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Whether you’re layering against the chill or trying to glam up your look, the right hosiery can help you master winter dressing. It isn’t just about finding the right shade anymore, it’s about playful combinations of socks, tights and leggings to create a dimensional and textured style both for the weekend and the workday.

How to Wear Hosiery Now

Nordstrom Fashion Office Women’s Accessories and Specialized Director Shannon Schafer gives us the lowdown on how to wear the latest statement-making pairs.


When it comes to layering, the key is to mix textures and tones: sheer with solid, ribbed with smooth, prints with plain.

Hosiery layered with socks

“There are no more rules—you can put texture with texture, knee sock over sheer hosiery…anything goes,” Schafer says.



We’ve baked. We’ve partied. We’ve shopped. We’ve traveled. By the time Christmas and New Year’s Eve actually roll around, we’re pretty exhausted from the preparations and functions that preempt the holidays. But that’s not going to stop us from trying our best to be picture ready.

How to Do Two Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Thanks to Hana Schaplow, a stylist at Seattle’s Coupe Rokei salon, we now have two easy, do-it-yourself hairstyles to take out with our party dresses. Hana gave the two looks pretty clever names based on the level of skill and time required to accomplish them, and the iconic ladies that inspired them. These soft styles are relaxed enough for any event but will definitely help put the trim on your festive look.



What to pack for the holiday

Traveling for the holidays can cause even the most stalwart adventurer to lose her cool. There’s the weather to contend with. Gifts to wrap and pack, and then rewrap (if the TSA stops you, and they will). Uncomfortable conversations with family members that usually ensue after the eggnog or grog has been tucked into a few times. And the luggage: How does one pack for a trip where there are so many variables like climate and impromptu parties? How can you plan what to bring when your bags swell and then shrink from gift-giving and receiving?

We asked luggage guru Joan Robinson of Rick Steves’ Europe for some advice. Robinson teaches classes on the science (and the art) of packing. Here’s what she had to say.

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Geri Hirsch, Because I'm Addicted

DIY is in her DNA. “It’s how I was raised,” says Geri Hirsch, the face behind the blog Because I’m Addicted and co-founder of the how-to hub “We didn’t have a TV, so we did art projects and went outside and made things. My mom would buy me plain clothes, like just a white sweatshirt or some overalls, and I would paint them or alter them.” Seems she’s been painting and altering ever since.

In honor of the tactile nature of our new fall accessories, Geri created a collection of exclusive how-tos—and inspired us to do a few things ourselves, as well.

Read on for her ideal deserted island scenario, her secret superpower and insider details on her Internet-famous wedding to a man who knows espresso.

Congratulations on your wedding!

Thank you!

Which the whole internet knows about. That must be kind of weird.

Yeah, it’s pretty weird. I shared a lot about the wedding leading up to it and then did a whole diary of my wedding day on Snapchat, including me going down the aisle. It definitely sparked a lot of conversation around our wedding.

Was that fun or overwhelming?

No, I loved it! It was a way to connect with people about my most important life event in a way that I couldn’t without that platform. People just got me, in that moment, talking about how I felt, feeling the adrenaline. It was really cool to share it.




Skinny ankles? Extra-curvy calves? Buying boots—especially online—can sometimes feel like you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. No more: Our crack video team hooked up with our amazing in-house shoe experts to answer the question once and for all, and well, the headline pretty much says it all.



You’re not the only one who browses the prints and patterns inside Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Liberty London and imagines an endless weekend of DIY projects. Liberty London fanatics are a crafty bunch, as you’ll see when stylist and author Sania Pell leads you through this tutorial.

Get your scissors out, folks. Let’s do this.

Shop: Pop-In at Nordstrom Welcomes Liberty London


The CHANEL Travel Makeup Palette is an all-in-one beauty powerhouse complete with eyeshadow, blush, foundation, lip color, mascara and three applicator brushes. To have a little fun with this versatile face palette, the Nordstrom Beauty Blog brought one to our crew at Studio N, where our in-house photographers, hair and makeup artists, art directors, models and scads of other colleagues all hustle to make editorial magic happen on the daily.

Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, natural makeup look for daytime.Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.

Our initial thoughts? We were all super fans of the perfectly chosen colors, made up of several most-wanted shades. The options are almost limitless, but we were excited to showcase how easily this compact, travel-friendly product–sized just right for a handbag or jet-setting–has all you need to go from beautifully fresh, barely-there day makeup to a subtle-but-smoldering nighttime look. No magic required.

Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.
Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.

Read more for our simple (we promise!) step-by-step guide for going day to night with these two gorgeous makeup looks.



It’s reversible, it’s convertible, it’s beautiful! It’s the new Akris Ai bag. How does this bi-colored beauty go from classic shopper to chic trapezoid? Watch this and see.



Shop: Akris

Shop: Akris handbags


How to hit a golf ball? We’ve got you. In the video above, find three #protips for hitting an iron (aka the club you’ll be swinging most of the time) and three tips for chipping, the super-tricky part of the game when you are near but not quite on the green. Your instructor is Patrick Ackerman, Glendale Country Club Golf Pro. All clothes worn in the video are shop-able here.

As for how to look your best while you knock down those eagles and birdies? Well of course we’ve got you there, too.

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In 2012, Kathleen Wright left the business world to begin a small nonprofit. That global artisan-focused fashion industry game changer, Piece & Co, is just three years old, but today it takes a major step forward.

Nordstrom teamed up with Wright to connect rural craftspeople with brands such as Current/Elliott, Tory Burch, Joie and Theory so that designers for those lines might utilize gorgeous handmade textiles for their spring 2015 collections. Those dresses, separates and accessories are live on our site as of now.

The results of these collaborations won’t just change your wardrobe; they might change your life, and they will definitely change the lives of the women who had a hand in bringing them to you. I sat down with Wright to talk about three of the women she’s met in her Piece & Co travels, women whose talent, skills and dedication are changing the way we see style this spring.