Donna Karan

Street Style: Marta at Dior

Carving out a spot to photograph all the gorgeous girls at the Dior show was really tough, but I’m glad I could get a snap of Marta. There’s something so classic and chic about a full skirt and blouse combination. However, Marta keeps her look ultramodern thanks to interesting cuts and graphic pattern. A Dior bag is a must in Paris, and everywhere really! Bright, bold statement heels are fun and add some whimsy to this sleek, feminine look.

Crystal Nicodemus


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Street Style: Andrea at Etro

Andrea is back with yet another gorgeous retro outfit. I always wish I had the coloring to pull of a palette like this, but alas I cannot. I can still appreciate how great this Seventies-inspired, seasonal style looks on Andrea though! A fur-paneled knit jacket marries the top textures of the season and works well with a simple turtleneck and pencil skirt. Andrea is even making me rethink the hip bag. Who knew a fanny pack could look so cool?

Crystal Nicodemus


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Fashion Week Journal for Wednesday, February 18

Fashion requires strength and stamina, and perhaps no designer better embodies the stylishly healthy and fit angle better than Donna Karan. We talked with her previous to her recent offering about how she stays on top of her game.



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Happy 30th Anniversary, Donna Karan!

Can it really have been 30 years since Donna Karan launched the eponymous label that would go on to redefine urban luxury? As the famed fashion designer celebrates three successful decades, we’re more than a little in awe. She’s truly had quite the run.


Two of Karan’s sharp, utili-chic looks for fall 2014.



New York Fashion Week: September 7

We’ve tallied up the highlights from yesterday’s shows—from the boldly patterned catwalks of DKNY and Diane von Furstenberg to Opening Ceremony’s star-studded theatrical dramedy at the Met.


Celebrating New York City’s “color, culture and creativity,” DKNY underscored the Big Apple’s global-melting-pot status with vivid colors, graphic geometric patterns and kaleidoscopic prints—all atop voluminous silhouettes.


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Last Thursday, more than 550 fashion lovers from all over the country converged in a cavernous cruise-ship terminal on the outskirts of Seattle to join us in celebrating our 28th annual Designer Preview.

Nordstrom friends like Vogue Market Editor Cynthia Smith, Seattle Art Museum president Jaennae’ Dinius, rising musician Hollis and our Director of Creative Projects Olivia Kim—among countless other notables—mingled during an evening complete with a cocktail reception, an incredible runway show and shopping fall ’14 collections. Read more to see some of our favorite highlights from this stylish soiree.



Angela is business on the top and flirty lady below! This particular genre mix is a mega trend here in Paris. I have spotted a number of flowing, airy skirts paired with tailored tops and jackets.

Angela’s look is full of contrast, both in color and texture. And, who doesn’t love a sexy set of lace-up stilettos? In fact, this is a perfectly balanced outfit for the capricious Parisian climate!


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Runway Rundown: Donna Karan

Donna Karan Fall 2014No one does New York style quite like Donna Karan, who celebrated her 30th anniversary collection this week with a jaw-dropping runway show, highlighting her greatest hits and favorite pieces. This included everything from perfectly tailored jackets to sexy sheer dresses. The monochromatic styling and dramatic headpieces helped push the show over the top, making it one of the major highlights of Fashion Week.

Donna Karan Fall 2014Donna Karan Fall 2014Donna Karan Fall 2014

See all of our Fashion Week coverage.
Mary O’Regan


The Glamourai’s Kelly Framel models the Infinity Dress for the second installment of her insider look at Donna Karan.

I will always invest in items that can truly be worn in multiple ways, and this dress fits that description better than anything I’ve ever seen. Just as the four classic elements encompass all aspects of existence, so this dress can be worn anywhere and any way you can imagine. While the possibilities are truly limitless, I chose to style it in the four ways I felt best represented the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.


FIRE is the energy and nobility of the cosmos, the element of creativity and inspiration, of passion and transformation. It is a dress no longer encumbered by neckline, instead worn in strapless simplicity, wrapping thrice around the body in the quintessence of red-hot heat.

WATER runs deep; it is the element of emotion, intuition and love. It is romantic, sweetheart sleeves spilling smoothly over the shoulders, as effortless and serene as a softly sparkling sea.

Visit to read the entire article.

Timeless. Versatile. How do you wear your Donna Karan Matte Jersey Infinity Dress?

Shot on location in Montauk, New York, by photographer James Katsipis in collaboration with Donna Karan New York and Nordstrom.

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Jeffrey Kalinsky, our resident designer authority, fills us in on his style inspiration, industry mentors, favorite fall shows and more:


Who are your style idols?
The Rat Pack, James Dean, Jack Kennedy. I like the whole late ’50s/early ’60s clean, classic look. If you were wearing a suit, the lapel was narrow, the jacket was fitted and the pants were straight. I also like the idea of jeans and a white T-shirt. There was nothing tricky.

How has this affected your style?
When I need to look nicer than a T-shirt and jeans afford, I wear a fitted blue button-down shirt. I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, and was very preppy. As an adult, I wanted to stand out and not be so conventional, but I’m still rooted in my preppy upbringing.

How are you not conventional?
I’m in a vintage T-shirt every day. And I only wear white socks, like they did in 1959. When you’ve got a pair of white socks on with your navy suit, some people think that’s unconventional, yet it’s rooted in something very classic.

Where do you get your vintage T-shirts?
Wherever I can find them. It’s always a treasure hunt. My friend Philomena gave me one of my favorites—it’s a heather gray T-shirt that says, “Bakersfield High School.” I’m also partial to light-blue ringer tees.

How is your closet organized?
By classification. I have all of my jeans in one place. I have all of my sweaters in one place. I have all of my T-shirts in one place. I have all of my shorts in one place.

How did growing up in Charleston influence you?
It shaped me in every which way—my style, personality and ethics. It’s an ultra-preppy city that’s absolutely beautiful. I love the way people embrace color there and dress conservatively in that chic kind of way.

Do you go back very often?
Yeah, like two times a year. But it’s always in my heart.

You worked in your father’s shoe store as a kid. What was that like?
My best memory is that I was not allowed to “walk” a customer, which meant letting a customer leave without buying something. That was a lot of pressure for a teenage boy. It gave me performance anxiety. If I was waiting on you and was going to “walk” you, I was supposed to tell you to stay put and not leave because I was going to get my daddy. The thought of that was beyond embarrassing.

But you stayed in the business.
I actually found my love of selling when I went to college and worked for other people, selling part-time. I saw that I was good at it but had to find that out for myself, which I couldn’t do under my father’s thumb.

Who are some of your mentors in the industry?
When I was first starting out, I worked for Donna Karan and learned so much about the relationship between a woman’s clothing and her accessories. Donna was so passionate about providing clothing for a woman by a woman. I also had a close relationship with Stuart Weitzman in the ’90s. He taught me to really believe in myself, which was invaluable.

Tell me about a person you admire.
Probably the most inspirational person I can think of is Steve Jobs. I loved how he saw the future. I believe in staying true to a vision and hoping people want to be a part of it. I love that he did that in an uncompromising way, because every time we compromise, we dumb something down.

How about a brand you admire?
The brand that always seems to stay at the top is Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has a real curiosity about popular culture. He’s very tuned in and connected to everything, so he’s had tremendous success in keeping the brand relevant to customers of all ages.

When was the last time you were starstruck?
I met Emma Stone recently and I think she’s fabulous, so I didn’t know what to say. The same night, I was seated for dinner next to Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones. Her character is very masculine and tough, but in person, she’s so beautiful and feminine and the opposite of the character she plays. I fell in love with her.

What were your favorite shows for fall 2013?
Junya Watanabe, Céline and Givenchy. The collection and show at Givenchy were just amazing. It was in this huge setting, with the models walking in a big circle and Antony Hegarty [of Antony and the Johnsons] singing live.

Where do you like to vacation?
I love going to the south of France.

What do you do when you’re there?

Sounds perfect. What TV shows have you been enjoying lately?
Mad Men, The Newsroom, Game of Thones, Homeland. I started watching The West Wing recently. That might be my favorite thing to watch right now.

Last but not least, what’s your favorite guilty-pleasure snack?
Pizza-flavored Goldfish.

Mary O’Regan

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