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A blogger is a blogger is a blogger, right? Well, no. Not when the blogger is 4th and Bleeker’s Alexandra Spencer. We chatted with the model, stylist, artist, photographer and yes, blogger, during our recent Stuart Weitzman campaign shoot and got a window into her gorgeous world of creative cross-pollination. But it wasn’t all business. We talked boots, sandals, inspiration and outfits too.

The Thread: Tell us about 4th and Bleeker.
Alexandra Spencer: It’s where I share all of the different projects that I work on. It’s a place for all of my collaborations in whatever form they’ve come—whether it’s photography or modeling or art direction or styling or painting, it’s a home for all of that.


It’s time for another edition of “House Call,” an ongoing series in which we peek inside the abode of a Nordstrom employee. This time we’re heading to Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood for a tour of the architecturally stunning home of Red Godfrey, our Fashion Office V.P.


December 2, 2013

Missoni: Italian Heritage

For some, fashion is merely a passion; for others like Ottavio Missoni Jr., it’s literally in their DNA.

Ottavio Jr., part of the third generation of the House of Missoni—and grandson/namesake of Ottavio Missoni, the man who started it all—ventured to the Pacific Northwest for the first time, where he mingled with customers at our Bellevue Square store and discussed the driving forces behind the brand’s success: family and heritage pride.


November 26, 2013

10 Questions for Prabal Gurung


Few fashion collectors can claim to own an early-era item from the likes of Valentino, Saint Laurent or Alexander McQueen, which is why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of the soon-to-be-iconic: Nepalese-American designer Prabal Gurung.

Now is the time to invest in this burgeoning wunderkind. Launched just four years ago, Gurung’s namesake brand has appeared in the wardrobes of everyone from Michelle Obama to Lady Gaga—a testament to his balance of timeless femininity and boundary-pushing concepts. We sat down with the New Yorker to discuss his new collection, killer camera phone skills and personal heroes.


It’s been nearly a decade since Thai/American designer Thakoon Panichgul quit his job as an editor at Harper’s Bazaar and launched his namesake collection of feminine, boundary-pushing clothing. Now, after more than a few seasons of glowing reviews—Vogue called his most recent show “disarmingly gorgeous”—we grabbed the designer for a quick Q&A, starting with the scoop on his fall collection.


Tell us about the inspiration behind Fall 2013.
This collection was about looking at what makes great classics, and twisting them into new ideas with witty and feminine takes.

Thakoon Animal-Print Shearling CoatThakoon Dragonfly DressThakoon Black Lace Sweater

Thakoon Animal-Print Coat | Thakoon Leather-Back Dragonfly Dress | Thakoon Floral-Print Lace Dress

Describe the woman who wears your clothes.
She’s feminine, sophisticated and bold. She loves fashion, but wants it to work with her busy lifestyle.

What inspired you to work in this industry?
I love the dialogue between fashion and culture. I also love when I see a beautiful woman wearing something new and unexpected—all of a sudden it changes your perception. That’s the beauty of fashion, those moments.

What does the future of your brand look like?
We’ve grown steadily and organically, gaining loyal customers season after season. It’s a solid ground that we’ve been building, and for me it’s about that kind of growth. We have accessories on the horizon as well.

Photo by The Sartorialist

Do you pay attention to street style?
I pick and choose what I see and like. You can’t look at it too much because your job is to propose something new. But then again, when you see something that looks fresh, you take note.

If you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you be?
A musician, definitely.

What’s your all-time favorite band?
That’s difficult. I think the Eagles and Coldplay are certainly up there.

How about your favorite book?
A Confederacy of Dunces.

What’s the last great movie you saw?
Blue Jasmine with Cate Blanchett. She’s so phenomenal in it, and I’m such a fan of Woody Allen.

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?
To the beach in Thailand.

Thakoon Printed Dress | Thakoon Sequin/Lace Sweater | Thakoon Knit Fair-Isle Dress

Do you have any advice for a young woman trying to cultivate her personal style?
You should always have a uniform of sorts. I hate when I see someone dressed girly one day, and edgy the next day. That’s playing dress-up. If you know your personality, what you like to wear and how you want to look, just stick with that look and silhouette, and in the long run, you’ll have a distinct style.

Name three wardrobe essentials every woman should own.
A great cocktail dress, a classic men’s shirt and a great pair of pants.

Who’s your design hero?
Elsa Schiaparelli.

If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?
Salvador Dali. I’d love to hear his perspective on the world and what he sees.

Thakoon Panichgul backstage, Fall 2013

Photo by Fernando Colon

What’s the one thing you always have to do before any show?
Drink water!

Please share a little-known fact about yourself.
I love leftovers.

Describe your morning getting-ready routine.
Two cups of coffee, a quick shower, and lots of moisturizer—that’s it.

Mary O’Regan

Agent Provocateur (AP), makers of fashion’s fiercest unmentionables for the last 19 years, is launching its first-ever diffusion line, L’Agent, in collaboration with Spanish ingenues Penélope and Mónica Cruz.

L’Agent embodies the seductiveness of AP’s core aesthetic, yet it’s designed with a comfortable, everyday approach to intimate apparel in terms of shapes, cuts and colors.

Leading AP’s legacy in lingerie is the brand’s creative director, Sarah Shotton, whom we phoned in London to get the lacy details on the collection, which is available online and in Nordstrom stores starting today.


Bound for Britain: Last summer, Penélope and Mónica camped out with Sarah at the London-based studio of AP to conceive and design the L’Agent collection

THE THREAD: Tell us how the partnership with the Cruz sisters got started!

SARAH SHOTTON: It began with a conversation on set. Mónica modeled for the AP fall/winter 2012 collection, and while she was getting her hair and makeup done for the shoot, we got to chatting. She mentioned that she and Penélope have been buying and collecting AP for about 15 or 16 years, if not more. Mónica said, “We love what you do. We love the brand. We love all the lingerie.” She just said that she and her sister really wanted to design lingerie and would love to work on a collaboration with us. At the time, Gary Hogarth, AP’s CEO, and I had already been discussing producing a wholesale line. So it was perfect timing and very organic. They adore the brand, and we adore them.

Lovely in Lingerie: Mónica Cruz was hand-picked by Sarah to model for AP’s fall/winter 2012 collection

THE THREAD: How involved were the Cruz sisters in designing the collection?

SARAH: We shot Mónica in April of 2012, and since then, we have been working closely together. This is not a collaboration where somebody else designs it and they just put their name on it. Penélope and Mónica have been actively involved in the creation of this line and have spent a fair share of time with me in London, conceiving ideas and looking through our archives.

We were three girls working together, having a giggle and designing what we want women to wear. It’s been really sweet because I was pregnant at the time, and then Mónica became pregnant, and then Penélope became pregnant. At one point, we were all pregnant. I had my “King George” nine months ago.

Sister, Sister: Penélope and Mónica have previously collaborated with two Spanish brands: Loewe, on a handbag line, and MANGO, on several clothing collections (photo by Mert and Marcus)

THE THREAD: L’Agent features 15 styles that range from bra and brief sets to basques and babydolls. How hard was it to narrow down the selection?

SARAH: It was really hard! We knew from the start that this would be an ongoing partnership [expected to last at least five years], so for some styles, we were like “That’s great for next season or the season after that.” I suppose for this launch collection, we had to design something that would have mass appeal. I think when you watch the campaign video that Penélope directed, you’ll see lots of different types of women, personalities and lifestyles, who are wearing lots of different types of lingerie.

Practical Panties: The Cruz sisters set out to design a range of lingerie that women could wear every day, and they gave each piece a Spanish woman’s name. Clockwise: ‘Isi’ Quarter Cup Bra & Low Rise Thong‘Zanita’ Bra & Thong and ‘Penélope’ Underwire Balcony Bra, Waspie & Brief

THE THREAD: How important is lingerie for the fashion-conscious woman?

SARAH: Lingerie is really important to women worldwide. It’s unbelievable, the trends in lingerie right now. When I started with AP 14 years ago, women were still a bit afraid of edgy, out-there lingerie, but not anymore. It’s almost like in the ’40s and ’50s. Women wore great lingerie because their dresses wouldn’t fit properly if they didn’t. Women who wanted a tiny waist and a pointy chest would wear underwear that created that effect.

I think the modern woman now knows that it’s important to have lingerie for different occasions and for different outfits. We all know it’s really important that, if you’re going to play sports, you wear a sports bra. I think we are more aware of creating a lingerie wardrobe today, especially after the book 50 Shades of Grey (which mentions the brand).

In the Director’s Chair: To celebrate the launch of L’Agent, Penélope makes her directorial debut in a film starring her husband, Javier Bardem (center), model Irina Shayk, and her sister Mónica, who was pregnant at the time

THE THREAD: What inspired Penélope to direct the campaign video?

SARAH: The video is something that Penélope really wanted to do. She was like “I haven’t directed anything before. I really want to direct my first piece for the L’Agent launch.” Penélope had an idea of a party, and I think she’d been dreaming about it for ages. I’ve never seen anyone work so hard. She was literally outlining the direction of the film non-stop—and pregnant at the same time! A lot of her friends and family were involved. It’s a very special piece with a funny little message at the end.

Spanish Style: The Madrid-born design duo wanted the collection to have an alluring Spanish point of view. L to R: ‘Rosalyn’ Quarter Cup Bra & Thong, ‘Mónica’ Bra & Tanga & ‘Penélope’ Underwire Balcony Bra

THE THREAD: Music and film have been cited as outlets for your design inspiration. Were there any films or characters played by Penélope that you felt came alive in the collection?

SARAH: It’s funny, because when we were working on this collection, they wanted the line to have a very Spanish feel, even in the colors they were thinking of—like red flamenco. Obviously, I love Penélope. She’s such a great actress and has played so many different types of characters. I would say there’s a lot of Volver in the line. She’s very sexy and voluptuous in that film, which is very L’Agent. There are also some aspects of her fiery character in the film Blow with Johnny Depp. She had a really strong attitude in that movie, and you can feel that in the bold and sassy pieces of the line.

Enchant. Entice. Empower. Transform in L’Agent.

Qianna Smith


Our latest House Call takes us inside the downtown Seattle apartment of Nordstrom employee Deniz Anders, who oversees our Topshop partnership.

Deniz got her start at Nordstrom 12 years ago, selling in the Savvy department of our Walnut Creek, California, store. From there, she moved into corporate PR, becoming a company spokesperson, and then got into designer marketing and online merchandising, where her wardrobe took a turn for the high end. Her next move brought her to men’s merchandising—bringing with it a slew of menswear-inspired shoes and separates—before she finally landed her current role as our Topshop director.

“We dress up at Nordstrom all the time, but I feel the most like me when I’m in jeans and a T-shirt,” Deniz says. (Topshop T-shirt and J Brand jeans)

“I grew up in a multicultural home. My dad is from Montana, so I spent a lot of my summers there, and my mom is Turkish, so I travel to Istanbul once a year to see my family.”

“This is a good example of mixing high and low. I’m wearing Topshop pants, a Helmut Lang top, Dior shoes and a Maison Martin Margiela leather jacket. It’s how I’m going to roll for the next few years.”

“I have a few accessories that I keep on until they fall off, like these necklaces. I bought the red one in Turkey last summer, and the other was a gift for my 30th birthday from a group of Nordstrom friends. I’ve worn it every day for six years. The ring was a gift from from my Turkish aunt.”

“Somebody once told me that a view of the water will change your life, and I believe it. I live in a studio and sleep in a Murphy bed, but there’s just something calming about looking out at the water. It’s a nice way to wake up.” (dress by Givenchy*, shoes by Jimmy Choo)

“I got this print at the Lollipop Shoppe in London. You know how they say that people who aren’t nice to the waiter just aren’t nice people? I’m a big believer in that. I just want people to be nice to each other.”

“I found this lace dress while rummaging through my grandma’s house in Istanbul. It smelled like mothballs and was ripped down the side. She had worn it on a trip to Paris in the 1930s or ’40s. I sneaked it out of the house, brought it back to the U.S., had it repaired and wore it to my second cousin’s wedding as a surprise to my grandma.”

“When I moved onto the men’s team, I noticed myself taking on more of a masculine way of dressing. This Jason Wu blouse and Christopher Kane sweater vest is kind of a feminine-masculine combo, and the white blouse is by Helmut Lang.”

“I wore these Alexander Wang chukkas with rag socks all winter. They’re kind of unexpected for a girl, which is why I like them.”

“I love old books and magazines. My grandfather had a huge collection of them in Istanbul. He passed away several years ago, and when I go there in the summer, I take some. I think the earliest one is from 1930.”

“This Alexander Wang dress is a little short for work, so I wear it going out. I basically only wear black when I go out. I like to look tasteful and cool without standing out in the crowd.”

“I’ve never worn this Alexander McQueen dress, mostly because I have nowhere to wear it. I’ll never give it up, because he was an amazing designer, but it just sits in my closet.”

“This clutch is classic Balenciaga*. I use it all the time, casual or out.”

“These sunglasses are by Illesteva as part of our CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund partnership. They’re just fun and kind of street-stylish. I think anything we can do to support new designers getting into the business is super important.”

“I love this leather Margiela jacket. It has holes underneath the armpits. People will come up to me and say, ‘There’s a hole in your jacket,’ and I’m like, ‘It’s a breathing hole—there’s two of them.’” (worn with an Erdem skirt and Charlotte Olympia heels)

(left to right)

*available in selected stores

—Mary O’Regan

We tapped New York blogger Kelly Framel of the Glamourai to style and model in our Pre-Fall Designer campaign. Watch our behind-the-scenes video below, and read on to hear about Kelly’s latest style predilections and blog endeavors.

Where are you from?
Austin, Texas.

Where’s the accent?
People always say that! I don’t think people in Austin really have accents. Honestly, nobody I grew up with has an accent.


3.1 Phillip Lim sweatshirt and skirt

What was it like growing up in Austin?
Amazing. I read and painted and was pretty shy. I didn’t realize fashion existed until I got to high school, and then it was like the floodgates opened. I taught myself how to sew and started making my own clothes and reworking things that I found at thrift shops.

What was your first job in fashion?
It was at Contempo Casuals in the Barton Creek mall. The manager was the first person to tell me that you could go to school to study fashion. It had never occurred to me that you could actually do that for a living.

Who’s your all-time fashion idol?
Loulou de la Falaise, Yves Saint Laurent’s muse in the ’70s. There was something classic about her style, yet eclectic at the same time. She always had a look, but it never felt like she was trying too hard.

Valentino dress

What’s on deck for the Glamourai this fall?
We have some elaborate fashion editorials planned, and we’re introducing some new features, like monthly playlists, home décor stories and profiles on inspiring women.

L’AGENCE dress | Missoni coat

Any beauty essentials you can’t live without?
I always do my eyebrows. I’m a child of the ’90s when everyone overplucked their brows, and I’ve been suffering for it ever since, so I always fill them in. For my skin, I love La Mer Face Cream. I had lifelong acne, started using La Mer, and suddenly, I had completely different skin. I will never not use it. I also love CAUDALÍE Beauty Elixir. I carry some in my purse, and anytime I’m feeling run down, I give a little spritz—it fixes a lot of evils.

Are you more of an eyes or lips girl?
Eyes. I naturally have big eyes, so I just focus on playing those up.

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

You used to sell jewelry on your website. Are you still creating new designs?
Not for the past year or so, only because it’s impossible to do everything I want to do in the course of a day. At some point, I plan to focus on jewelry design again. I grew up loving to paint and recently starting painting again. That’s sort of taken up the space in my life that making jewelry used to occupy.

What do you paint?
Mostly portraits, oil paintings of women, nudes. I’ve always been drawn to the female form, which is what got me into fashion design, my original career.

L’AGENCE dress | Missoni coat | Jimmy Choo clutch

What’s a little-known fact about you?
I have a birthmark over my right eye. I always cover it; otherwise, my makeup looks lopsided. I call it my “Mommy drinks” moment, because it looks like I got a little tipsy while doing my eyeshadow and smeared across one side.

Moschino Cheap & Chic dress

If you weren’t in fashion, what would you be doing?
I love interior design and would be happy doing that for a living.

How do you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall?
It’s all about finding pieces that can be worn in many different ways. I live a busy life, so things have to be multifunctional. I’m excited about chic basics these days: white collared shirts and cardigan sweaters that can be worn on warmish spring nights and layered in the wintertime.

Michael Kors heels

What’s your ideal night out?
There are so many opportunities for black-tie moments in New York. Last night, we had this wild adventure: a designer friend of mine hosted an Alice in Wonderland-themed treasure hunt at the Standard Hotel. I wore flamingo-print pants in honor of the Red Queen. I love living in a city where these sorts of things aren’t out of the ordinary.

Moschino Cheap & Chic top | Christopher Kane skirt | Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

What are you listening to these days?
I’m obsessed with Alt-J. It’s like space-techno-rock-emotion. I have no clue how to categorize them, but it’s just transportive.

Any favorite TV shows?
I’ve been watching House of Cards on Netflix. It’s really well done and smart.

Moschino Cheap & Chic dress

Name four wardrobe essentials every woman should own.
Jeans, sunglasses, a great trench coat and a button-down shirt.

Tod’s shoes

What do you pack for traveling?
Everything. I am not a light packer. I travel a lot with my friend Jamie Beck (of the blog From Me to You). We’ve gotten this system down where she just brings her camera equipment and some beauty products and I pack for both of us—things to shoot and things to wear.

L’AGENCE dress | Missoni coat | Jimmy Choo clutch

What’s your current favorite snack?
Radishes with sea salt. I can’t stop eating them lately.

Moschino Cheap & Chic top | Christopher Kane skirt | Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

What do you think you’ll be doing 10 years from now?
Who can say? I never thought I’d be doing this 10 years ago. All I really need is to have the opportunity to do something new and creative every day. What that’s going to look like in 10 years, I have no idea, but I look forward to finding out.

—Mary O’Regan

Meet Sarah Hendren—Savvy buyer and serious style guru. Sarah’s Nordstrom career began like many: working the sales floor in an LA-area store. Soon after graduating from college, she headed north to our Seattle buying offices, where she’s our point person on all things Savvy.

With that in mind, we decided to tap into all that sartorial knowledge with a weekly post about whatever is going on in Sarah’s super-stylish world—from the hottest trends, to bands she’s loving, to dreamy vacation spots you might not know about.


The Thread: It sounds obvious, but can you tell us what a buyer actually does?
Sarah: Let me try to put this in a few sentences! I go to “market” (usually LA or New York) once a month to see what clothing our suppliers have to offer. I also spend some time trend spotting to figure out what’s coming next.

When I get back, my team looks at everything and then ranks our faves, plus we see if there are any holes based on upcoming trends. Then I work with the suppliers on product development—basically tweaking the clothing a bit—to better represent those trends. I may send pictures I snapped on the street, or see if I can find something on a blog that is similar for inspiration. Next we write orders, while simultaneously devising a selling and marketing plan.

I work with my friends over in the marketing department to develop a strategy to communicate trends and must-haves, through catalogs, e-mail, online placements and such. And then poof! The clothing arrives!

Did you always have an interest in fashion?
Sarah: Yes, I always wanted to be a fashion designer when I was growing up. I remember I got a sketchpad and pencils when I was really young and I drew so many outfits! Then I went to college for fashion design and merchandising.

Fill us in on some of your favorite things to do in Seattle.
Sarah: Well, the food here is amazing, so probably my favorite thing to do is eat! I hail from Queen Anne, and my favorite spots up there are How to Cook a Wolf and Mezcaleria Oaxaca. I also go to a lot of Mariners and Seahawks games. When friends or family visit, we do fun, touristy things like going to Pike Place Market or the Space Needle.

Whose style are you in love with right now?
Sarah: There are a lot of people I watch for inspiration! I love Miroslava Duma’s style—she’s feminine with an edge—and some of the blogs I read daily are Sincerely, Jules, The Blonde Salad and Happily Grey.

What do you consider a closet must-have at the moment?
Sarah: For summer? The kimono. It’s definitely the perfect item to throw on over cutoff shorts and a tank. Pair it with some standout jewelry and you’re set!

Is there a trend you never thought you’d try but are totally into now?
Sarah: Not really…I love to experiment with clothes. I think that fashion is meant to be fun, so I’m always trying new things! Never say never!

Lightning round!

T-shirt or silky button-up?
Sweatshirt! Ha!

Slice of pizza or a big ol’ salad?
Pizza for sure!

Fashionably late or perfectly punctual?
Somewhere in between, but usually more on the punctual side.

Check out the hottest new trends (courtesy of Sarah and the team) in our recently revamped Savvy department.

May 17, 2013

Ted Baker Talks

This year, Ted Baker London celebrates 25 years of designing impeccably tailored pieces infused with wit and whimsy. The quintessentially British brand got its start with men’s shirting, but it quickly branched out to include women’s clothing, shoes and accessories—all of it designed with a dash of Ted’s signature quirky charm.

Ray Kelvin, the man behind the brand, is one interesting fellow. After spending a quarter of a century as a globetrotting style innovator, he’s racked up some pretty great stories. We were able to snag a moment with Ray and learn more about fashion, tea and meeting royalty.

The Thread: You never have your entire face photographed, which seems incredibly difficult to do—is there a story behind this?
Ray Kelvin: To be honest, what started out as a way to push credit back to the amazing Ted team has now become a bit of a game for me! Seriously speaking, it’s not just about me—at Ted, we’re a big team and really like one big family.

You were appointed as a CBE in 2011. Congratulations! What was it like meeting the Queen?
RAY: A humbling experience. She’s a stylish lady and has a real presence—I hope I get the chance to meet her again.

Pink Perfection: Ted Baker London Tuxedo Jacket, Tuxedo Trousers, Crepe Top in Bright Pink, ‘Jaxine 3’ Pump in Pink Patent

What made you take that first leap into womenswear?
RAY: I like to make women feel good! I’ve always known incredible, strong women who love to get dressed—to effortlessly put an outfit together and make no apologies for their feminine style and adoration of pretty things. Ted girls know what they want, and I make it my business to offer them just that.

Budding Style: Ted Baker London Stripe A-Line Dress in Bright Pink

Who is the Ted Baker woman?
RAY: While there is no one kind of Ted Baker woman—after all, each lady is a complete individual—it’s safe to say that she is smart and confident and appreciates the finer things in life… and has a cheeky sense of humor, that’s for sure.

Country Chic: Ted Baker London ‘Wallpaper’ Print Silk Blend Cardigan & Pleated A-Line Dress

Can you explain some of the inspiration behind your latest collection?
RAY: Inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere. For me, a trip to somewhere new can trigger something that trickles into one of the collections—it could be the beautiful hue of a sunset that you’ll find dancing over dresses, or part of an industrial landscape that we’ll work into a print. For SS13, there’s a feeling of being neat and prim for the women’s collection—harking back to a time of feminine elegance and sumptuous global travel.

What excites you in terms of style?
RAY: Every day, dressing up, finding new ways to incorporate the little things into outfits. Is the collar turned up or laid flat on a man’s jacket? Has this lady decided to match or clash her heels? What are the proportions? What country did the prints originate in? I am sucker for scrutinizing every last detail—all notes of style are important, and I love for clothes to tell a story.

We’ve heard you like to dole out hugs. Is there one person you want to hug who you haven’t?
RAY: I do sometimes think, “If only I’d hugged the Queen.” What a story that would’ve been. Generally, though, I’ll hug when the mood takes me, which is often. I’d quite like to plant one on everybody who’s ever worn Ted Baker, so watch out!

Last question: how do you take your tea?
RAY: Now there’s a question. It has to be very hot, very strong (two-tea-bags strong), and in a classic mug—one that’s not too thick, not too thin. A dash of milk with a sugar to sweeten, then add a couple of biscuits, and I’m a happy man!

Join Ray as he flashes back on his adventures around the world during the last 25 years. One lucky stylista will have a chance to win a trip of a lifetime. Come fly with Ted!

Jenny Yule
Photos courtesy of Ted Baker