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Messing with a good thing can be a great thing, especially when it comes to wardrobe basics. Throwing on a cozy tee is good. Throwing on a French terry tee spun from natural fibers and a beautifully crafted scarf looks, well, pretty great.

Working from such an agreeable assumption, a team of designers sought to revisit the beloved Nordstrom lifestyle brand Caslon. Relaxed dressing is definitely having a moment in the fashion cycle. So the time was right to reevaluate the classic tees, sweaters and pants that have become our essentials—oh, and to add denim, footwear and accessories to the mix! We stopped by the Caslon offices at Nordstrom in downtown Seattle to speak with the group there, then snuck behind the scenes of a shoot with model Jennie Runk dressed in the label’s plus-size offering.

Nordstrom Product Group offices and the Caslon studio

“Caslon was always a casualwear brand. But we felt there was a lot of opportunity to expand on that, to give the apparel a refresh,” says Senior Design Director Amanda Jack. “But we know from statistics and research that this brand is highly searched online, that the customer that shops at Nordstrom is really aware of this brand and loves Caslon.”

The customer is devoted for many reasons: Caslon is timeless, comfortable, relaxed, clean, sophisticated and fun. When speaking with the group of designers and merchandisers who were behind the brand’s relaunch, their own excitement is obvious. They laugh easily, talk over each other animatedly, expand on each other’s assertions and enthuse over the process that brought them together to create a line of clothing that can simplify dressing for modern women.
Designers in the NPG offices of Caslon


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Behind the scenes of our January trend shoot

Too often you only get to see the talented faces in front of the camera, not those equally gifted and often adorable souls who work their magic behind the lens. During our January Trend shoot, we reversed our camera angle to highlight the artists who execute the style and vision that make fashions come to life.

Hear from two fashion photographers plus nail and hair stylists on how they launched their successful artistic careers and what makes them excited about their crafts—including tips on how to perfect your manicure and hairdo.

SHARP SHOOTER: Zoey Grossman, Photographer 

Photographer Zoey Grossman

How did you decide this is what you wanted to do professionally?

I have always been drawn to the arts. I grew up painting and sculpting, and ended up going to an arts high school where I got to draw and paint every day. I had always played around with photography, but it wasn’t until college that I found my genuine love and passion for photos. I took a few photo courses in college that really promoted incorporating my personal experiences in life, and encouraged me to be vulnerable and really convey real emotion through photography. I have always loved fashion, magazines, etc., but these college classes really showed me that fashion photography could be deeper and more meaningful if I wanted it to be.



Mia Moretti With holiday parties, you set the table and then you set the mood—that calls for a different kind of platter. For some, it’s the 1960 jazz classic Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas; for others, it’s Mariah’s chart-shattering and enduring Merry Christmas. For DJ Mia Moretti, it’s a little vintage here (Betty Wright, Elvis), a bit of bleeding edge there (Florence + the Machine, Elle King), a few crate-digger rarities (Margo Guryan, The Twistin’ Kings) and even some surf rock (The Invaders) that gets the atmosphere primed for a party.

Moretti grew up a precocious Los Angeles youngster encouraged to follow her interests, which have taken her around the globe in artistic pursuit. Now she’s an on-demand DJ, opening for artists like Stevie Wonder and Katy Perry, playing festivals and industry parties and curating runway soundtracks for emerging NY designers such as Jonathan Simkhai and Timo Weiland. Each season she performs alongside violinist Margot as The Dolls for Alice + Olivia. As the New York City-based artist took a breather from Paris Fashion Week, we snagged a specially curated holiday playlist and her thoughts on music, creativity and style. Oh, and Mimi made the cut, too.

For starters, how was Fashion Week and what can we expect to see you wearing Spring 2016?

Milan and Paris fashion week were both incredible. It’s always very inspiring to see the clothes come to life on the runway the way the designer envisions them. The Philosophy show by Lorenzo Serafini was one of the collections I could see myself stepping into every piece of. It’s feminine and playful, with just the right touches of sexy. 

Can you tell me about how you chose and sequenced this playlist for The Thread?
Speaking of playful, I wanted to have a little fun with this holiday playlist. I started the set with one of my favorite Betty Wright tracks of all time, “Tonight Is The Night”. You have to listen to it for yourself, but I’ll tell you, it’s not the night before Christmas she’s singing about. This track sets the tone for the rest of the set, which is a mix of my favorite Christmas renditions by the likes of Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey and the Jackson 5, and new releases such as Florence + The Machine’s “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”—not a traditional Christmas song, but a beautiful track with massive emotional range—just like the holidays.

This way for more Q&A + holiday tunes


staz1Images by Carmen Daneshmandi

Staz Lindes is one of the hottest models in the game and recently did some work for us–and we love how it turned out. But there are several layers to Lindes.

Below, scope behind-these-scenes images from Staz’s shoot photographed by our homie Carmen Daneshmandi, which, in our opinion, deserve a wing in an art museum. At least a passageway.

Interspersed therein: our Q&A with Lindes about her experience modeling for Nordstrom, what her punk rock band, the Paranoyds, is up to (she sings and plays bass)–and her musical and real-talk-laden journey through life.

Shop: trend

Staz yonder…


You know how you’re always thinking it’d be nice to toss out all of those has-beens and wannabes and just get the best of the best so you can keep them forever? Because we understand your time is precious, Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics went ahead and rounded up the most enduring versions of iconic life essentials for you—like one-of-a-kind Filson bags, custom cut and threaded Woolrich blankets and storied Leica cameras, to name a few.


All images by Donovan Nguyen

Now all you need to do is take a gander at some of the ultra-exclusive goods, like this retro-rad baseball tee from CAMP Collection, in their natural habitat (aka: behind the scenes at our scenic photo shoot) and pick out your new favorite lifers.



langley11We’re big Langley Fox fans over here, appreciators both of the personal style of the daughter of Mariel Hemingway (yes, that would make her Ernest Hemingway’s great-great-granddaughter) as well as her visual art. She’s nice with a Dixon-Ticonderoga, to put it lightly, a photorealistic pencil sketcher with a fondness for the female form (potentially NSFW link here, depending on where you W).

Fox did some modeling for our upcoming fall fashion feature on our website. You’ll see the finished photos in due time, but for now we have these beautiful behind the scenes shots from photographer Carmen Daneshmandi.

Check out the images below and our chat with Langley about her experience on set, her current sketching and embroidery projects and where to shop and hike if you’re ever in her hometown of Ketchum, Idaho.

Shop: trend


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yc6We recently shot fall fashion photos in New York City and cannot wait to share the final results with you via our catalog and website. But that must wait until fall.

Right now, here’s your sneak peek at the season to come with behind-the-scenes images from photographer Ashley Jahncke–whose work we fell in love with through Bullett Magazine.

We spoke on the phone with Jahncke about the shoot, her background in painting and some non-photographer influences: she’s heavily into Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes and the Stone Roses.

Keep reading to see more behind the images and to learn which visual art exhibition recently blew Jahncke’s mind and she suggests you check out if you’re in NYC this month.



While the latest in our Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Liberty London video series is a behind-the-scenes look at the print and fabric design process from the storied Brit brand’s autumn 2012 collection, the industry insight is still totally relevant and the inside point of view on the process is, as we say around here, evergreen.

But let’s check out how they say it around there.

Go desk-side with a handful of Liberty designers at the in-house studio as they talk about historical context, original artwork, digital prints and art world references.

Shop: Pop-In at Nordstrom Welcomes Liberty London


Calling all garmento geeks, fashion nerds and Anglophiles! To help you navigate the print- and pattern-festooned planet of Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Liberty London, we’ve lined up a video mini-series aimed at insider knowledge, DIY projects and general fun stuff.

First up: How does a Liberty print become a Liberty print?

The iconic Tana Lawn shows up across the floral print shopper, that crazily irresistible egg cozy and on lots of other useful and adorable items, but where was it before that? Get inside the impressive Lancaster fabric factory that finishes many of these fine textiles and find out how Liberty’s prints come to life.

Shop: Pop-In at Nordstrom Welcomes Liberty London

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Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes I.T: We collaborated with Hong Kong fashion collective I.T to bring brands izzue, :CHOCOOLATE, Mini Cream and Aape by A BATHING APE to the U.S. for the first time.

Bringing a Hong Kong phenomenon stateside for the first time ever isn’t easy. After months of planning, just when we thought everything was a go—our boat-load (literally) of high-low HK fashion got hung up in customs!

It was all worth it, though. In the words of Pop-In@Nordstrom curator Olivia Kim, “I.T is one of my favorite things about Hong Kong—aside from the food and frenetic energy. When I went to Hong Kong for the first time, I fell in love.”

We think you’ll love I.T, too. Shop online and at selected Nordstrom stores starting today—and keep reading to go behind the scenes at our Seattle photo shoot (to which the clothes arrived just in time).

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