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Paris is usually the setting for Cecilia Bönström’s Zadig & Voltaire girl. Frankly—pun unabashedly intended—if you were situated in as appealing a locale as the French capital, why would you relocate?

For Fall 2017, however, Bönström decided to plop the Parisian in NYC. This was achieved through athletic silhouettes and primary hues interspersed among lots of black—a color appropriate for any metro.

Backstage at Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2017

Dick Page, Shiseido artistic director, countered with his specialty—luminous skin—and pretty pops of color on the eyes and lips. The effect was energetic and youthful, like a newcomer looking wide-eyed at the shiny Big Apple.

Backstage at Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2017

“This season’s collection was full of energetic, bright hues. To complement that, I created a makeup look featuring interventions of color—similar to the way you would accessorize clothes—to bring a cohesive believability to the vibrancy of each style,” said Page about the beautiful faces he created for the Zadig & Voltaire show




We’re accustomed to seeing polished and refined from Narciso Rodriguez, so it was a dramatic surprise to see a bit of punk and edge in the makeup Dick Page planned for the show. Inspired by Debbie Harry, Page used versions of eyeliner as the wow factor—including pencil, cream, liquid and, of course, mascara.


The liner was a wedge shape on the outer lid, and when models opened their eyes there was a bit of transfer on their eyelids. Page let it be, and allowed a more lived-in look. When we asked how darkly to apply the liner, he replied “keep going until you can’t see anymore.” Noted!


This was the 8th and final show for Deborah Lippmann, and she went out with a bang. Her last nail look was a matte camel color—a color she described as a “weird, cool camel.” The concoction consisted of a base coat, two coats of Terranova, dried after 1-2 minutes, then finished off with Flat Top, a mattifier.


The completed look left us in agreement with Page on this quote about his makeup inspiration: “Debbie Harry on her worst day is cooler than us on our best day.” Touché!

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The Zero + Maria Cornejo SS15 collection was a combination of nostalgia and femininity, inspired by a recent trip to London and Venice which was reminiscent of her time spent there in her youth—Cornejo used lace and light weight fabrics to create a casually understated effect. Dick Page for Shiseido and James Pecis for PHYTO and T3 were tasked with creating a fresh, summery, innocent look.