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Truth: we’d wear jeans every day to everything if we could. But sometimes we want to wear denim a little differently. Beyond the skinny, the high waist and the destroyed, there’s a newer category we’re just calling fancy pants. With grommets, sequins, pearls and even denim-on-denim designs, embellished jeans are getting a cool-girl refresh—just in time to wear them (everywhere) this spring.

Here are a handful of ways to try out the trend.

similar star jeans from Stella McCartney | AGL penny slide loafer



Reese Witherspoon has always struck us as the kind of woman who would give pretty solid advice. So when she tells us that one of the tote bags in her Draper James (new to Nordstrom!) summer collection has the question, “What Would Dolly Do?” on it, our impression of her feels accurate. After all, if our celebrity idol uses the choices of our country idol as her decision-making criteria, we’re in good company. And that’s another thing about Reese: with her cheerful confidence, well-earned success on and off the screen and group of good gal pals, she just seems like a pleasure to know.

Reese Witherspoon, Draper James

We became better acquainted with the actress and fashion entrepreneur during our conversation about Southern influences, her adorable Draper James collection and her admirable career goals. And it was a pleasure, indeed!


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“Asking for a Friend” is our advice series that seeks to solve all manner of fashion predicaments with the help of our smart and stylish Nordstrom colleagues. 

Ribicca Mamuye, mom jeans shoot

Mom was our original style icon. Thoughtful children that we are, we decided to mark this Mother’s Day by exploring some very nonmaternal ways to rock the high-waist denim styles (aka “mom jeans”) that are seeing a resurgence right now. To successfully do so, we tapped our friend and Nordstrom stylist Keara Matthiesen, as well as our gorgeous coworker Ribicca Mamuye, a full-time Nordstrom merchandising analyst and part-time blogger/model. Ribicca put Keara’s advice into practice in front of the camera, and this team effort produced spring outfits that would make our matriarchs proud.

The question: how to wear the mom-jean style without looking like you’re on carpool duty or carrying baggies of Cheerios?

The advice giver: Nordstrom Stylist Keara Matthiesen.

The solution: streamline your outfit with tucked-in shirts or flowing dresses (yes, dresses), then add a funky flourish.



In the last decade, we’ve seen Charlize Theron, the pop star Pink and Jeff Bridges all shoeless on social media. One-for-one retailer TOMS launched A Day Without Shoes in 2007, creating an annual frenzy of bare feet photographed by socially minded celebs and normals alike. For A Day Without Shoes, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie donated a pair of shoes to someone in need for every person who chose to walk without them for a day—and share a picture online. This year, Blake is turning his focus to his brand’s other charitable efforts during One Day, on May 12, documented with the hashtag #standwithtoms.

Blake Mycoskie of TOMS

We spoke with Blake about what One Day will accomplish and TOMS’ considerable worldwide contributions.

How does One Day work?

Since our founding, TOMS has stood for one thing: to improve lives through business. For the past 11 years, we have done that through six unique gives: shoes, sight, safe birth, safe water, kindness and time. On one day each year, we have drawn attention specifically to children’s health and education. This year, on May 12, we are broadening the conversation to focus on all our gives and encouraging our community to identify which one they relate to the most. It is time to let our actions show that “we are what we do.” We are asking the TOMS tribe to help raise awareness for all the TOMS gives and inspire others to get involved and take action.



By the time winter ends, most of us could use a new seasonal look and a little help appearing refreshed. Sure, you could drink a lot of water and get a ton of sleep (both easier said than done), but makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has given us a customizable way to cheat gorgeous, healthy skin. The sought-after makeup artist is known for the dewy, glamorous red carpet looks she creates for celebs. “I’ve always been about cascading glow across the cheekbones and dripping candlelight atop the collarbones,” Tilbury says. “It’s the illusion of light on the skin, and the effects of the camera lenses that is instantly youth-boosting, slimming, elongating and perfecting.”

Palette Beauty Glow

Use these Nordstrom-exclusive products and simple tips from the glow pro herself to jump-start your summer beauty.



Topshop Bride

No matter the occasion, we love it when our pals show up looking their best. And that certainly includes a special occasion like a wedding.

Topshop’s new collection of bride and bridesmaid dresses makes coordinating and complementing each other for the big day a spring breeze. Every elegant dress has its own romantic interpretation of the nuptial theme–from traditional white to something navy blue to a bouquet of pastel floral prints to vintage-inspired lace and retro embroidery. It’s enough to make a bride blush with pride.

So don’t worry about who’s outshining whom–there’s enough loveliness to go around.



By now, we’re all pretty familiar with the one-for-one giveback retail model. Shoppers purchase a certain brand of shoes or glasses for themselves, and then the company donates a like product to a person in need. It’s a great charitable strategy, one that can help guide consumers through overwhelming shopping choices and toward items that can have social impact beyond style.

STATE bag drop

STATE Bags not only embraces this model with its backpacks, but takes it a step further. Scot Tatelman and his wife, Jacqueline, began the company after witnessing New York City children carrying their school supplies in trash bags. For every STATE backpack purchased, one backpack is donated to an American child in a situation of need. These donations take place in person during school rallies (called bag drops) put on by the company. “We like to think we’re kind of amplifying that one-for-one model in the way we donate the bags,” says Scot Tatelman. “We don’t just show up to schools or homeless shelters or nonprofit organizations and just hand out backpacks, but we put on real high-energy motivational events for the kids that we serve.”

Nordstrom partnered with STATE Bags for an event this April. At Seattle’s Dunlap Elementary School, STATE and Nordstrom crews hand-delivered fully stocked STATE backpacks—packed with socks, snacks, sunscreen, headbands and notebooks—to all 375 students. But that wasn’t all.


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Coachella festival style

Photos by Kristin Yamada

Rock stars like Gaga and Kendrick may have dominated the stage, but the style stars were everywhere during Coachella. Our global trend reporter, Kristin Yamada, captured the best warm-weather looks on the chic festival-goers, then we put together similar outfits you can shop now to prep your closet for summer.



Jamie O’Banion swears she has sensitive skin. The CEO and co-founder of Beauty Bioscience is indeed blond and fair, but she is also passionately advocating sticking hundreds of needles into one’s face. We feel our skepticism is justified.

Within minutes of talking to the daughter of Dr. Terry James, co-founder of Beauty Bioscience and a pioneer in the fields of nano-lipids, microdermabrasion and microneedling (also called dermarolling), we’re rethinking skin care as well as our abiding fear of needles.

Jamie O'Banion of GloPro

CEO of Beauty Bioscience Jamie O’Banion


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Ever wish you could touch Chrissy Teigen’s pony? Or run your fingers through Gigi Hadid’s tendrils? That type of stalker behavior is totally acceptable if you’re celebrity stylist Jen Atkin. (Otherwise, it’s a huge no-no, like possibly prosecutable.) Atkin is friend and hair adviser to some of the loveliest manes in Hollywood. In addition to Teigen and Hadid, she glosses the locks of the Kardashians and Jenners, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry.

Atkin is also the founder of the game-changing hair line OUAI (a collection of no-nonsense products for ladies who don’t like fuss but want beautiful hair) and a spokesperson for the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (a timesaving tool seemingly sent to us from the future).

Jen Atkin

She’ll be taking over our Instagram account on April 22 with hair tips and trendy styles for you to try. In the meantime, we asked her to demystify hair care and tell us how we can get celebrity tresses of our own right now.


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