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Slipping into a swimsuit usually means removing layers until you’re nearly nude. But just because you’re baring more skin doesn’t mean that your style should be stripped down.

Body jewelry, as in bra chains, body chains and hand chains, is this summer’s standout in accessories. As seen in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, on style-setters like Rihanna and Bella Hadid, and on the season’s festivalgoers, these delicate and barely there embellishments trace the wearer’s silhouette, providing a pretty outline under and over clothes. Like body chains, charm bracelets, thin hoop earrings and beaded bangles also add a graceful touch to warm-weather styles.

Body chain

Here are some lovely and waterproof ways to accentuate your swimwear this summer. Whether you’re taking a dip, sunning yourself or making the rounds at a pool party, there’s no reason to be underdressed.



Stack This Way!

Stock up and stack up on the hottest bracelets, bangles and watches of the season. We’ve created a unique wristwear guide, featuring eight distinctive styles—from Earthy Urbanite to ’60s Streamlined—that will inspire you to create your own twist on your wrist.

Rock it out with Pretty in Punk styles.

Let your wrists be your canvas and stack up on artsy Part Deco pieces.

Be the queen of your jungle with City Safari wristwear.

If you’re the Americana Classic type of girl, we’ve got you covered with timeless styles.

Check out the entire wristwear stack-up style guide.

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Get stacking: Create a signature accessories statement with a plethora of bracelets and bangles to complement your personal style. With so many options, don’t be shy about piling all your faves on!

1. Nordstrom Rolling Bangle Bracelets
2. Seasonal Whispers Crystal & Metal Bangles (Set of 6)
3. Sequin ‘Deco’ Friendship Bracelets: Bow, Crystal Plate & Feather
4. Tasha Link Bracelet
5. Cara Accessories Leather Wrap Bracelet
6. Sequin Small Crystal Detail Hinged Bangle

Take a more-is-better approach to your wrist adornment.
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