Images by Jesse Rivera; styling by Jodi Taylor; modeling by Doug Ta’a

Summer is here and sandals are on our mind and feet—and not sandals worn purely for function, like beach flip-flops or shower shoes for the funky locker-room floor. We’re talking about sandals worn out in the world, for style.

Drop “mandal” from your lexicon immediately (to ensure it dies, don’t even say it in jest). While we can’t endure that term, we sympathize with your sandal anxiety. Not every guy can wear them with style; that’s what makes this a medium-to-high-swagger move. You’ll have to BYO confidence.

We spoke with men’s senior stylist Jodi Taylor on how to wear sandals and discussed the big puzzler: socks or no socks. As usual, she had the answers.

—Andrew Matson



With just over two weeks to go before Designer Preview on July 28 in Seattle, we’re all getting pretty serious about that question hanging in the air: “What should we wear?” After visiting with SPACE ambassador Shawn Serven last week at our Seattle flagship, the ready-to-wear part of the equation is likely shaping up quite nicely.

But what to do about the crucial handbag element?


All about the embroidery embellishment: Gucci on-point

We recently revisited Shawn for a trip through the designer handbag offerings, where it became clear that there are three major trends to consider: color, size and embellishment.




Dad style, oxymoronic though it may seem, has established itself as a major factor in several areas of current fashion. Perhaps you’ve noticed the rise of dad hats (unstructured baseball caps with curved bills), dad shoes (New Balances are hot), Hawaiian shirts and Belichick-esque short-sleeve sweatshirts. The New York Times wrote about it the other day. And you don’t have to be a dad to partake in fatherly flair.

One thing we’ve noticed lately is how dad style is interpreted by some of the most famous rappers of our day, like A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Future and Gucci Mane. All are known to base outfits around key dad values like ease and comfort, while introducing a layer of rock-star luxury not stereotypically “dad.”

In that world-within-a-world—of dressing like a rap dad—many outfits are grounded by Gucci slides and loafers, which set a free and easy tone that says, “No, I’m not struggling for success anymore,” and “Yes, I could retire at any moment.” A good level to be on, if you can get there. Or at least a good vibe and a cool look.

SHOP: Gucci slides | Gucci loafers



As Andy Warhol once said, department stores are a lot like museums. And sometimes—like when you’re shopping for Nordstrom Designer Preview—you want a tour guide.

Yep, it’s time for our yearly runway celebration, in which we gather the most amazing looks from brands like Céline, Valentino, Lanvin—and present them together in one gorgeous show. Nordstrom shoppers from all over the country fly in for the presentation and party—and the exclusive trunk show that follows the next day.

simone rocha black separatesFor your consideration: layers of sheer Simone Rocha separates from SPACE

So how about that guide?

Enter Shawn Serven, SPACE ambassador at our downtown-Seattle flagship. A true student and fan of fashion, and someone who thinks big when it comes to personal style, Shawn’s also just crazy low-key, really fun and totally approachable. In his words, he’s at the store “to be the most excited about the designers we love and carry, and to pass as much of it along as each customer wants.”

Basically, he’s the perfect person to help us figure out what to wear on July 28 for this year’s runway celebration.



Styles from our Men’s Designer pre-fall collections are now available on our site and in stores. We spoke with Designer Apparel Buyer Dan Drewes and Shoe Buyer Garrett Bean about key pre-fall pieces from Lanvin, Gucci, Belstaff, Jimmy Choo and Versace.


SHOP: Lanvin pants | Lanvin sweater | Lanvin topcoat | all Designer Collections

We do these Lanvin biker pants pretty much every season, in some sort of new color or fabric. For fall, we have a stretch poplin and this grey check. They have details inspired by the world of cycling, with zip ankles, articulation around the knees and a reinforced seat. The Lanvin sweater is definitely a customer favorite; it comes in a crew, V, cardigan and turtleneck. It’s actually two different fabrics. If you look closely, the sleeve is solid grey and the body is heather so it’s a subtle tonal detail. We’ve seen more brands show turtlenecks lately. The nice thing about them is they’re a ’70s nod, but you can make them look really modern too. This topcoat is an amazing, tailored piece; the fit is perfect. The khaki color is a great option for fall since it’s so dark and rich; usually khaki is lighter. Especially after everything we’ve seen for the last three years has been black or navy, it’s nice to see some color without it being bright.

–Dan Drewes



To embrace Alessandro Michele’s Gucci is to embrace tidy chaos. And that’s easy to do, even for the most buttoned-down of dressers, in part because of Michele’s ability to make an uncanny mix of texture, print, cut and embellishment combine in a single, perfectly styled look. In short, Gucci’s command of maximalist-cool isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Gucci Milan RTW Fall 2016 February 2016Images: InDigital



Last Look: Gucci and No. 21

Beauty for beauty’s sake is redrawing the fashion atlas at Milan Fashion Week. Gucci, in the words of designer Alessandro Michele, transformed clothes “into psycho-geographic maps capable of recording the urban unconscious” in a riotous visual display of glitter, imagery and breathtaking craft. Meanwhile, Alessandro Dell’Acqua juxtaposed fragility with rigidity in his beauty-gone-awry collection for No. 21.


Gucci’s Michele created a surreal landscape—both urban and emotional—with a parade of Renaissance-inspired looks set against the backdrop of an industrial open-air train depot. The Carte de Tendre, Madeleine de Scudéry’s 1654 imaginary land charting the complexities of love, surfaced on a slim, silken dress with a plunging neckline and again on a pleated A-line skirt. Sheerness took on next-level delicacy in frothy pastels with barely there ruffles. Snakes, another recurring motif, offered a darker counterpoint, slithering up the thigh of ankle pants.

Shop: current season Gucci



Fashion Week Journal for Tuesday, March 10

Whether you’re watching the runway from home or from the front row, it’s impossible to not be completely captivated by certain models. There are the classically beautiful ones and the offbeat beauties, the girls who seem to come from another world and those who might be your awkward neighbor from kindergarten.

The best ones just have that something. Sometimes they’re even a little distracting—you look at them as closely as you do the clothes they’re modeling. But that plays into the brand too. Some models are cast because they have the perfect proportions and walk like they’re in a dream. Some are cast because they simply possess a spirit that draws you in—and keeps you there.


Napavine, Washington’s Emilie Evander is among the last group. After she walked in the Gucci men’s show (they’re gender benders, you’ll recall) and made big waves there, Alexander Wang cast her as an exclusive for his New York Fashion Week show, then Gucci nabbed her as an exclusive for Milan. And they had her close the show. In Paris, she walked in the much buzzed-about shows for Rick Owens and Margiela.

It’s a big deal to be booked exclusively; it means it’s the only show you do in that market. It means you’re paid more. It means the brand really wants your certain something to represent their certain something. Evander’s certain something is in her 5’11” frame and her ethereal coloring, but it’s also in her goofball spirit and small-town roots. She’s a total sweetheart and a complete teenager. She loves her mom and family and her community, and she’s curious about the world. She also likes steak and french fries, as I learned when I had dinner with her at Le Relais de l’Entrecote.



Fashion Week Journal for Sunday, March 8

By the fourth week of what is really Fashion Month, the sheer number of shows attended by someone like Konca Aykan, the super-chic stylist and Vogue Turkey Fashion Director, is sort of staggering. So asking her over a laid-back Saturday lunch which ones have stood out—well, it’s not really a trick question, but it’s also not an easy one.



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Another show, another great look from blogger buds Celine and Annabel. Celine’s leather overalls are trendy and ultra-contemporary, especially when paired with a skinny neck scarf and Breton-style cap. Annabel went for a more sporty-casual look, and I love the unique dye pattern on her denim. The layering is interesting and gave me some ideas to experiment with. Grazie mille, babes!

Crystal Nicodemus


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