear picks for making sure sticking to those New Year resolutions is easy—or at least more stylish!

New beginnings are equally scary and exciting; the thrill of motivation and resolve can be mixed with the fear of disappointment and abandon. But I challenge you to ignore that fear and push yourself toward a healthier and happier you. And to do it in style, naturally.

This year, I’m challenging myself to drink more water, develop better sleeping habits and exercise more efficiently. Here are my favorite pieces that give me ample fuel to push through the crowded gym.

Pictured: Jacket | Tank | Knee Shorts | Shoes

Outfit 1: When I run in the winter, I stick with a knee-length legging, and the vents at the side on this one are a sporty take on a classic. This Under Armour tank is one of my favorites because it doesn’t ride up the side while I run, it doesn’t cling in the wrong places, and it has sufficient length–not too long and not too short.

Underneath the tank I’m wearing a Nike sports bra that never fails when I need support for a quick sprint. The twill Zella jacket is so chic for a workout piece, and it helps me beat the cold in the rush from my car to the gym.

Running shoe needs are unique to each runner; I always choose Brooks for my running shoe. This one is a neutral, but sometimes I switch to a shoe with motion control if my bad knees need a little extra support.

Pictured: Tank | Leggings

Outfit 2: As a former ballerina, Pilates is my favorite form of exercise, and I can’t wait to go to my studio in this outfit from Beyond Yoga. This tank has a built-in shelf bra that gives me all the support I need, and these ankle-length leggings feel like a pajama pant. These two items are my must-haves!

Pictured: Sweatshirt | Pants | Boots

Outfit 3: It’s been years since I formerly trained in ballet, and I want that ballet body back, so I have resolved to take advantage of adult ballet classes at Ballet West once a week. While my attire will be a leotard and tights, I need to keep warm and comfortable on my way in and out of the theater, and these pieces are perfect in form and function.

The neck on my Nike sweatshirt is unique and cozy, and the Zella capris provide the ideal warm-up gear that I can peel off after a few exercises at the ballet barre. Finally, nothing feels better or more luxuriant for my sore feet than slipping into my UGG boots. That they keep me warm is simply a bonus.

Pictured: Headbands | Tote | Earphones

And we can’t forget accessories that will make for the most enjoyable and hassle-free experience. During a workout, nothing irritates me more than having to brush back flyaway hairs that escape my ponytail. The Zella headband is the fashionable alternative that ensures my hair is never given a second thought while I’m hard at work.

I’ll often go directly to the gym from work, and a tote that can fit all of my gear is essential, like the one above from Zella. This one even has different compartments and pockets that keep me organized.

Music is the one thing that keeps me running a little longer or lifting a little more. Sometimes you just need Freddy Mercury belting in your ears in order to hit that last mile with gusto, and there’s no better way to hear him than with Beats by Dre headphones: the ultimate music experience to propel, pace and push your body.

Looking for even more advice on your best bets for activewear? Contact Jen or a Personal Stylist at a store near you to make a complimentary appointment.

Your blog editor recently heard of an afternoon of workout classes called “Champagne Sunday”—happening this Saturday, September 8, at our King of Prussia store—and had to know more.

Turns out, the force behind this innovative workout experience is Christina Stoltz, founder of Ploome, a Pilates studio and movement arts boutique. Stoltz is bringing our customers an afternoon full of surprises, refreshments, goodie bags and her signature, unconventional classes. We’re talking hula hoops, burlesque-inspired moves and cardio barre routines. No wonder Champagne Sunday was voted Best of Philly 2012: Best Workout by Philadelphia Magazine.

Stoltz also happens to be a fan of the Nordstrom-exclusive activewear brand Zella. So, who better to ask about her favorite pieces and making working out fun than our Philly community Zella liaison?

What do you feel makes Zella special?
Zella is a brand for every woman, designed to fit and flatter all shapes and sizes. It’s fun and functional, with a studio-to-street edge that looks and feels great in the gym and on the go. As a studio owner, nonprofit director and workout nut, I need clothing and accessories that meet the demands of my schedule. Zella’s moisture-wicking fabrics, form-fitting cuts and quality designs carry me through the day without stretching, pilling or fading. In Zella, I feel as fabulous working out at 5am as I do teaching class at 9pm. They surely don’t call them ‘Live In Leggings’ for nothing!

What are your favorite Zella items?
I’m bananas for the Zeltek Mid Statement Jacket right now. The colors are rich, vibrant and happy! I can’t tell you how many Ploome clients and REQ.1 participants have complimented me on this coat, and how many have asked to try it on! This is a must for fall. The Live In Leggings and Capris are true time and money savers, as well. They look amazing with sneakers and high boots, and they perform well on long runs and during intense workouts. Most importantly, Zella’s Live In Leggings are work appropriate at both Ploome and REQ.1, its sister nonprofit organization providing support and resources to victims of violence. There’s no need for me to change between classes and meetings!

What’s your personal life philosophy?
Movement matters. After surviving a brutal physical assault and attempted abduction in Central Asia, I felt powerless. I was physically and psychologically broken, far from home and unable to access the resources I needed to heal. My personal recuperation through fitness, writing and art transformed my life. I have fallen back in love with my body and celebrate its strength and beauty through movement every day—I hula hoop, I Skip-It and I smile! At Ploome and REQ.1, I am blessed to share my passion for healing through movement and art and for building creative communities dedicated to personal transformation and social change. I am truly living my dream and am eternally grateful for all of the support and kindness our Ploome clients and REQ.1 participants have shown!

What are your favorite ways of making working out fun?
I love to create funky workout routines that utilize childhood favorites, like hula hoops, Double Dutch ropes and Skip-Its as fitness props to advance my clients’ workouts. Your daily workouts should be fun, and the people with whom you share a group fitness class should feel like old-time friends! It’s amazing to watch my clients’ faces light up as they push themselves through challenging classes that blend playful movement with traditional strength and resistance training. The studio is always full of laughter. Inspired by my clients and the good times we spend together, I have created some of my all-time favorite workouts (Bottoms Up Booty Camp, Wunda Barre Apparatus, and Armed and Dangerous Mat, to name a few!).

Join Christina this Saturday, September 8, from 2pm-5pm for Champagne Sunday. For more information, or to sign up, contact our King of Prussia store at 610.265.6111.

Also, read more about Ploome’s mission, to celebrate body diversity and promote social responsibility. Through the revenue generated from its fitness programs and community fundraisers, Ploome provides programming and financial support to REQ.1, its sister nonprofit organization. REQ.1 empowers victims of violence to transcend trauma and heal through movement and art.

Images by Joe Perri Photography