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Charlotte Olympia

It was pouring rain at the Missoni show (sob!). Luckily, the clouds parted for a couple minutes and allowed us to capture a couple of stunning looks, including Ruya’s. She is perfectly poised and elegant in her beaded coat and metallic lace skirt. Pointed-toe flats are a popular new theme, and these patent leather slingbacks are the ultimate in feminine chic.

Crystal Nicodemus


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Eleonora Carisi is a staple of the Milan Fashion Week crowd. As one of the most famous Italian bloggers (JouJouVilleroy), Eleonora represents her country’s chic reputation well. I am consistently inspired by her personal style.

Today’s outfit is a feminine take on menswear tailoring. I love the wide, cropped trousers, and pale pink is the color of the season. A fuzzy box clutch and sky-high heels add just the right amount of fun to her sleek look.

Crystal Nicodemus


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Our Director of Creative Projects and Pop-In Shop Curator Olivia Kim offers up daily inspiration, favorite products and things she’s super in love with right now.


Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty’ Flats

“#meow! I love these fun shoes! So many different colors (17 online!), how will I choose?”

Our Director of Creative Projects and Pop-In Shop Curator Olivia Kim offers up daily inspiration, favorite products and things she’s super in love with right now.

Charlotte Olympia Lip-Shaped Clutch


“There’s no business like shoe business.”—Charlotte Olympia Dellal

Charlotte-Olympia-reveals-kitty-collection-at-Nordstrom-flagship-store-March-2014Last week, London-based designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal spun a web of style at our Seattle flagship store as she presented the Purrrfect Collection, which includes an assortment of kitty flats that come in six Nordstrom exclusive colors as well as a ‘Kitty’ clutch and signature heels.

Charlotte-Olympia-signs-kitty-collection-at-Nordstrom-flagship-store-March-2014The mother of three happily greeted customers (and their pets too) while signing her name to the coveted collection. As a brand, Charlotte Olympia is known for fusing humor with girlie sophistication. When we asked the designer if she considered herself a cat person, she confirmed that she actually has a dog but added that she loves the “flirty and feminine” mannerisms of felines.

Show off your feline instincts by donning the Charlotte Olympia Purrrfect Collection.

nordstrom-designer-photo-shoot-feb-2014-3aFrench model Pauline Hoarau rocks the latest styles from our Designer Collections spring photo shoot. Go behind the scenes and discover some of our must-have looks of the season.


From Betty and Veronica to Charlotte and Olympia, the American comic series Archie gets a 2.0 revamping thanks to the clever shoe and handbag designs of Charlotte Olympia Dellal.

On the inspiration behind the Archie collection: “When I was 10 years old, my best friend used to go to America every holiday and bring back Archie comics, and I still read them today,” says Dellal, who launched her London-based eponymous label in 2008. “I take a very nostalgic approach to design—the essence and sensibility of the brand come from my love for old Hollywood and movie stars of the ’40s and ’50s. Betty and Veronica are the perfect pin-ups!”


Attention Betty and Veronica fans: London-based designer Charlotte Olympia will introduce a new shoe and accessories collection inspired by American comic series, Archie. This Nordstrom-exclusive collection will launch Monday, October 7, so save the date!

Take your astrological sign off the charts and into reality by slipping into your new lucky stars: these zodiac-themed flats from the Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection.


During Paris Fashion Week in March, The Thread ventured to the 8th arrondissement, near Place Charles de Gaulle, to check out the pop-up showroom of London-based shoe brand Charlotte Olympia.

We were on a mission: to slip into shoes from the Cosmic Collection of designer Charlotte Dellal (pictured above). Handcrafted in Italy, this capsule line of suede flats celebrates the 12 star signs and features hand-painted Zodiac symbols embellished with Swarovski crystals.

The stars must have been aligned that day, because not only did we get to try on the collection, we gained an understanding of what a pair of shoes can reveal about a person! Each style comes with a one-of-a-kind horoscope book, so whether you’re a curious Aquarius or a larger-than-life Leo, there’s no guessing as to what puts pep in your step.

Go behind the seams of the Cosmic Collection, as Charlotte shares some insight on her journey through the Zodiac.

THE THREAD: When conceptualizing this collection, what interesting discoveries did you make about the 12 signs of the Zodiac and how they relate to shoes?

CHARLOTTE DELLAL: The Cosmic Collection is something I have toyed with for a long time. As with most of my collections, the Zodiac is a topic that easily adapts to a large dose of novelty and fun while still being quite classic. I decided to focus on individual jewel-like accessories, including details such as choosing the color of a shoe depending on the element of the star sign.


Four Elements: The color palette takes inspiration from earth, air, fire and water.

THE THREAD: Why do you think people enjoy following horoscopes and astrology?

CHARLOTTE: I think people are generally interested in all things mystical. Personally, I don’t live by astrology, but I am open to certain elements and enjoy recognizing my star sign’s traits in myself. I do love to know other people’s star signs too—I am quite good at guessing!

THE THREAD: Tell us about the creative process of making your horoscope accessories book. Did you learn something new about your own shoe style?

CHARLOTTE: I learned a lot about the different characteristics of each sign. In terms of my own sign, Geminis are apparently youthful and witty, which is something I try to apply to my work. I enjoy a good giggle! I do relate to the nervousness and indecisiveness: I am often in two minds about something!

THE THREAD: You once said you “don’t really think in flats.” What was the turning point that made you realize a woman’s closet needs flats too?

CHARLOTTE: I’ve always worn heels and flats but mostly heels! As my motto goes: “The higher the heel, the better you feel!” Flats can be feminine and fun–two adjectives that define the very essence of Charlotte Olympia. For example, the ‘Kitty’ is a classic and it is featured in the Encore Collection. It is one of our bestsellers and is the perfect run-around shoe. Plus, what kind of female designer would I be if I only designed heels?!

What do your shoes say about you? Find the answers with the Cosmic Collection.

Qianna Smith
Photos by Ford Leland