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Caroline Issa

Fashion Week Journal for Sunday, March 8

By the fourth week of what is really Fashion Month, the sheer number of shows attended by someone like Konca Aykan, the super-chic stylist and Vogue Turkey Fashion Director, is sort of staggering. So asking her over a laid-back Saturday lunch which ones have stood out—well, it’s not really a trick question, but it’s also not an easy one.



I’m convinced there is no one more sublime than Caroline Issa. She has the most impeccable taste and is one of my all-time favorite style icons. I can’t wait to try all the pieces from her collaboration line with Nordstrom, in hopes that some of her chic will rub off on me!

I would wear today’s outfit in a heartbeat. Monochromatic white is still a major theme and Caroline’s baby-blue oversized wool coat is a subtle statement piece. I could go on and on in my adoration of Ms. Issa, but it’s only day 2 and we’ve got a month of style stalking to go!

Crystal Nicodemus


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Fashion Week Journal for Thursday February 12


Color of the day: White—but, thankfully, just the threat of it. New York Fashion Week Day 1 began with predictions of snowfall, and the huddled conversations outside every show were of the “Here we go again order,” but the resigned tone referred to the weather, not the week’s schedule.

But yesterday ended with dry sidewalks, though, so, the score thus far:



You know the saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”? Well, we’d just like to amend that; today is the first day of the rest of your life in the new, exclusive-to-Nordstrom Caroline Issa collection. The style icon and fashion insider’s first collection is all about gorgeously modern classics—pieces that are fresh and chic right now, and will be for years to come.

To celebrate this exciting launch, we had Issa tell us all about Morocco, the source of inspiration for many of these looks. We even got her to share some of her own vacation images—and a few of her inside travel tips.

Caroline Issa in removable-bow blouse and wool and silk A-line skirt from the new collection


It’s just a theory, but we think it’s a pretty good one. And if it’s true—if we prove it right here and now—that makes the upcoming Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa collection that much more exciting.

Our evidence is visual, of course, and it comes from some of our favorite street-style photographers. That the editor and up-and-coming designer is such a darling of urban image hunters is its own kind of testimony, but more importantly, our case rests on the expert juxtaposition of tough and ladylike (hello, biker jacket mixed with floral prints!), color and pattern (plaid forever!), and shape, shape, shape (cocoon coats and culottes!).

You’re hereby invited to see for yourself.


We’re counting down the crucial pre-Christmas shopping days with a series called Gifted Givers, in which friends old and new share their thoughts on stylishly spirited giving and receiving.

Is it February yet? Okay, okay. One exciting thing at a time, sure. But as soon as the holidays are over, we’re officially living for the release of fashion editor Caroline Issa’s exclusive-to-Nordstrom line. In the meantime, we’ve got her shopping list.


Caroline Issa hardly needs an introduction. She’s not only an industry heavy hitter, but she’s also one of the most popular street-style stars out there. In fact, Issa’s new line is coming out right here at Nordstrom! I can’t wait to get my hands on this sure-to-be-stunning collection.

Caroline’s style is both fashion-forward and understated. She has a knack for color and pairing interesting cuts and shapes. Love this wrap skirt and tall boots, with a menswear button-up. This modern ’70s trend is something I can get behind!

Crystal Nicodemus


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Saturday night we partied at the Brooklyn Museum to help kick off its newest exhibition, Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe. From the mid-seventeenth century to the modern day, the exhibit features some of the most want-worthy shoes ever created—like Marilyn Monroe’s Ferragamo stilettos and Lady Gaga’s 8-inch platform booties.

Check out a few of our snaps from the launch party. Killer Heels will be on display Sep 10–Feb 15 at the Brooklyn Museum.


A favorite of fashion and street-style photogs, Caroline Issa embodies modern style with just the right dose of fresh—only one of the reasons she’s become a style blog darling and industry notable.


A few of our snaps of Issa over the last few seasons at Fashion Week.

Counting ourselves as among her biggest fans, we’re extra excited to announce that in February 2015, Issa is infusing her most-wanted style into an eponymous collection exclusive to Nordstrom. (♥!)


Issa outside our downtown Seattle flagship; a handful of her inspiring looks.

A savvy creative consultant, fashion director (TANK Magazine) and overall incredibly talented human being, Issa is adding her fabulous touch to 25 ready-to-wear styles. In the works since early this year, Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa will launch with a current, chic and covetable mix of wardrobe must-haves, like easily transitioned day-to-night beauties, gorg foundation pieces and more.


Caroline is designing each piece with an eye on versatility, wearability and luxe materials—all reflecting her vision of modern, easy closet essentials for any woman who doesn’t mind a little attention from the street-style paparazzi. It’s all about her philosophy of investing in beautiful clothes that will last—and that you’ll want to wear—for a lifetime.

We’re totally behind building a closet you know you’ll love every time you open its doors, and we’re 100% sure that Caroline’s collection is going to make that very, very easy.

Stay tuned for more about our partnership, surprise exclusives and for the much-anticipated debut of our newest collaboration.

Caroline Issa for Nordstrom

– Jeff Powell

Fashion Week is total mayhem, with photographers, models and editors everywhere. It can be tough to get a lens in edgewise and snap the street-style shots you guys want. But don’t worry—I’m not afraid to get a little dirty to get the goods! It’s been so fun capturing the crème de la crème of the fashion world, and I hope you all enjoy these little snippets of NYFW.