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Say Thank You: 15 Houseguest Gift Ideas for Summer Travel

Houseguest thank you gift ideas


Houseguest thank you gift ideas

It’s summer travel season, and that means you may be enjoying the hospitality of a friend or family member who has agreed to open their home to you. Follow proper etiquette, and show up with a gift. We’ve put together 15 ideas to show your appreciation and offer a few tips for selecting the perfect gift to give when you’re a houseguest.


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Quick Home Decor Fixes That Can Actually Improve Your Life

Pictures of cool furniture and pretty homes excite us just as much as the next decor devotee. But although clean lines and modern colorways lure us in every time, we do try to ascribe to function over pure aesthetics. For this reason, we’ve resolved to make our redecorating this year align with our life goals for 2016.

Chloe duvet cover

Shopping the Nordstrom Limited-Time Savings selection bestows a resolution two-fer by helping to save some cash while refreshing a humble-but-aspiring abode. The sale goes through January 25, so think about what you want to modify this year—behaviorally and decoratively—then jump online for the best selection.


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Meet the Hays | Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Hay Mini Market


Image courtesy HAY

One of the most exciting things about Pop-In@Nordstrom welcoming HAY Mini Market–the capsule version of the beloved Danish design company with a cult following–is its North American rareness. Only once on this continent has the Mini Market been in full effect, in August at MoMA in New York City.

So with the Pop-In drastically increasing HAY awareness in the U.S. and Canada, now is a good time to get to know the Hays behind HAY.

That would be Rolf and Mette Hay, husband and wife designers. There they are, above. Read our Q&A below with Mette Hay, the particular Hay in charge of the Mini Market, as she talks about her philosophy of home decorating, preference for social co-working and which aspects of HAY are set in stone for all eternity.

Shop: Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes HAY Mini Market

Meet Mette Hay through this hyperlink

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Get Invited Back: Bright Ideas for Host and Hostess Gifts

Between Facebook, family and the office, odds are that right now you’ve got holiday-party invites coming at you from all angles. After all, ’tis the season for chitchat and cheese trays. But once you’ve squared away all your RSVPs and made any requisite travel plans, it’s a good time to consider what you’re bringing to the table—on all fronts. While your fetching self is unquestionably appreciated, a hostess gift is a gracious way to thank the party-thrower for a shindig well done.

Hostess Gifts Ideas

Of course, not every social gathering is equal. If you’re headed to the in-laws for an extended visit to celebrate Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas, a bottle of wine probably won’t do. For any situation that requires overnight accommodations, a personal touch conveys serious gratitude (and helps secure next year’s invite).

SPARQ custom whiskey rocksSend the right message to hospitable cocktail and coffee enthusiasts by presenting these little soapstone rocks upon your arrival. In hot or cold liquids, SPARQ’s personalized whiskey rocks never melt, so beverage flavors remain unscathed.

It’s likely someone scrubbed a tub or two to prep for your visit. Repay the deed in kind with indulgent goat milk bubble bath from Blithe and Bonny. Made in California, the heavenly scented sulfate-free suds come in citrus, lavender, eucalyptus or herb.

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Geri Hirsch’s Internet Wedding, Deserted Island Scenario and Sick Sense of Smell

Geri Hirsch, Because I'm Addicted

DIY is in her DNA. “It’s how I was raised,” says Geri Hirsch, the face behind the blog Because I’m Addicted and co-founder of the how-to hub “We didn’t have a TV, so we did art projects and went outside and made things. My mom would buy me plain clothes, like just a white sweatshirt or some overalls, and I would paint them or alter them.” Seems she’s been painting and altering ever since.

In honor of the tactile nature of our new fall accessories, Geri created a collection of exclusive how-tos—and inspired us to do a few things ourselves, as well.

Read on for her ideal deserted island scenario, her secret superpower and insider details on her Internet-famous wedding to a man who knows espresso.

Congratulations on your wedding!

Thank you!

Which the whole internet knows about. That must be kind of weird.

Yeah, it’s pretty weird. I shared a lot about the wedding leading up to it and then did a whole diary of my wedding day on Snapchat, including me going down the aisle. It definitely sparked a lot of conversation around our wedding.

Was that fun or overwhelming?

No, I loved it! It was a way to connect with people about my most important life event in a way that I couldn’t without that platform. People just got me, in that moment, talking about how I felt, feeling the adrenaline. It was really cool to share it.

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Throwback Thursday Eve: 15 Things We’d Still Love to Give and Get from 1975

The Nordstrom blogs team recently went poking around the vaults for a little inspiration, and we totally found it. Truth is, we got a little giddy looking back over decades’ worth of some real retro styles in our catalog archives. So much so, we’re taking the best of the best live with our Throwback Thursday series on Men’s Shop Daily—and starting now, here, with this special holiday edition.

While thumbing through our 1975 ‘Gift Selector,’ it really hit us: there are things in there that we’d still actually dig unwrapping ourselves and giving to others for the holidays. In fact, it was a pretty hard list to narrow down, but here are the top 15 gifts we’re vibing on for friends and family, guys and gals, ironic, iconic and otherwise.

1. These oversized sunglasses and some versatile silk scarvesso many ways to wear them.

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POP-IN@Nordstrom Video

Pop-In Shop: Olivia Kim’s Picks from Gift & Go

“I wanted to create a one-stop area where people could find awesome, awesome gifts for their friends.” —Olivia Kim

So what’s Kim giving her friends? Not sure, but we can guess—and get some last minute inspiration from this video, which is all about her favorite Pop-In Shop picks.

1. Bodum French press coffee maker
2. Graphic Image Bottoms Up flask
3. Selfie stick and Bluetooth remote shutter release
4. Topshop robes
5. Meadowlark jewelry
6. Knot & Bow confetti bombs
7. Inflatable raft



How-Tos for the Holidays: A Perfect Hostess Gift

To ease the pain of an overcrowded schedule, we created a handful of short videos with clever tips to help you get in the spirit and breeze through the social season—whether you’re planning a festive celebration, jetting off to the in-laws or looking for the perfect hostess gift.

DIY perfect hostess gift how-to for the holidays or anytime. [click to continue…]

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Father’s Day: Something Special for Dad

Don’t forget Dad! Father’s Day is June 16, and we’ve got you covered with plenty of presents for Pop in our Father’s Day Gifts Shop.


Shop by price or item type, and browse our top 25 favorites or top-rated gifts by customers. And speaking of Father’s Day, check out what’s going on over at our Men’s Shop Daily Blog—a nostalgic salute to some memorable dads of employees right here at Nordstrom HQ.


Etsy and Nordstrom Present: Our Newest Additions

Did you hear? We’ve partnered with Etsy—the global online marketplace—to bring you unique, handcrafted goods and artwork from some of our favorite emerging artists across the country.

We’re excited to announce that, starting early this month, we’re bringing even more artists into our Etsy and Nordstrom Present Boutique online and in a handful of our stores. In addition to Downing Pottery and CircaCeramics, we’ll soon be offering pieces from Dock Artisan and Anto Arts in our At Home Department as well as Whichgoose, Serephine, Paloma’s Nest, Sweet Sorrella and Milk and Honey in our Wedding Suite.

We asked a couple of our artisans about their craft and their partnership with us. Here’s what they had to say.

Sarah Woodson from Downing Pottery

“Walking into Nordstrom and seeing my mugs on display was a moment I will never forget. I threw those pots. I attached the handles. I painted and glazed each piece and sat by a kiln until 2AM, waiting for it to shut off. Being on display in Nordstrom was tangible validation that the work that I do matters. It’s a feeling that artists dream of and one that very few of us are ever lucky enough to experience.”

Erin Brooks from Serephine: Headpieces, Accessories and Veils

“My line is a very personal and special thing to me; that’s something I try to convey in the artistry of each piece that I create with my own two hands. I focus on the special, unique, original—and on providing the best possible quality.

“I’ve spent my fair share of time perusing the lovely things in the Seattle store’s Wedding Suite, and I think it’s such a beautiful space. I’m simply elated that my pieces get to be a part of that.”

Join us to meet the artisans and view their trunk shows on June 15 or check back to view their collections online, available June 10.
Downtown Seattle: Serephine, wedding veils and sashes
Tysons Corner: Milk & Honey, flatware
Houston Galleria: Sweet Sorella, compacts
Garden State Plaza: Paloma’s Nest, ring bearer trays